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This article mainly explains the use of Springboot rapid integration of Easymybatis. Because Easymybatis has its own spring-boot-starter, a new project can be very fast, as fast as spring data JPA. Create a Springboot project

Access http://start.spring.io/generate a springboot empty project, enter Group,artifact point generation, as shown in figure:

Click Generate Project to download the Demo.zip Import Project

Unzip the downloaded Demo.zip, and then import the project. Right-click Import ...-Existing Maven project in Eclipse, select the project folder. Wait for the MAVEN-related jar package to download after importing into eclipse. Add maven Dependency

After the jar package is downloaded, open Pom.xml and add the following dependencies:

<!--Easymybatis Starter--
    <groupid>net.oschina.durcframework</ groupid>
    <version>1.8.1 </version>
    <groupid>org.springframework.boot </groupId>
    <artifactid>mysql-connector-java</ artifactid>
Add Database Configuration

Adding a database configuration in Application.properties

Spring.datasource.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost : 3306/stu?useunicode=true&characterencoding=utf-8&zerodatetimebehavior=converttonull
adding Java files

Suppose there is a t_user table in the database with the following DDL:

CREATE TABLE ' t_user ' (
  ' id ' int (one) not NULL auto_increment COMMENT ' id ',
  ' username ' varchar (255) DEFAULT NULL CO Mment ' username ',
  ' state ' tinyint (4) default null COMMENT ' status ',
  ' Isdel ' bit (1) default null COMMENT ' delete ',
  ' Remar K ' text COMMENT ' remarks ',
  ' add_time ' datetime DEFAULT NULL COMMENT ' Add time ',
  PRIMARY KEY (' id ')
) Engine=innodb DE FAULT charset=utf8 comment= ' user table ';

We add the corresponding entity classes and DAO:

@Table (name = "T_user") public
class TUser {    
    @Column (name= "Id")
    @GeneratedValue (strategy = generationtype.identity)
    private Integer ID;//ID   
    private String username;//user name 
    private Byte State;//Status 
  private Boolean Isdel;  Whether to delete the 
    private String remark;  Note   
    private Date addtime;   Add time

    //Omit getter Setter

The entity class file takes the same approach as hibernate, and you can use our code generation tools to generate
Https://gitee.com/durcframework/easymybatis-generator Tuserdao.java:

Public interface Tuserdao extends cruddao<tuser> {

Tuserdao inherits Cruddao, so this DAO has a crud function. Adding test Cases

public class Tuserdaotest extends demoapplicationtests {@Autowired Tuserdao dao;
        @Test public void Testinsert () {TUser user = new TUser ();       
        User.setisdel (FALSE);       
        User.setremark ("Testinsert");

        User.setusername ("Zhang San");

        Dao.save (user);       
    SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("added primary key:" + User.getid ());
        } @Test public void Testget () {TUser user = Dao.get (3);                
        } @Test public void Testupdate () {TUser user = Dao.get (3);     
        User.setusername ("John Doe");

        User.setisdel (TRUE);
        int i = dao.update (user);
    System.out.println ("testupdate--" + i);
        } @Test public void Testdel () {TUser user = new TUser ();
        User.setid (3);
        int i = Dao.del (user);
    System.out.println ("Del--and" + i); }

Then run the unit test, and after successful operation, the project is finished.

Final Project Structure chart:

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