Easy language vs anti-virus software!

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In the past two days, another remarkable thing happened in the programming field: Let's say no to 360 false positives together in an article by Wu Tao, the founder of easy language. To kick off, we once again opened the battle between easy language and anti-virus software 360. Millions of easy-language user groups respond and fight for their rights-the right to survive. Easy language and anti-virus software have been resentful in previous years, and it is bound to be cleared again in the days to come.

Life and death! I don't have you !!

Wu Tao is furious. Since the establishment of the company in 2004, the company has been operating for more than ten years. During this period, it has been severely suppressed and unfairly treated by anti-virus software, making it difficult. The majority of easy-language users are also suffering. Anti-virus software, such as 360, uses its poor anti-virus technology to frequently report programs compiled in easy language as viruses, Trojans, or other high-risk software. Over the years, easy language companies and users have taken many technical and non-technical measures, including upgrading compilation technology (5.0 static compilation) and legal proceedings. Anti-Virus Software always ignores the uncooperative attitude and refuse to improve its anti-virus technology.

Today, the majority of computer users are increasingly aware that the so-called "cloud detection and removal" technology widely used in the anti-virus software market in China, based on the White List, is inferior and crude, it has seriously hindered the normal development of the software industry and become a stumbling block to social progress. Kidnapping users has lost the hearts of the people. Malicious false positives are undesirable. As long as someone adds a new fire, they shout, and the hearts of the people, killing soft evil actions all over the world, 360 and so on will no longer have a good life.

(To be continued)

Easy language vs anti-virus software!

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