E8 package Huawei modem hg520s settings

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1. Use IE to log on to the web through The default logon username is admin and password is admin.
2. Modify pppoe settings:
First, delete the PVC of 0/32 (this value is specified by the local telecommunications Board) (select the PVC of 0/32 through "Basic-Wan configuration", and then select "delete ")
Add a 0/32 VPI/vci pvc through http: //
Other attributes:
Encapsulation = LLC
Default route = allow
Username = *** (enter the username of ADSL here)
Password = *** (enter the ADSL password here)
Service name = random
Pppoe dialing modes = always on.
Finally, select the application.
3. Log in via Telnet and modify the dnsrelay settings:
Input from the command line:
Dnsrelay enable
4. Configure the DHCP server in telnet:
Dhcpserver enable
5. Save settings:
System config save


Add several blocked pages:
Firewall settings: http: //
Add pppoe settings: http: //
Set NAT: http: //

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