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These days Reinhard lucky to experience the next 10 years before the report development technology, with MORPHX reporting technology to do a few reports. A decade ago, perhaps because of the lack of development tools, developers can tolerate this development, but ten years later today, it is too old to say.

One of the things that makes Reinhard crazy is that it has a visual layout function. Visual layout can undoubtedly speed up development, now dare to do GUI developers have several still in hard-coded point (x, y) to layout. The piece had to be said to be MorphX reporting's short board, and to the extent that the person was mad.

Besides, the report Body. The report made by Reinhard is nothing more than two, free-form reports (similar to leave lines, contracts, vouchers) and reports with table. MorphX reporting in the report body, incredibly completely without the concept of table, incredibly, a control a control is joined together. To set the controls to have separate lines between the contents of each of the controls, you want to border the top and bottom of almost every control. All right, let's set it up, I'll bear it. When the content in the control is more, the line will be wrapped and the row height will increase. For example, the content of the control on the left has two rows, the content of the control on the right has a row, then, sorry, this line of data will be displayed as follows:


reinhard| Reinhard | reinhard| Reinhard

| Hsu |


Or is that so?


reinhard| Reinhard | reinhard| Reinhard

| Hsu


See it. On this issue, Reinhard has not found a good solution, only by iterating through each row of data in the render view, calculating the number of rows of content based on the column width, and then setting the height of each control in the row.

Say so much, also want to say its merit, that is compared with SSRS, faster.

Reinhard that the most fundamental of the report is actually three points: data, views and permissions. Around these three points, the easier the better. Sometimes there are too many grammatical sugars and packages that can be lost and not necessarily useful.

Dynamics AX R2 MorphX Reporting

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