Earn 5 million yuan before the age of 30

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Teach you to earn 5 million yuan before the age of 30! (The mentality will change .)

Success comes from self-confidence! Believe in yourself. Every word below is valuable. Have you read it carefully?

A ship with no sailing targets, the wind in any direction is against the wind
1. Why are you poor? The first point is that you have not set the goal of becoming a rich man.

2. What are your core goals in your life? The fundamental difference between an outstanding person and a mediocre person is not a talent or opportunity, but a lack of goals.
3. One step ahead: Success begins with the target
4. A Jenkins-style person will never succeed
Why did most people fail? There are only 5% of people who can really complete their plans. Most people do not discard their own goals, or fall into a fantasy of lack of action.
5. If you want to succeed before the age of 30, you must set your life goals between the ages of 23 and 25.
6. Ask yourself every day, every month, and every year: Have I achieved my goal?

Article 2: Two success points
Stand up, adjust your mindset, and make a sprint. It was successful before the age of 30.
(1) Positioning of life
1. People are afraid of entering the wrong line: What is your core competitiveness?
2. Find ways for winners and find excuses for losers
3. Select your favorite from row three hundred and sixty
Everyone can start a business, but not everyone can start a business successfully.
4. Find your own gold treasure
(2) eternal truth: the mentality determines fate. The mentality before the age of 30 determines the fate of your life.
1. People who are not satisfied with the status quo can become rich people
2. Dare to dream and dare to dream. This world will always be a dream chaser
3. Do not be afraid before the age of 30. do not regret it after the age of 30.
4. If you are born from a poor person, you are not a poor person in your life. As long as you keep that enterprising heart forever. Most successful Chinese people come from small places
5. Be a positive thinker
6. Do not defeat the pessimistic one.
Some people are one thousand times richer than you. Will they be one thousand times smarter than you? No, they are one thousand times more angry than you when you are young.
The failure of life is not lost to others, but to the pessimistic oneself.
7. The winners just climbed up one more time than they fell down.
8. I 'd rather hit the wall than at home.
Overcome your failed and passive mentality
(1) find a place to drink
(2) Find a disco and dance
(3) seek help from friends
(4) positive actions

Article 3: Three Tips
1. Manage time: where your time is, and where your achievements are.
People who think of an hour as 60 minutes are 60 times more than people who think of it as an hour.
2. If you do not manage your finances, you will not be charged for money.
3. Self-management, easy to use
(1) start a business without fear of being small, so your mind must be good.
(2) Foreign exchange investment can be started.
(3) do business that others do not want to do
Article 4: four concepts of life-saving
Be sure to create a personal style before the age of 30
1. Being human is better than doing things
If you fail, you can do it again. If you fail, you cannot do it again.
(1) be honest
(2) never discouraged
2. Open-minded men have money, and open-minded women have money to help
3. principles of loyalty: You have not yet established a reputation for loyalty before the age of 30. This shortcoming will plague your life.
4. do little things in detail, but do not be clever.
There are too many Chinese people who want to do big things, but too few people who want to do beautiful things.

Article 5: Five Points of luck
Bill Gates said: Life is unfair. Get used to it.
1. There are indeed many lucky adults in life: People who are planning for things, and people who are doing things in the sky: half of the ancient saying in China
2. Opportunities often come unexpectedly, but they belong to those who should not give up.
3. Seize every opportunity in life. The opportunity is like a bird. If you don't seize it, it will fly without a trace.
4. Wise Men take a step early, and fools take a step later
Article 6: Six Requirements
1. Intelligence
(1) You can take away everything from others, but you cannot take away your wisdom.
(2) clever use of your own wisdom
(3) differences between wise men and fools
2. Courage
(1) The power of Courage sometimes makes you a "Superman"
(2) dare to give up, dare to "give up"
3. Cultivate your "leadership talent and leader temperament"
(1) infecting others with passion
(2) "Three seven rules" to achieve leader temperament
(3) decision making capability
(4) Personality Charm
4. Creativity: do not be a regular person
25-30 years old is the most creative stage in life. Many successful people are at this stage.
5. Wise
(1) know your strengths and weaknesses and focus on them.
(2) try your best to work in the fields you are familiar
6. Perseverance: You will surely become the biggest winner after ten years of persistence in your selected industry
Article 7: 7-point learning
1. Knowledge changes fate
2. Learn all the necessary knowledge in your industry before the age of 30
A) eliminate yourself every day
B) in the discussion
3. Those who believe in books can only become wage earners
4. Think, practice, rethink, and practice
Article 8: eight-point communication
A friend has a better time
1. IQ is important, and EQ is more important: establish a relationship network before the age of 30
2. Networking is financial: how to improve interpersonal relationships
3. Principles of dating
4. Good at communication: Exercise your speech skills before the age of 30

Article 9: 9-point habits
The power of habits is amazing. The habits you developed before the age of 30 determine the size of your success.
1. Good habits of Positive Thinking
2. develop a good habit of efficient work
(1) Office
(2) Life can be informal, but work should be done in detail
(3) learn to listen without interrupting others
3. develop a good habit of exercise
4. Good habits of a wide range of hobbies
5. Good habits of quick action

Article 10: very confident
1. Self-confidence is the spiritual pillar of success
2. Confidence can win the trust of others
3. build self-confidence on the basis of Creating Value
4. How to Build confidence
(1) set goals for yourself
(2) give full play to your strengths
(3) Planning
(4) do not drag
(5) do not give up easily
(6) Learn to motivate yourself
(7) do not turn yourself into someone else

11th success traps to be avoided
1. Only credit, no effort
2. Do not "be talented", but look for opportunities.
3. Do not make fortune
4. Don't work for money, but let the money work for you
5. blindly follow the trend, and the cloud is everywhere. People do what I do.
6. Xiaofu is safe, not enterprising, and is always happy
7. admit errors rather than conceal them
8. Be down to earth rather than thinking
9. too ambitious to be confident
10. Repeated job hopping is not advisable.
11. Low eyes
12. By no means

12th 12-minute effort
No one can succeed at will
1. Small is not a success, big is not a success, and small is a success
2. The Chinese society has entered the meager profit era: skillful work + dare work + practical work = Success
3. A successful attempt is possible.
4. Do your best to do anything
5. Take things as a career
6. I think the migrant workers
7. I wish you an early dive into the first barrel of gold (Chinese entrepreneurs)

What a successful man should do before the age of 30
1. Career is always the first
Although money is not omnipotent, it is absolutely impossible to have no money. Although this sentence is vulgar, it absolutely makes sense. Therefore, before the age of 30, please focus most of your energy on your career.
2. Don't take the money too seriously.
Do not complain that your current salary is low, your bank deposits are less than 4 digits, and you cannot see the future. Now you have to study hard, even if your diploma is higher, how to apply theory to practice still requires a long exercise process. Society is always the most extensive University. It makes the knowledge you have learned much more important than what you have learned at school, similarly, you should not mind your low degree. few people buy a car and buy a house on their own before the age of 30.
3. Learn to understand your parents
Don't worry about them. When you become a father, you will know that you are still a child in their eyes, but they are really old. Now you have to make them happy, if you have a phone call and a small gift, you can make them feel at ease.
4. Make friends
Friends have a major impact on your life. Don't get to know too many friends, at least one friend who can help you at a critical moment. If you meet such a person, you should be sure that it will be useful in the future, whether he is rich or poor now.
5. Don't trust love too much.
Love is in your heart, but please do not believe in the vows in the Novels of Aunt Qiong Yao. There is no eternal life in the world. What matters is responsibility. But when the heart of a girl changes, everything is in vain, all you need to do is to take the shot at the time of the shot. Don't hesitate to let it go. love before the age of 30 is not fake, but most people do not really grasp the ability, so they learn to do what they can.
6. Don't worry about keeping your first kiss
Love is not much but refined. Don't think that you have never touched a girl in your 20 s, so you are afraid that you will never find your wife. in the future, you will have many opportunities to know girls. Although there are more men than women in this society, the reality is that women are actually more worried about this problem than men. A man has 30 flowers, and you are increasing your value rather than depreciating. Mature love is often more beautiful and longer-lasting. Therefore, don't look at girls like crazy dogs to catch up and learn to taste loneliness.
  7. Do not indulge in anything
Online Games are games that you played before leaving school. You do not have to spend any time or energy on them. Otherwise, you will have to pay off your overdraft. A person should be interested and interested, but please be clear.
8. No failure
Don't be discouraged in the face of setbacks. Young people should always maintain a positive attitude. If they fail, they will come back. If they lose, they will fight for something else. Missed, need analysis, next time, need to grasp; childish, next time, maturity point. It doesn't matter. It will be good. Even if it reaches the extreme, don't give up. I believe it will survive. Don't be negative. It will be good. The past mistakes have passed and cannot be remembered in the past. Now, it's good, tired, and comfortable. Don't hurt. Someone will always support you.
9. Do not worship or despise a person easily.
Everyone has idols, but please have your own personality. do not deliberately imitate a person, because you are the only one, unique, and confident. do not deny a person. Everyone is valuable. If you cannot understand him, learn to accept him.
10. Be responsible.
No matter what you used to do, please be an honest person from now on. A man must have a sense of responsibility, whether at work or in life. A person with a sense of responsibility can make others feel that you are a trustworthy person. we should not be weak, but please do not hurt people who love you and those you love, especially good girls, because there are not many good girls in this world, even if you don't want to have them, but please keep her beautiful.
11. Men's appearance is not important.
Don't worry too much about your height. A kind and honest man is far more handsome than a handsome man. if someone looks like a person, don't worry too much, because you don't have to be sad for a person with low taste.
12. Learn to protect your body
Don't think that smoking and drinking now, it's okay to stay up all night. that's because your body is in the prime time of your life. after you are 30 years old, you will be able to understand the meaning of the word powerless. The body is the capital of the revolution, and there is nothing you can do without a good body, so try to make yourself live a regular and healthy life.
13. Don't think nothing is done.
You are not qualified to succeed now, unless you have ten million assets. a career that is too fixed at the beginning is not necessarily a good thing. Maybe you will learn more and discover your potential in the course of constant change, find the job that best suits you.
14. Please work hard
Even if you are bored with your current job and how low it is, please take it seriously. You need to know that any successful person is starting from the smallest task. Maybe you cannot learn much remarkable knowledge now, but at least you should learn a good working attitude and work methods, which will be very important in the future.
15. Take your feelings seriously.
Do not envy those playmates who change their shoes. The love in a scene only wastes your time and energy. The most painful thing for a person is not to find a lover, but to lose love in his heart, when you change the word "I Love You" into one sentence that you can easily say, it is difficult for you to find happiness in the world of love. love is not fair. There is always a person who pays more than the other party. Even if there is no result, don't feel worthless, because your payment is not only for her, but also for your own love, it is very valuable to pay for love. I like myself.
16. Please stay childlike
In my heart, even if it is just a small corner, please keep a childlike innocence, but sometimes it will make you very happy. so do not care too much about the gains and losses, and there is no perfect life.

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