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Dynamic | data | Database Now, if we call a stored procedure with one of any three column names as a parameter, the stored procedure can return the result correctly. Richard Romley proposed an ingenious approach, as shown in Listing 6. It no longer requires us to figure out the types of column data that might be involved. This method divides the ORDER BY clause into three separate case expressions, each dealing with a different column, avoiding problems caused by the ability of the case to return only one particular data type.

"Listing 6: Using column names as parameters, Romley proposed method"

ALTER PROC Getsortedshippers

@ColName as sysname



From shippers


Case @ColName when ' ShipperID '


Case @ColName when ' CompanyName '

THEN CompanyName ELSE NULL End,

Case @ColName when ' Phone '


By writing code in this way, SQL Server can return the appropriate data type for each case expression without requiring data type conversions. It should be noted, however, that the index is able to optimize the sorting operation only if the specified column does not need to be evaluated.

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