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Once did the MBB system to use the ECMS;

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"Imperial Website Management System" in English translation of "Empire CMS", referred to as "Ecms", she is based on B/s structure, and powerful and Easy-to-use Web site management system. This system is developed by the Empire Development Working Group independently, is a perfect design suitable for linux/windows/unix environment and so on efficient website solution.


System Model Features

Imperial Website Management System (ECMS)-Main features

1. First, the super strong system model extends the function

2. Powerful information gathering function

3. Three, perfect member system

4. Four, universal Member integration interface

5. Five, template full label

6. Six, template tags support a variety of operating types

7. Seven, information content to support the storage of text

8. Eight, multilevel user rights and content management support

9. Nine, operation Log record

10.10, thematic and thematic combinations

11. The built-in robust, stable backup recovery system

12.12, a powerful advertising management Plug-ins

13.13, built-in a number of practical plug-ins

14.14, built-in part of the perfect model

Other features

Monitoring system for power plant

System Model Features

Imperial Website Management System (ECMS)-Main features

1. First, the super strong system model extends the function

2. Powerful information gathering function

3. Three, perfect member system

4. Four, universal Member integration interface

5. Five, template full label

6. Six, template tags support a variety of operating types

7. Seven, information content to support the storage of text

8. Eight, multilevel user rights and content management support

9. Nine, operation Log record

10.10, thematic and thematic combinations

11. The built-in robust, stable backup recovery system

12.12, a powerful advertising management Plug-ins

13.13, built-in a number of practical plug-ins

14.14, built-in part of the perfect model

Other features

Monitoring system for power plant


edit this paragraph System Model features

She uses the system model features that enable users to extend and implement various systems directly in the background through this function, such as products, real estate, supply and demand, and so on systems, so the characteristics of the Imperial CMS is known as the "Universal Build Station Tool", the use of template separation function: The content and interface completely separated, flexible tags + user-defined tags, Enable it to achieve a wide range of Web page and style, column Unlimited class classification, front all static: can be a strong access volume, powerful information collection function, super strong advertising management function ...

Her different versions can meet the small flow to large flow, from the individual to the enterprise application requirements, to provide you with a new, fast and excellent web site solutions.

Empire CMS official website:

edit this paragraph Imperial Website Management System (ECMS)-Main features

One, the Super strong system model expands the function

The Imperial CMS is different from the previous CMS system, he can directly in the background through the new table, custom fields, and then compose a new system model. In order to achieve a variety of user-appropriate systems. such as download system, music system, mall system, product library and so on ... And this feature deploys data to sites with large volumes of data (allocating information to different tables). and whether the system is built-in or user-defined model, each model has its own collection. If you point to a program, you will be able to expand more complex systems. This feature is used in detail to refer to the documentation used.

Second, the powerful information collection function

The system has its own corresponding collection whether it is a built-in system model or a user-defined model. Convenient for users to collect information.

• Simple to use: Do not need any program, just add the appropriate label to the corresponding content.

• Multi-filter: The same link can be set without duplication collection, set the acquisition key (does not contain the collection), content character replacement, advertising filtering, filtering similar information, filtering the same information, can set up a few records before collection.

• Capture area More accurate: Overall page area regular + Information link area regular

• Support for page encoding conversions: currently supports GB2312, BIG5, UTF-8 encoding conversions

• Higher efficiency: The use of packet collection and warehousing, support for multithreading (node) collection

• Convenience: Collection can be optional immediately warehousing (especially for hanging machine mining, very convenient), fill in the regular after the collection can preview the results of the acquisition, copy, clear the node, the storage can choose the "selective warehousing" and "all Warehousing", the collection of temporary data management;

• Other features: Support multi-list collection, support content paging collection; Support remote save Picture/flash/attachment, image watermark, as long as the definition of the field Img/flash/file support remote preservation

Third, the perfect member system

The system can classify members according to member's "member group", "validity period (Baonin/quarter/month)" and "points". The user can add/modify/delete the member group in the background, the member group can set the membership level, the number of favorites and the maximum number of downloads per day. These classifications are valid for all system models of the system, such as access control of the information, deduction points, the right control of downloading/online viewing information, deduction points, daily download limit, can set the time interval of repeated deduction points, buy the merchandise of mall model with points/advance payment, etc.

Member System other functions: User registration, modification of information, shopping cart, favorites, viewing status, online Chong value, query purchase records, download records, information submission, contributions add points

Background Point card function: Support batch Add point card, can be valid/points of value, batch gift points

Four, universal membership Integration Interface

This interface allows you to integrate any MySQL system, regardless of the language in which it was developed. Configuration is very easy, only a few parameters can be configured, and support the integration of member groups and points

Five, template full label

• As long as the web page editing software (such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage) can produce a variety of excellent templates, only to display information where the appropriate tag can be, without any program code.

• Built-in very flexible universal call Tags: to achieve a wide range of effects to meet the needs of various web sites, adapt to all models.

• User can customize the label directly in the background: With this feature, users can write their own functions, then the background to define a label, the template can parse him. Generally used to display data outside the system, such as: forum data, environmental monitoring stations in real-time display data and so on ...

• All columns can have their own page templates/list templates, content templates, JS templates and search templates

• Common template variables: You can put some common modules into the public variable, the call only need to add a variable tag, you can modify the value of the variable later to modify all the contents of the variable label display.

• Bulk replacement of template content, bulk import of column templates, bulk replacement of list templates and bulk replacement of content templates

Six, template tags support a variety of operation types

• Support invoke type of operation: "All/column/topic/datasheet" call "latest/hot/recommended/comment ranking/headline/download Ranking" information, and support to call information by SQL statement

• Support for multiple column calls: Multiple call column ID with "," Lattice open

• User-Customizable labels

vii. Information Content Support Deposit text

It is very inappropriate for information content with very large amounts of data, such as novels, papers, or other large content data to be stored in a database. If the database is stored, the single table capacity can easily explode, thus affecting the efficiency of the database. So the Empire introduced this function, can store these large data in a text file, and the system to encrypt the file, security is guaranteed. The greater the information content, the better the effect of this scenario.

Viii. Multi-level user rights and content management support

Through the user group, the different administrative rights can be assigned to different users, different users can set up their own corresponding management columns. Administrators can add/modify/delete user groups directly backstage.

ix. operation Log Records

The user's log of log and operation is logged, and the log is set to open.

10. Thematic and thematic combinations

• For news sites, when a number of unexpected events occur, too late to specialize in a new column, then you can organize the contents of the event into a topic. The Empire CMS allows editors to add new topics at any time and to provide rich information to visitors to the site at the first moment. The content of the project can be selected from other channels, you can directly let the editor to the topic input content

• Thematic combination: Can be entered into the information according to different conditions to the corresponding topic. Portfolio support is grouped by keyword queries, SQL conditions, corresponding columns, publication time range, information ID range, whether headlines/recommendation/title pictures, and so on.

11, built-in robust, stable backup recovery system

• Using packet backup, the system automatically divides the database into many parts to export. Theoretically unlimited database size, can be backup and recovery.

• Security: Backup files are generated *.php files, and the use of login verification, only the login administrator to do data recovery.

• Stability: The system collects the packet backup, each group backs up the data size backstage to set directly.

• Easy to use: Backup files are packaged, downloaded and deleted online.

• Flexibility: Backup directory, compressed directory online customization.

• Online Setup, delete database, optimize, repair, empty, delete datasheet function.

• Online Direct recovery data

• Backup Empire CMS Whole station is very simple: simply back up the database +d attachment directory can be fully backed up, other information can be directly back to the background and the full station update.

12, a powerful advertising management plug-ins

• Support advertising types: Photo ads, Flash ads, text ads, HTML code ads, pop-up ads

• Support Advertising effects: General display, full screen floating display, up and down floating display (left/right), full screen Fading, movable dialog box, couplet ads

• Support tags and JS calls, can set the advertising expiration time, the advertisement manager to change the advertisement.

13, the built-in some practical plug-ins

• Voting Plug-ins: Unlimited number of voting items, support radio/multiple selection, restricted IP voting, you can set the voting period; Support tags and JS calls

• Links Plugin: support for multiple categories

• Multi-category Message board: can be in different columns set up a different message board (add message classification can be), the message can be set whether to audit, reply message

Multi-Classification Information feedback: can be different in the various columns to set up different feedback

• Anti-collection plug-ins: The principle is to the page plus a variety of rules of the collection of regular, anti-collection characters, the more difficult to collect.

14, built-in part of the perfect model

In addition to the user can customize the system model, the system built in a part of the model, the future will be increased, users can choose to install:

• News System Model: the system default model. With information source management, author management, content keyword management, filter character management

• Download system model: With Download server management, delete download records management, error Reporting management, batch replacement address permissions and other functions; Anti-Theft chain aspects: The use of regular update download verification code + TIME replacement Download server + time replacement download address combined.

• Film and television system model: with the download system model, but he also supports the online viewing of multimedia information; anti-theft chain: The use of regular update download verification code + fixed-time replacement download server + fixed-time replacement download address combination, and online viewing using more stringent encryption methods to protect multimedia addresses

• Image Library System model

· Flash System Model

• Mall System Model: Incidental payment mode management, delivery mode management, order management, support various payment methods.

• News system model (storage text): This model differs from the database-style news model, and he holds the information content in a text file, which can be selected according to different circumstances.

edit this paragraph Other features

Category of Infinite class

The system supports an infinite class of classes; Each category can be bound to the corresponding level two domain name

16. Support Remote Publishing

Remote publishing is the ability for a user to install a machine under and then publish the information to a remote server. is currently a collection of Web-mode release, later versions will consider the use of the form of. exe to publish, more efficient.

17. Information issuing function

This function is commonly used in government or institution. That is, information needs to be signed by a number of managers to publish information, for important information is necessary to reduce the error rate.

18. File Management Module

File management support database and directory management; attachments can be managed by columns; users can select uploaded pictures/flash/multimedia/Accessories etc. when the information is added; Delete the appropriate information, the system will delete the attachment attached to this information

19, the foreground full generation static page

Empire CMS will be the content of the site to generate static HTML files, which can greatly save the host resources, improve system performance, the full static processing technology is to build a large site requirements. No matter how powerful the CPU, and then the smart database, in the case of a large number of user access will also be machine, and the use of our programs will avoid such problems occur. This is why "Sina" "NetEase" even includes Sohu website search interface is the reason for static release.

20. Planning Tasks

Can be set up a regular update home/column page; As long as the background is open, the system will perform the corresponding task

21. Background Multi-interface style

Different users can choose different background operating interface, and users can make their own background interface, and then add to the background interface management.

22, Dynamic release

List page supports dynamic display

Content page supports trigger refresh

Through the combination of dynamic release and system model, we can realize a variety of more interactive systems, such as: supply and demand system, classified information, talent recruitment system.

23. More Features

• User-defined JS function

• Customize the Information list function: Through the SQL statement, the combination of various lists, such as the newspaper by date classification.

User-defined page features: such as company introduction, contact information and other pages are not required to create a new column, the definition of a page can be, and the custom page to support all tags.

• WYSIWYG edit function

• Language Packs: Can be changed to other languages by modifying a language pack

• Support Right Menu: more convenient management

• Publish information Volume storage directory customization: You can press/2008/10/01/*.html,/2008-10-01/*.html, or direct *.html directory structure, file extensions can be set directly in the background

• Image support Watermark (support text/image watermark), generate thumbnails; image/flash/Multimedia/accessories support remote Save

• Bulk substitution field value feature: Can replace field values for any data table

• Refresh information according to different conditions (by data table/column/time range/information ID range, etc.), instead of all the information refreshed together, the general increase in information, simply refresh a single day of information, you can set whether to refresh information, if generated once, information is not repeated refresh, greatly improve efficiency ; column/topic Refresh support Select multiple page refresh or full refresh

• Search keyword ranking background direct management

• Statistics of all information

• Installation is very easy: just run the E/install file, and then the next step, the next step to complete the system installation

• Installation of the Imperial CMS operating environment is free programs, such as: Apache, PHP, MySQL, Zend are free software, reduce costs

--There are more features that are inconvenient to list. such as column bulk transfer, picture News management, Comment management/audit/filter, etc., too much ... Waiting for you to download the program experience?

Empire Website Management System (EMPIRECMS) development process:

"September 30, 2002": Imperial News System 1.0 completed and officially put into use on the Empire website.

"March 05, 2004": The Empire release of the News system 1.3 commercial release, when the Empire CMS began to use for external users.

"July 27, 2004": The Empire News System 1.6 release, and released the first free version.

"October 07, 2004": The Imperial News System 2.5 official release, and the same month released a traditional version.

"February 28, 2005": Empire News System 3.0 released, and the Imperial News System officially renamed the Imperial Website Management System. At this time the Imperial CMS frame structure formally changed, in this version of the Empire developed the most advanced custom system model function, for the later Empire powerful expansion of the foundation.

"July 05, 2005": The Empire Website Management System 3.5 release, on the basis of 3.0 added a table storage model data structure, this version of the imperial infrastructure basically formed, and many years of experience in PHP development integration. Built-in model: News system, download system, mall system, flash system, Image Library system, movie system model.

"November 27, 2005": The Empire Website Management System 3.6 release.

"December 02, 2005": The Empire Website Management System Universal Member integration interface release.

"May 21, 2006": The Imperial Website Management System 3.7 release, this version launched the first in the country to support content to deposit text of the CMS function.

"October 09, 2006": The Empire Website Management System 4.0 released, opened the commercial edition function.

"April 29, 2007": Imperial Website Management System 4.6 released, this version of the system model features added to each system model foreground and background can have information management functions, complete custom system expansion.

"December 27, 2007": The Imperial Website Management System 4.7 Released, this version has added the first domestic customizable multi-member registration form of the CMS function.

"January 05, 2008": The Imperial Website Management System 4.7 (UTF-8) release.

"May 26, 2008": 5.0 beta release of Imperial website Management System.

"June 17, 2008": The Imperial Website Management System 5.0 official release, V5.0 all versions (including the free version) are no longer functional restrictions.

"December 08, 2008": Empire Website Management System 5.1 released and announced open source.

"August 07, 2009": Imperial Website Management System v6.0 Beta release.

"September 28, 2009": Official version of the Imperial website Management System v6.0.

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