Each kind of trauma is a mature

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Each kind of trauma is a mature

1. If you live for one day, you should cherish it if you are lucky. When I cry and I have no shoes, I find that there are no feet.

2. I 'd rather forgive others than let others forgive you.

3. The world does not belong to you, so you don't need to abandon it. What you need to abandon is the persistence of everything. Everything is for me, but not for me.

4. Others can violate the cause and effect. Others can harm us, beat us, and slander us. But we cannot hate others. Why? We must have a complete nature and a clean heart.

5. You have your life view, I have my life view, and I do not interfere with you. As long as I can, I will influence you. If I can't, I will try again.

6. if you are going to get married, tell you a very important philosophical saying, "You must be patient with each other's shortcomings. There is no absolutely happy marriage in the world, happiness only comes from infinite tolerance and mutual respect.

7. My wealth is not because I have many, but because I have few requirements.

8. It's not that someone is bothering me, but that someone's words and deeds are bothering me.

9. Living in the applause of others cannot afford to be tested.

10. If you can scream 21 times a day, "I don't need to worry about this little thing." You will find that you have an incredible power in your heart. It works very well.

11. If everything can go with him, it will be the freedom of the world.

12. Thank God for what I have and what I don't have.

13. It is an accident and it is inevitable. So you must, with the same fate, not with the same.

14. Others will always be right, and I will always be wrong. This is not a headache.

15. A foolish person always wants others to know about him. Smart people try to understand themselves.

16. There is no better way to identify the unchangeable facts.

17. In fact, the beauty of people, just fall in love with yourself.

18. If I say a lie, how can I make up ten to make up for it?

19. When you face things with annoyance, you will feel that everything is an obstacle and the world will become ugly and hateful.

20. You don't have to go back and look at who is cursing you? If a mad dog takes a bite from you, do you want to bite him?

21. arrogant people are saved, and inferior people are not saved.

22. When do you put it down? When do you have no worries.

23. The reason why people suffer is the pursuit of wrong things.

24. It's not so much about making you suffer as about your own accomplishments.

25. Destiny is responsible for shuffling, but we play cards ourselves!

26. A fault is a temporary regret, and a miss is a permanent regret!

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