e-mail marketing avoids the "junk maker" suspicion technique

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Modern society ads all-pervasive, but I believe you must be tired of endless SMS harassment, phone harassment, spam harassment, some harassment not only delay your time affect your mood, will release false content induced property damage. Empathy, when you are an e-mail marketer, to send customers a mass of mail, the most worried about what? Naturally, the customer will be thrown into the dustbin, and the best result is that the first mail was seen by the customer, the success of their interest in continuing to read, followed by the customer read the mail, the purchase of desire, finally cultivate stickiness and customers form long-term partnership.

But if the customer lists your email as spam, it's all in the illusion. As an e-mail marketing platform provider with more than more than 10 years of professional service experience, U-mail is familiar with the email delivery rules, which tells us about the mechanism:

IP is listed as the cause of "garbage maker" and its avoidance skills

First, like Hotmail, 163, QQ, and so on each day to send a certain amount of IP mail volume control, as to how much this amount, depending on the sender's "reputation", if your IP sent "spam" more, then "reputation" is quite low, carefree matter, into a vicious circle, Eventually, it's possible to get banned. To improve the "reputation", can be from several aspects of efforts: reduce the proportion of the recipient complaints, to ensure that the real existence of email address, as far as possible to improve the mail opening rate, delivery rate and other indicators, when the "reputation" increased, the quota will continue to improve.

However, the improvement of "reputation" is not overnight, need to do long-term, so in the beginning of e-mail marketing, if you want to take a shortcut, you may be able to rely on long-running history of good professional service providers like U-mail Mail mass platform, it has tens of thousands of IP, many IP "reputation" is very high, and carry out IP round patrol system, the daily mass number can reach tens of millions of seal grade. And in the future mass promotion process, in order to continuously improve the "reputation", small series teach you a few ways:

1. The sender is consistent, high recognition, good to understand:

You can use the enterprise mailbox as the sender, long-term adherence, generally speaking, when the recipient to see the unfamiliar sender sent the message, the first reaction will be "junk mail."

2. The subject line is concise and say the key:

Less use of modified words without substance, tell the recipient directly, your company is planning an event? Holding concessions? Products/Services What are the benefits to TA? What information about TA's work life should be told to his attention? Wait a minute.

3. The message summary is placed at the beginning of the message:

The reason is to have a message digest, one is because modern people's attention to the message and reading time is declining, open the intermittent period of the mailbox is getting longer, and the second is to take full care of the different platforms to open the mail possible. The message digest can be said to be a "subject line" extension and expansion, so that recipients quickly understand the content of the entire message, to seize interest and focus. In addition, a number of contacts and marketing platforms such as, Weibo, blogs can be integrated into the beginning of the message in the form of small icons.

4. Responding to mobile Internet trends:

This requires our image as concise as possible, the link letter is small and complete, the text can not be dense, the message is divided into different levels of the level of contrast, clever design font size and text color and other elements with the emphasis on the key, before the sender of the first Test with a variety of platform reading effect, and to improve.

Marketing is a long-term job, e-mail marketing is also so, the initial marketing success, but also need to continue to strengthen customer relations, in this regard, mass mailing can be said to be one of the best means, because the mail communication transmission timely, informative, and cost-effective.

e-mail marketing avoids the "junk maker" suspicion technique

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