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"I want to have a home, a place where there is no need to be gorgeous ..." and if you want to build an online home, do you have any more feelings about this song? Equipped with broadband, we can make our own computer as a Web server, feel a dozens of GB space, CGI, PHP, ASP and other support of the online mansion. Impatient to drink hot porridge, hehe, first of all, to learn more about the basics of Web services. Basic articles

Web server: In the network for the implementation of information dissemination, data query, data processing and many other applications to build a basic platform for the server.

How a Web server works: There are roughly three steps in Web page processing, the first step is to send a Web page request to a particular server, and the second step, when a Web server receives a Web page request, looks for the requested Web page, and sends the requested Web page to the Web browser, and the third step, the Web server receives the requested Web page and displays it, in principle, as shown in Figure 1.

HTTP: The full name is Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, used to transmit content such as Web pages.

Html:hypertext Markup Language, the Hypertext Markup Language, is the standard language for creating Web documents. Implementation article in Windows 2000, you can easily implement Web services by adding IIS (Internet information Server, and the operating system's own components).

In Windows Server, if you did not add IIS, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, select Add Remove Windows Components, and then check the components in the Windows Components wizard window that pops up. Internet Information Services (IIS). Then put it in the system source disk, click Next, and then click Finish after completing the Windows Components Wizard window.

Debugging tips: The Web server is not set up, you can use your computer to test first. Right-click the Network Places icon on the desktop, select Properties, right-click on the local Area Connection icon, select Properties, and select Internet Protocol tcp/ip in the connection component. Click the "Properties" button to enter the Properties window, check "Use the following IP address", such as the IP address set to "", the subnet mask set to "", after the confirmation can be entered in the browser "", If you can see the page after the carriage return, the Web server has been erected successfully.

Advanced Chapter

At this time of the Web services such as use, not only the function is not much, but also very insecure, so you have to set up a good first. Click start → programs → administrative tools →internet Service Manager, expand the "+" number before the server name in the left pane of Internet Information Services, and then right-click on the Default Web site option and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. Let's talk about some specific settings:

1, IP address settings

In order to make it easy for others to access your Web page, first set the IP address, in the Default Web site properties, click the Web Site tab, you can enter the IP address (see Figure 2). There are a lot of friends to install broadband network, but have a fixed IP address is very small, so we can also use its default "All Unassigned". But there is a better way to convert our dynamic IP address to a fixed domain name for friends who want more users to visit their sites. There are many methods, such as the use of Dns2go, dynamichost and so on can be achieved.

TCP port: When the default value "80" is adopted, the user simply enters your domain name through the browser, such as www.2to1.d2g.com, can access the site, if the TCP port is modified to another port number, such as "1200", then when you visit the site, You must enter a "domain name + port number" in the browser address, such as "www.2to1.d2g.com:1200". SSL port: In the process of information transfer, if we are concerned about interception, we can use SSL encryption, such as we want to specify the port used for encryption, you can click the "Advanced" button after "IP Address", and then modify the port number in the SSL port, which defaults to "443", and after modification, The user also needs to know the port number when browsing our webpage, otherwise cannot connect to this server, the access method is also "domain name + port number".

2, modify the home directory and access rights

Where the page is placed on the hard disk, you can set it according to your needs. Note that there are some control settings for access under Local path, which are briefly described below:

Script resource access: To select this option if the user accesses a resource code that has the read or write permission set (the resource code includes a script in an ASP application).

READ: If you want someone to be able to access your Web page, you should check it to allow users to read or download files (directories) and their associated properties.

Write: This should be checked if the user is allowed to upload or change the contents of a writable file.

Directory browsing: If users are allowed to view a hypertext list of files and subdirectories in the virtual directory, check this, but for security reasons, do not select Directory browsing.

3, set the default document

Why do I have to enter the address to open "default.htm" or "index.htm" and other Web pages? In fact, this is the default document that is set in each server. Click the document tab, where we can set our own default page, such as adding a "index.htm".

How, the realization of the online home is not complicated bar, after such a set, your mansion is also decorated almost, quickly into the settled bar. (Source: China computer Education newspaper)

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