DY type multistage centrifugal oil pump

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The series pump is a horizontal single-suction multistage centrifugal pump, using the national recommended high-efficiency energy-saving products hydraulic model, in the industry leading position in technology. With high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life: Easy installation and maintenance advantages.

It can be transported without solid particles (abrasive), water without suspended solids or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. Our company has passed is09001:2000 quality system certification, product design, production and service has a strict standard control system, product quality is fully protected.

DY type: DY type pump is used for conveying oil and petroleum products without solid particles, temperature of one 20℃~105℃, viscosity less than 120 stoke.

In addition, the company can meet the needs of users to achieve the series of pump multi-outlet structure and function.

Structural features

This type of pump is single-shell, single-suction, multi-stage Chen-type segmental centrifugal pump structure, pump inlet level, the vertical upward concrete structure of the export is as follows:

2.1 Stator part

Mainly by the front section, the middle, the guide vane, the rear section, the bearing frame and the balance room cover and so on the parts with the piercing and the nut to be integrated into one, the front section, the posterior section both sides the bladder uses the bolt and the nut to fasten on the pump seat

2.2 Rotor Parts

Mainly by the impeller, impeller retainer, balance, balance plate and bushing parts with small round nut to tighten, fixed on the shaft with a flat key anti-turn. The entire rotor is supported on the bearings at both ends. The rotor is connected directly to the motor by an elastic pin coupling.

In order to compensate for the expansion between the last stage and the balance of the gear with a toothed pad, pump overhaul should replace this piece.

2.3 Balance Mechanism

The pump adopts a balance disk hydraulic balancing device which can fully and automatically balance axial force, which consists of four parts of balance plate, balance plate, balance sleeve and balance sheath.

Model description

Example: dy46-50x4

dy-multistage Centrifugal Oil pump

46-Design Point flow is 46m3/h

50-Design Point single-stage head is 50m

4-Series is level 4

Example: 100dy16x3

100-Pump suction inlet diameter of 100mm

dy-multistage Centrifugal Oil pump

16-Pump Design point single-stage head is 16m

3-Series is level 3

DY type multistage centrifugal oil pump

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