Dynamics CRM and Data mining

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Data mining is a very wide concept, due to the uncertainty of the results, many times constrained by the adjustment of parameters, the quality of training data, the results are not particularly satisfactory, only for reference only.

Its requirements for the data warehouse is very high, enterprises need to consciously accumulate high-quality data, and maintain the relationship between the data, this is the most basic premise, then the algorithm selection and testing, are very troublesome.

For Dynamics CRM, it is common to configure the mining algorithm in a SQL database and then use the workflow to trigger, update some values in the entity, or generate the corresponding analytic report

The common scenarios are

1. The most common prediction is to use the timeseries algorithm to estimate the goals and benefits based on time. So as to adjust the price of the product as a reference, discount

2. Discover that the right trends are identified based on business needs, most notably to identify the customer's true classification, to find potential customers and to focus on

Of course, it is also important to combine SLAs to find unusual service moves, or to identify high-risk cases for specific processing.

As mentioned before, commercial business needs are the key point of entry, as for the technical aspects, long-term data accumulation, the SQL mining algorithm is very familiar with is very important

Dynamics CRM and Data mining

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