Eclipse Offline Install Emmet plugin

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Eclipse Offline Install Emmet plugin

Recently discovered a very good thing to write front-end code, a tool called Emmet, which uses the syntax of an imitation CSS selector to generate code , greatly improving the HTML/CSS Code writing Speed , the predecessor is the famous Zen coding. take a look at the picture first:

is not very exciting, if you can achieve the effect of the diagram, the development of the front-end code for our speed will be greatly improved. Just share how to install the Emmet plugin offline in Eclipse.

1, if you need to install Emmet offline, you need to download the Emmet source package from the official website, and then export the plug-in format we need, first login Ememt's official website, Http://, and then select the downloaded connection, jump to the download interface, as follows:

2. Select eclipse one here, jump to GitHub, select on GitHub, download zip option on the right, as shown in:

3. After downloading the source code, then select a Io.emmet.eclipse folder inside to import this folder into Eclipse's workspace, as shown in:

4. After the import is complete, you can see this project in the Eclipse workspace, as shown in:

5. Then select the right-click Export option on the project, as shown in:

6. Then select the option for the plug-in deployment, as shown in:

7. Then select the output directory as shown in:

8. After the export is completed, a plugins folder will be generated in the directory with a required plugin file as shown:

9. Finally, put this folder into Eclipse's Dropins folder to restart Eclipse, if you see the Emmet information in your preferences, the installation is successful.

10, after the successful installation, you can use the Emmet syntax in the Eclipse editor to write our code faster.

I personally like the way to install the plug-in in eclipse, almost every time when installing plug-ins will use this way of offline installation, do not like online installation, always feel that there is no convenient offline installation, if other people also need to install plug-ins, then I just give him a plugin on the line.

If you need to use MyEclipse, it is a good idea to import the project into the MyEclipse for export configuration, and if you use the plugin exported in eclipse, sometimes it can no longer be used in MyEclipse.

Eclipse Offline Install Emmet plugin

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