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Article Description: simplicity is the best pricing strategy don't give users a huge amount of information.

I used to say that Apple is a very marketing company, not just saying that their ads are effective, but that every aspect of Apple's culture is very disciplined in adhering to the most important principles of marketing-making it easy for consumers to understand. Whether from the advertising message, product design, interface, information, the website itself, even to the price, Apple is simple, simple, and simple.

This is a difficult thing, because members of the team, often for the product's appeal, the details, there is too much understanding, want to say the difference between the products, so it is easy to fall into the complex trap. The most common is that this can never be seen, who do not know where the difference in the comparison table:

More genius is this direct product according to the model of all listed, and then think that consumers have the means to find their own things, please, this table for anyone to have any meaning?

These companies often make people feel angry and funny, all the while sighing that Apple's iPhone is good, iPad good innovation, vomit, was beaten to no way to parry. But do not know how to study the culture of others, everyone else's success in every aspect. Do not say product, light go to your website once, don't know how many consumers have lost.

It doesn't matter, when these old dogs don't learn new tricks, that's the chance for us entrepreneurs. On simple pricing, John Gruber wrote a great article on daring fireball yesterday, saying:

If you make it easy for people to understand how much they have to pay and what they buy, they will have a much greater chance of pulling out their wallets. Or, on the contrary, if you don't know how much money it is, chances are high that they won't buy it. The "Buy decision" and "checkout" actions are definitely part of the product/branding experience, so you have to design these processes with your heart.

Because not to buy is always the simplest of another option.

Do you understand me? Sellers tend to think they are competing with another product, but they are wrong, and you are simply competing against the decision to buy it. Even if there is a comparison between products, consumers are often concerned about the characteristics you absolutely do not think of. For example, several women, non tech circle friends have been buying the HTC desire HD mobile phone all the time, and when you ask them why, the answer is very consistent, all said because the screen is big and looks good.

Apple is very understanding of these consumer psychology, so most of their products are strict adherence to the very simple two-step "getting Started, advanced" (entry/advanced) or third-order "good, Better, best" (good/better/best) pricing strategy. What's more, it's often something that consumers can easily understand, such as capacity--in terms of IPad 2, which is 16GB/32GB/64GB. Yes, screen size, size, these are the values that consumers can instantly feel. As for CPU speed, please resign, even my group of computers have been 20 years dare not say what the bottom will be bad, I think you still don't take out to let consumers choose it.

So, in addition to my earlier complaints, it is too complicated to look at this point of view. Gruber The example of Netflix launching a streaming service, the same is digital content, also has the baggage of the real business, Netflix can come up with such a simple pricing: The U.S. 8 Yuan one months, eat enough, whatever you see, any time, any place, any number of times, all regardless of you.

So easy to understand the pricing and product value, it is no wonder that the launch in just three months, Netflix movie streaming has attracted more than 1 million paid users to join .

So I've always said that the web is an industry that emphasizes conversion rates (conversion), and a simple pricing strategy is the best way to dramatically improve it. Others can not understand, but in the network entrepreneurial you, must understand.

Article Source: Mr. Jamie look at the internet and the creative

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