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How to Create a correct connection string for xpo providers?

It is impossible to identify the database type by a connection string. so, xpo requires you to add an additional parameter into the connection string to specify the provider type. the parameter name is xpoprovider. so, the connection string will be
Like this:XpoProvider = Provider name; Connection string.You can obtain the provider name from a xpoprovidertypestring public constant. Each provider has this constant defined. Below is a list of values of the xpoprovider parameter for each existing
Database provider:
AccessConnectionProvider: MSAccess
Xpoprovider = msaccess; provider = Microsoft. Jet. oledb.4.0; Data Source = c: \ mydatabase. mdb; user id = admin; Password =;
DataSetDataStore: XmlDataSet
Xpoprovider = xmldataset; Data Source = c: \ mydatabase. xml; read only = false
InMemoryDataStore: InMemoryDataStore
Xpoprovider = inmemorydatastore; Data Source = c: \ mydatabase. xml; read only = false
MSSqlConnectionProvider: MSSqlServer
XpoProvider = MSSqlServer; Data Source = (local); User ID = username; Password = password; Initial Catalog = database; Persist Security Info = true
AdvantageConnectionProvider: Advantage
XpoProvider = Advantage; \ myserver \ myvolume \ mypat \ mydd. add; ServerType = local; User ID = ASSSYS; TrimTrailingSpaces = true
AsaConnectionProvider: Asa
XpoProvider = Asa; Uid = MyUsername; PWD = MyPassword; DBF = c: \ mydatabase. db; Persist Security Info = true
AseConnectionPrvider: Ase
XpoProvider = Ase; Port = 5000; Data Source = MyAseServer; User ID = MyUserName; Password = MyPassword; Initial Catalog = MyDatabase; Persist Security Info = true
DB2ConnectionProvider: DB2
XpoProvider = DB2; Server = MyAddress: MyPortNumber; User ID = MyUserName; Password = MyPassword; Database = MyDatabase; Persist Security Info = true
FirebirdConnectionProvider: Firebird
XpoProvider = Firebird; DataSource = localhost; User = SYSDBA; Password = masterkey; Database = MyDatabase. fdb; ServerType = 0; Charset = NONE
MSSqlCEConnectionProvider: MSSqlServerCE
XpoProvider = MSSqlServerCE; Data Source = MyDatabase. sdf; Password = MyPassword
MySqlConnectionProvider: MySql
XpoProvider = MySql; Server = MyServerAddress; User ID = MyUserName; Password = MyPassword; Database = MyDatabase; Persist Security Info = true; Charset = utf8
ODPConnectionProvider: ODP
XpoProvider = ODP; Data Source = TORCL; User ID = MyUserName; Password = MyPassword
OracleConnectionProvider: Oracle
XpoProvider = Oracle; Data Source = TORCL; User ID = MyUserName; Password = MyPassword
PervasiveSqlConnectionProvider: Pervasive
XpoProvider = Pervasive; Server = MyServerAddress; UID = MyUserName; PWD = MyPassword; ServerDSN = MyDatabase
PostgreSqlConnectionProvider: S
XpoProvider = s; Server =; User ID = MyUserName; Password = MyPassword; Database = MyDatabase; Encoding = UNICODE
SQLiteConnectionProvider: SQLite
XpoProvider = SQLite; Data Source = filename
VistaDBConnectionProvider: VistaDB
XpoProvider = VistaDB; Data Source = C: \ mydatabase. vdb4

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