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With the popularity of broadband, a lot of people choose to watch the video directly online, especially to watch some recently released movies or enjoy the popular video sharing sites, such as potatoes, cool, and so on. But sometimes encounter wonderful video will want to save, this kind of demand also exists in a lot of slow friends, online watch video card of the deadly, for them difficult to accept, there is no way to download the online video to watch it? In fact, We can use a special way to get the real download address of the online video, for example, we can use some good streaming media download tools, but this is relatively troublesome, in fact, we can be directly using Maxthon (proud browser) to download online video, Maxthon provides a good online video sniffer tool--a web sniffer that allows us to easily download the FLV format online video, and the following tutorial teaches you how to use it.

The following illustration shows the Web sniffer provided by Maxthon, which currently uses the tool to sniff and download media file formats including: FLV (Flash video file); FLV, RM, AVI, SWF, MP3, WMA (audio and video media files); JS, CSS (web file), etc.;

Use the proud browser to download the online video method is very simple, if you want to install a roaming browser, the following is Maxthon browser The latest version of the Simple information:

If you have not yet installed the proud browser, you can click here to download and install the latest version of the Maxthon browser, and then install, the installation process is very simple, here no longer repeat.

Run the browser, enter the video address in the address bar, such as small series choose to enter Youku (http://www.youku.com) Download small series particularly like to see "American professional wrestling video WWE" as an example, small series in the video search box input "WWE" and then click "Search" button to search for a number of related videos, as shown in the picture.

Small edit casually choose to download a video for demonstration operations, click the video you want to download, and then you'll be reborn as a label and play the selected video in the newly generated tab, as shown, at this point, select the menu bar "tool-> Web Sniffer" for video address sniffing.

When you click the Web Sniffer option, the Web sniffer will immediately pop up and start the video address sniffer automatically, and for a short time, sniff out the video address that will be played online, as shown in the picture.

For this sniff of the address, small series looked at it, two are exactly the same, and sometimes sniff out other documents on the Web page, such as Flash animation, pictures, etc., you can carefully screened, video file format is usually FLV format, and video file size is usually larger than other files, Pick the largest flv file to download. For the selection of the way to download, you can invoke the installation of the download tool to download, such as the Thunderbolt, the method is very simple, just copy the download address to download the tool can. Of course, you can directly use proud to download, as shown in the picture, right click the download address, there will be two options, you can choose your own favorite way to download.

Here is a brief introduction to the direct use of proud to download the way, in the Web sniffer sniffer to get the address of the right to choose the "use Proud to download" option, this will jump out of the Add New Task window as shown in the image below, where you can download the download file to save the directory and download the file name of the redefinition.

Confirm the correct, click the "Confirm" button, proud tour will open a new tab to download, as shown in the picture, proud to download the speed is pretty fast. After the download is completed, the files are automatically sorted to completion and you can open the files you have just downloaded to the folder you downloaded.

It can be seen that the use of AO browser directly sniff and download the online video method is very simple, especially to download the FLV format Line video, very effective, if you particularly like to watch online video and do not want to install the use of seemingly troublesome audio and video sniffer tools, try to visit the browser!

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