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How to quickly convert DWG to DXF. DWG files often need to be converted to various forms of files, because DWG files are not easy to view and edit, due to the rigorous diversity of work now, the need to convert DWG to DXF format should be known but how fast conversion estimates baffled a lot of people, Here I would like to introduce a quick conversion method.

1. First install a professional file converter on the computer-rapid CAD converter;

2. After the installation completed into the main interface, the main interface to the left click on the type of conversion, here should be selected DWG to DXF;

3. Next click on the main interface to add files, import the file you need to convert;

4. After the import, click on the top right of the main interface "Browse"-Select the output directory;

5. After the selection, click on the bottom right of the "batch Conversion", you can start the conversion, waiting for the conversion progress bar to become 100%, the description file has been converted, if you need to modify the file to edit, the point left the editor button;

How to approach is not very simple, everyone later in the face of DWG conversion DXF file no longer worry, go to try it.

Quick CAD Editor Http://www.crsky.com/soft/119423.html

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