Each person's ambition is different, why do not insist

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Sunny days, and a friend out to hang out, chat, and then she spoke of her little male God, eyeful is admiration, I would like to know that, brilliant, but also bohemian love freedom of literary youth, said he wrote articles, let her love to not, in her view he is more than Guo, Han cold more talented writer. The boy was also a fool in love. I heard that a certain time each year will be a special trip to some grassland sacrifice his lost love, I do not know that is a part of what kind of love, is he deeply love is a what kind of girl. Whether the girl knows, but since it is so memorable to him, presumably also a very beautiful, but deeply helpless love story it!

When it comes to thinking of my little male god w, in my eyes, he is a boy with bookish quality, he has the most charming smile, beautiful song, but also write a good word, long is also very outstanding, I think we were very good friends, but later only know, it is just I think, The first to know W was because of a special admiration of his friend, in front of me said a lot of praise for his words, then very curious about what kind of boy he is. Later, we became a class, coincidentally, he sat in my front row, remember once asked him to ask him to borrow things, he turned his head to me a slight smile, then I seem to stay, this smile is too good. From then on we know, together with my deskmate M also have his Deskmate T, later became my girlfriends and male girlfriends honey. Only he was far away from us, and there was no contact. At that time, we four help each other, study together, the days have been very happy. He loves to sleep in class, I help him to watch, once the teacher found, I secretly poked his back, wake him up. Remember a holiday, my girlfriends went to my home, we meet four people together to my home for dinner, when adults are not at home, I do a few dishes, eat together we go cycling play, he carried me, t carrying m along the river side, feel the breeze blowing, all the way to say laugh, happy, and then always think of this day, Think that there is no follow-up agreement, it is regrettable or sad. I thought the four of us would always be like this, but that's not always the case.

Later we adjusted the seat, only me and M still together, our contact also gradually less, until he fell in love, the object is my other deskmate, since then he basically did not talk to us, even if he often come to my seat to find his girlfriend! Love is really a strange thing. Can change people so,,, remember when a lot of people said I like him, then I thought I liked him, but later I understand, I really like him, he is my God, how can I not like it, but also limited to the male God's admiration and like, otherwise, I have so many opportunities, How could he never have told him? Even if later know to separate, on the university although we are still in the same city, but has already broken contact! Not unwilling, just no need! And our other three occasionally gather time also will think of him, everyone also a smile, everyone's ambition is different, and why insist!

Each person's ambition is different, why do not insist

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