Dynamically add and delete tables in JS

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Javascript language: <SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript">
// Global variable
VaR I = 0;
// Add rows
Function addmyrow (){
VaR mytable = Document. getelementbyid ("mybody ");
VaR mytr = mytable. insertrow ();
Mytr. setattribute ("ID", "TR" + I );
VaR mytd_1 = mytr. insertcell ();
VaR mytd_2 = mytr. insertcell ();
VaR mytd_3 = mytr. insertcell ();
VaR mytd_4 = mytr. insertcell ();
VaR mytd_5 = mytr. insertcell ();
Mytd_1.innerhtml = "<input type = 'text' name = 'myname" + I + "'/> ";
Mytd_2.innerhtml = "<input type = 'Radio 'name = 'mysex" + I + "'value = '1'/> male <input type = 'Radio 'name = 'mysex" + I + "'value = '2'/> female ";
Mytd_3.innerhtml = "<input type = 'checkbox' name = 'mylove" + I + "'value = '1'/> surfing the Internet <input type = 'checkbox' name = 'mylove" + I + "'value = '2'/> basketball <input type = 'checkbox' name = 'mylove" + I + "'value = '3'/> swimming ";
Mytd_4.innerhtml = "<select name = 'myjg" + I + "'> <option value = '1'> Beijing </option> <option value = '2'> Hebei </ option> <option value = '3'> Tianjin </option> </SELECT> ";
Mytd_5.innerhtml = "<input type = 'button 'value =' Delete 'onclick =/" delmyrow ('"+ I +"')/"/> ";
I ++;
// Delete the current row
Function delmyrow (j ){
VaR mytable = Document. getelementbyid ("mybody ");
VaR myrow = Document. getelementbyid ("TR" + J );
Mytable. deleterow (myrow. rowIndex-1 );
// Delete all rows
Function delallmyrow (){
VaR mytable = Document. getelementbyid ("mybody ");
VaR rowlen = mytable. Rows. length;
For (VAR I = rowlen-1; I> = 0; I --){
Mytable. deleterow (I );


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The code in the table is as follows:
The JavaScript function for dynamically adding table rows is as follows:

Function addrow (){

// Add a row

VaR newtr = testtbl. insertrow ();

// Add two columns

VaR newtd0 = newtr. insertcell ();

VaR newtd1 = newtr. insertcell ();

// Set the column content and attributes

Newtd0.innerhtml = '<input type = checkbox id = "box4"> ';

Newtd2.innertext = 'new line ';


This is simple. Here is a detailed description:

1. inserrow () and insertcell () Functions

The insertrow () function can contain parameters in the following format:

Insertrow (INDEX)

This function adds a new row to the row of the index, such as insertrow (0), before the new row is added to the first row. The default insertrow () function is equivalent to insertrow (-1) and adds a new row to the end of the table.

Insertcell () and insertrow have the same usage.

2. dynamically set attributes and events

Innerhtml and innertext in the preceding rows are column attributes.

This inner is between "inner" and <TB> </TB>. innertext is the text added to <TB> </TB>, innerhtml is the HTML code added between <TB> </TB> (this so is simple, and this explanation is quite redundant)

You can set other attributes in the same way. For example, you can set the row background color.

Newtr. bgcolor = 'red ';

The same is true for setting events.

For example, I want to execute a self-defined function newclick when I click the new row. The number of newclick rows is as follows:

Function newclick (){

Alert ("this is the newly added line ");


The code for setting this function for the onclick event is as follows:

Newtr. onclick = newclick;

Here, the argument is: = the following part must be the function name and cannot contain quotation marks,

Newtr. onclick = newclick ();

Newtr. onclick = 'newclick ';

Newtr. onclick = "newclick ";

The above statements are all incorrect.

If you don't want to know why, you can skip the following section.

In fact, the newclick behind this = is a pointer to the self-defined newclick function. The function name in Javascript is a pointer to the function, and the browser that adds brackets cannot find the function.

The following statement is correct.

Newtr. onclick = function newclick (){

Alert ("this is the newly added line ");


This function name is actually the same

The usage of other events is the same.

<Table id = "testtbl" border = 1>

<Tr id = "tr1">

<TD width = 6%> <input type = checkbox id = "box1"> </TD>

<TD id = "B"> first line </TD>


<Tr id = "tr2">

<TD width = 6%> <input type = checkbox id = "box2"> </TD>

<TD id = "B"> Row 2 </TD>


<Tr bgcolor = # 0000ff>

<TD width = 6%> <input type = checkbox id = "box3"> </TD>

<TD> Row 3 </TD>




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