Eclipse Debug uses

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Enter Debug mode:1. Set Breakpoints2. Start the debug mode on the servers side3, run the program, in the background encountered a breakpoint, enter the Debug debugging state*********************************************scope function Shortcut keys
Global single-Step return F7
Global single-Step skip F6
Global single-step jump into F5
Global single-Step jump selection Ctrl+f5
Global Debug Last started F11
Global Continue F8
Global use filters to step SHIFT+F5
Global Add/Remove breakpoints Ctrl+shift+b
Global Display Ctrl+d
Global Run last boot ctrl+f11
Global Run to row ctrl+r
Global execution Ctrl+u
****************************************** 1.Step into (also F5) jump
2.Step over (also F6) skip
3.Step return (also F7) executes the current method, and then return jumps out of this method
4.step filter Progressive filtering is performed until an unfiltered position or breakpoint is encountered (set Filter:window-preferences-java-debug-step Filtering)
5.resume restarts debug and runs until breakpoint is encountered.
For example: A and B two breakpoints, the debug process found a breakpoint is useless, remove a breakpoint, run resume will skip a directly to the B breakpoint.
6.hit count set execution times for a for loop in the program (set breakpoint view-right-click count)
7.inspect check operation. Executes an expression that displays the execution value real-time monitoring of changes to objects, methods, or variables 9. The breakpoint (breakpoints) We often say is the line breakpoints, except for line breakpoints, there are other types of breakpoints: field (Watchpoint) Breakpoint,method Breakpoint, exception breakpoint.
10.field Breakpoint also known as watchpoint (monitoring point) suspend when member variable is read or modified
11. Add method Breakpoint Suspend (Run-method breakpoint) when entering/leaving this approach
12. Add exception breakpoint Catch the Execption when the suspension (to be continued ...)
Breakpoint Properties:
1.hit count execution number of times after suspend for loop
2.enable condition meet your input criteria (for ture\ change) on hold
3.suspend thread Multi-threaded when this threads are suspended
4.suspend VM suspend virtual machineVariables in The 13.variables view can change the value of the variable, and the variables view selects the variable right-click--change value. Once for quick commissioning.
The 14.debug process modifies some code after the--〉save&build-->resume--> is re-suspended on the breakpoint15.resume when debug debugging runs out of exception, run resume and start debugging again from the breakpoint
16. If a row has many methods,
When the first time you press F5 key to jump into this line first method, F6 step by step debugging, F7 out of this method.
When the second press F5 key to jump into this line the second method, F6 step by step debugging, F7 jump out of this method.
And so on. To enter this line the first few methods, just a few times F5 and F7.

Eclipse Debug uses

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