Echarts South China Sea Islands schematic display position adjustment

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???? Recently need echart at the same time show Hainan Island and the South China Sea Islands, began to look for data on the South China Sea Islands, after the search, this schematic data is not (China.js map data one by one searched), is echarts some examples, not meet our requirements

???? The key code was later found in the echarts.min.js by the keyword ' South Sea Islands ', which echarts the data of the South China Sea Islands when the map was named China, and then through the coordinate transformations (setting the zoom ratio and then panning to the specified point) to show the Echart map.

???? It is not complicated to see the map of Hainan Island and the South China Sea Islands diagram. All you need to do is change the four parameters.
First of all to modify the upper-left position point, the original source settings [126, 25], to be modified near Hainan Island need to change these two values smaller points [110.5, 18.5]. Then, modify Ha[ca][da][0]/=, ha[ca][da][1]/=-300, where the parameters are set to the zoom ratio.

???? Echarts.js and echarts.min.js are slightly different, the reason is not clear
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Echarts South China Sea Islands schematic display position adjustment

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