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EditPlus is a powerful word processing software. It can be fully replaced by Notepad, and it also provides many powerful features for web writers and program designers. Supports the coloring display of multiple syntaxes such as HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C + +, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, and so on. Program embedded Web browser, other features include FTP features, HTML editing, URL highlighting, autocomplete, clip text, row and column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo/redo, spell checker, custom shortcuts, and so on ...

* Fixed: When FTP upload or download status reached 100%, the program crashes
* Add: Scroll horizontally through SHIFT + mouse wheel
* Change: In the Lookup dialog box, "Previous" instead of the "Up/Down" button
* Add: $ (appdir) parameter macros
* NEW: Document selector font options
* NEW: Window List "Sort" button
* NEW: Window List "Duplicate name" button
Regular Expression Classes
"1" Regular expression application--replaces the specified content to the end of the line
"2" Regular expression application--digital replacement----------------------------MICROSHAOFT@CCF,JIUK2K@CCF
"3" Regular expression application--deletes the specified character at the end of each line
"4" Regular expression application--replacing multiple lines with half-width parentheses
"5" Regular expression application--delete blank line----------------------------Jiang Dehua
Software Skill Class
"6" Software Tips-Notes for keyboard records
"7" Software tips-a convenient way to turn off document labels
"8" Software tips-how do I remove editplus when I save a text file?
"9" Software tips--tips for finding a solution to a grammar file
"10" Software Tips--set EditPlus support other text, such as Korean----------JACKYWU1978@LJF
"11" Software skills--ftp upload settings----------------------------Li Chenwen 2.11 Chinese version
"12" Software tips-How do I disable the backup file feature?
"13" Software tips-add grammar files, auto-complete files, and Clip Gallery files
Tools Integration Class
"14" tool integration-compiler integration examples (Java, Borland C + +, Visual C + +, Inno Setup, NSIs, C #)
"15" tool integration--let EditPlus debug PHP program----------------------AVENGER,AUKW@CCF
"16" tool integration--Build PHP Debugging Environment (ii)----------------------old seven 2.11 Chinese version
"17" Integrated EditPlus in WINPE
Subsequent additions
"18" supports files with UTF-8/no UTF-8 tags

Each step is said in detail, there is no need to map, the volume is not too big to good.

"1" Regular expression application--replaces the specified content to the end of the line
Original text as two lines below
123 ABC 444

If you want to encounter "ABC" each time, replace "ABC" and then to the end of the line as "ABC EFG"
That is, the above text is eventually replaced by:

① in the Replace dialog box, find the content enter "abc.*"
② The Regular expression check box, and then click Replace All button
Among them, the meaning of the symbol is as follows:
"." = match any character
"*" = match 0 times or more

Note: In fact, is the regular expression replacement, here is only some of the problems that have been raised, simply from the regular expression itself, can be extended to thousands of special cases.

"2" Regular expression application--digital substitution (MICROSHAOFT@CCF,JIUK2K@CCF)
Hope to put
To be replaced by:

In the Replace dialog box, tick the regular expression check box;
Enter "[0-9][0-9][0-9]" inside the lookup content without quotes
"Replace with:" Enter "[\0\1\2]" without quotes
Range for the range you are working on, and then choose to replace it.

In fact, this is also a special case of regular expressions, "[0-9]" denotes any particular case between matching 0~9, and the same "[A-z]" denotes any particular exception between matching a~z
"[0-9]" is repeated above, indicating that three consecutive digits appear
"I" represents the first "[0-9]" corresponding prototype, "\1" represents the second "[0-9]" corresponding prototype, and so on
"[", "]" is a simple character that adds "[" or "]" and if you enter other \0\1\2, the result is:

Asdadas other 123 Other Asdasdas 456 other ASDASDASD other 789 other ASDASD

Enhancements (by JIUK2K@CCF):
If you change the Find content "[0-9][0-9][0-9]" to "[0-9]*[0-9]", correspond to 1 or 123 or 12345 or ...
We need to customize

There are a lot of related content, you can refer to the syntax of regular expressions carefully study

"3" Regular expression application--deletes the specified character at the end of each line
Because these characters are also present in the line, it is definitely not possible to use a simple replacement
Like what
12345 1265345
Need to delete "345" at the end of each line
This is also the use of regular expressions, in fact, a careful look at regular expressions should be relatively simple, but now that there is this problem, the regular expression must have an understanding of the process, the solution is as follows
In the Replace dialog box, enable the Regular expression check box
Enter "345$" in the lookup content
Here "$" means matching from the end of the line

If you match from the beginning of the line, you can use "^" to do it, but EditPlus has another feature that can easily delete a string at the beginning of a line
A. Select the rows to be manipulated
B. Edit-format-delete line comment
C. Enter the beginning character to be cleared in the pop-up dialog box to determine

"4" Regular expression application--replacing multiple lines with half-width parentheses
The following code is available on all hundreds of Web pages:
<script language= "JavaScript1.1" >
HTMLADWH (' 93163607 ', ' 728 ', ' 90 ');
I want to get rid of them all, but find a lot of search & Replace software, are only "one line" to operate.

EditPlus open hundreds of web page files or relatively smooth, so fully qualified for this job.
A specific workaround, using regular expressions in EditPlus, because "(,") is used as a flag for a preset expression (or, optionally, a subexpression), so find
"<script language=" JavaScript1.1 ">\n<!--\nhtmladwh (' 93163607 ', ' 728 ', ' 90 '); \ N//-->\n</script>\n "
When you are prompted to find it, so you can't replace it, you can replace it with any character tag, that is, the Half-width period: "." Replace the content with
<script language= "JavaScript1.1" >\n<!--\nhtmladwh. ' 93163607 ', ' 728 ', ' 90 '. n//-->\n</script>\n
When you enable the regular expression option in the Replace dialog box, you can complete the replacement

Special symbols such as () should be represented by \ (\), which is also a standard regexp syntax, which can be written as
<script language= "JavaScript1.1" >\n<!--\nhtmladwh\ (' 93163607 ', ' 728 ', ') ';\n//-->\n</script> \ n

"5" Regular expression application--delete blank line
Start EditPlus and open the text type file you want to work with.
①, select the Replace command on the Find menu, and pop up the text Replacement dialog box. Select the Regular expression check box to indicate that we want to use regular expressions in Find and replace. Then, select Current file in replace range to indicate that you are working on the current file.
②, click the button to the right of the Find what combo box, and the Drop-down menu appears.
③, the following action adds a regular expression that represents the empty line to find. (Tip: A blank line includes only spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and must begin with one of these three symbols, and at the end of a carriage return, the key to finding a blank row is to construct a regular expression that represents a blank row.)
Enter the regular expression "^[\t]*\n" directly in Find and note that there is a spaces before \ t.
(1) Select "Match from beginning of line", and the character "^" appears in the Find what combo box, indicating that the string you want to find must appear at the beginning of a row in the text.
(2) Select "character in range", then add a pair of parentheses "[]" after "^", and the current insertion point is in parentheses. Parentheses are represented in a regular expression, and the character in the text matches any one of the characters in the parentheses, which matches the lookup condition.
(3) Click the space bar, add spaces. Spaces is a constituent of a blank line.
(4) Select "tab" to add "\ t" that represents the tab character.
(5) Move the cursor, move the current insertion point to "]", and then select "Match 0 or more", which adds the asterisk character "*". The asterisk indicates that the spaces or tab in the preceding bracket "[]" appears 0 or more on one line.
(6) Select "Line Break" and insert "\ n" to indicate a carriage return.
The ④, replace with combo box remains empty, indicating the deletion of the found content. Click the Replace button to delete the blank row one row at a time, or click Replace all to remove all empty rows (Note: EditPlus Sometimes there is a "replace all" problem that cannot completely remove empty rows at once, possibly a bug in the program, and a few more buttons to press).

"6" Software Tips-Notes for keyboard records
EditPlus's keyboard records are somewhat similar to UltraEdit macro operations, but they are relatively simple, and the recorded files are less editable.
Because it is basically impossible to edit the recorded files, it is recommended that you use purely keyboard actions to avoid recording failures, and here are a few key keyboard combinations:
Ctrl+f = Pull Up Lookup dialog box
ctrl+h = Replace dialog box
ALT+F4 = Close action, such as closing the Find dialog box, closing the Replace dialog box, and so on
Other keyboard shortcuts are easy to find in the Help-accelerator list, so this is not the case.

"7" Software tips-a convenient way to turn off document labels
Right-click the Document label toolbar, select label Options from the pop-up menu, and select "Close with the middle mouse button", which includes the mouse wheel.

"8" Software tips-how do I remove editplus when I save a text file?
If you use EditPlus for text editing, then every time you create a text file, save it after editing, and even though the file type Drop-down list shows a text file, EditPlus asks if you want to add a ". txt" suffix, is it annoying?
① creates an empty file "Template.txt" in the program directory
② "Tools-parameter settings-template" Inside, click the "Add" button to add a template, "menu text" here enter "text", browse "Template.txt", then OK
③ "FILE-New-text", you can create an empty text file, save, this file automatically with the extension ". txt", also avoids the painful confirmation
④ template settings file name is called "Template.ini", and if the same path as the main program, you can use a relative path
It's a little verbose, but it works.
To automatically create a file with some kind of suffix, the same method.

"9" Software tips--tips for not finding a grammar file *.STX solution
The reason for this is that the syntax file you set does not exist or the path is set incorrectly. This is because the syntax of the editplus is to set the absolute path of the file, and after you have set the grammar file, then copy the program to another directory, thus causing EditPlus to find the grammar file.
In the main program directory, find Setting.ini This is the EditPlus file that holds the grammar
Look for text content with a suffix of ". STX", "ACP", or a line with a drive symbol, such as
Syntax File=c:\program Files\editplus 2\cpp.stx
Then replace the "C:\Program files\editplus 2\" with the path to your current software.
Other hints cannot find a solution to a file ditto

"10" Software Tips--set EditPlus to support other text, such as Korean
Open the file in the EditPlus and open the File dialog box; then click the ellipsis at the end of the converter to customize the Converter dialog box, select the encoding you want on the right, add it to the left, and then click OK, then select the encoding you want in the Drop-down box, and then open the file.

"11" Software tips--ftp upload settings
"File-> remote operation->ftp Upload" set parameters in the Settings tab ("/" such as "/web/" should precede "sub directory"), click "OK" to return to the "FTP upload" tab, and then click "Upload", "Bulk upload" setting is similar.

"12" Software tips-How do I disable the backup file feature?
On the File Options page of parameter selection, disable the ' Automatically create backup files on save ' option

"13" Software tips-add grammar files, auto-complete files, and Clip Gallery files
To add *. STX (grammar file) or *. ACP (auto-complete file):
1. Select "Parameter selection → syntax"
2. Click the "Add" button, name it, and type the extension (without "." In the "Extension" section). )
3. Browse/Enter STX (grammar file section) and ACP (auto-complete file section).
Add Clip Gallery File (*. CTL)
Copy the corresponding *. The CTL file to the Software installation directory, reboot EditPlus, then the system is automatically recognized.

Author homepage has a lot of syntax for automatically completing file downloads, addresses

"14" tool integration-compiler integration examples (Java, Borland C + +, Visual C + +, Inno Setup, NSIs)
On the tools → parameter selection → user tools Options page Setup, set the steps
① Set the group name, or you can not set the
② Click the Add tool → application button and make the following settings
③ a variety of similar "$ (FilePath)" parameters can be obtained in the Arrow drop-down menu to the right of the text box, as follows
Parameter description
$ (FilePath) file path (full name, including directory and filename)
$ (filedir) file directory (with no file name)
$ (filename) filename (without directory)
$ (filenamenoext) file name without extension (without directory)
$ (fileext) extension (current file)
$ (ProjectName) project name (current project name)
$ (curline) Current line number (line number at cursor position)
$ (CURCOL) Current column number (the column number at the cursor position)
$ (Cursel) Current text (insert currently selected text)
$ (Curword) current word (insert current word)
$ (windowlist) Displays the list of current Windows and selects specific files

Example 1. Java compiler

Menu text: Java compiler
Command: C:\java\bin\javac.exe
Parameters: "$ (FilePath)"
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Capture output: Open

To run a compiled Java class file, you can set the following:
Menu Text: Java
Command: C:\java\bin\java.exe
Parameters: $ (filenamenoext)
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
The commands section should be replaced by the path to the actual Java interpreter.

Example 2. Borland C + +

Menu Text: Borland C
Command: C:\bc\bin\bcc32.exe
Parameters:-ic:\bc\include-lc:\bc\lib-n$ (filedir) $ (FilePath)
Initial directory: C:\bc\bin
Capture output: Open

Example 3. Visual C + +

Menu text: Visual C + +
Command: C:\msdev\vc98\bin\cl.exe
Parameters: "$ (FilePath)"
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Capture output: Open

Example 4. Inno Setup
Menu Text: Compiling Inno
Command: C:\Program files\inno Setup 4\compil32.exe "
Parameters:/CC $ (FileName)
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Capture output: Open

Example 5. NSIs
Menu Text: Compiling NSIs
Command: C:\NSIS\makensis.exe
Parameters: $ (FileName)
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Capture output: Open

Example 6. C#
Menu text: Compiling C #
Command: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\csc.exe
Parameters: $ (FileName)
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Capture output: Open

In the above settings, in the command section, you must use the absolute path of the respective compilers in the system.

Once you have set up, you can run the tool on the Tools menu, and the results are displayed at the bottom of the Output window, and you can run it by using the shortcut key (Ctrl + 0-9) or by the shortcut button on the user's toolbar.

To run the compiled *.exe file, you can set the following settings (at which time the executable file requires the same name as the compiled file):
Menu Text: Run
Command: $ (filenamenoext)
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)

"15" tool integration--let EditPlus debug PHP program
1: Open EditPlus, select "Tools-> Configure User tool ..." menu.
2: In the pop-up window select "Add Tool-> Application", give the new program a good name, for example, here we use "Debug PHP", "menu Text" in "Debug PHP". Click the button on the right side of the command line to find the path to your php.exe, such as "C:\php\php.exe". Then click the Drop-down button to the right of "parameters" to select "File path", and finally the "Capture output" checkbox before the check box selected.
3: Test Now, create a new PHP file, press the shortcut key ctrl+1 can activate the tool we set up just now (if you set up more than one tool, shortcut keys may be different), now you can see that it has been able to work properly. But there is a little less ideal: if your PHP program error, in the Output window will prompt you the first few lines of error, click this line of prompts, EditPlus always prompted you can not find So-and-so file, whether new. Next we're going to fix this feature.
4: Open just the User Tool Settings window, to find just set the "Debug PHP" tool. Click the Output mode button next to the Capture output check box. pops up a form that defines the output mode, removes the checkbox in front of the "Use default output mode" and enters "^.+ in (. +) line ([0-9]+)" (excluding quotes) in the text box of the item "Regular expression". A careful friend may find that the syntax of the regular expression is used here. Then, in the file name drop-down menu below, select Preset expression 1, the first argument in the top regular expression, the row Drop-down menu item to select Preset Expression 2, and the column drop-down to remain empty. Then save the settings.
5: OK, now try again, double-click the number of rows, EditPlus will automatically activate the error file, and positioning the cursor to the error line, is not particularly convenient?!
Now, editplus through our "transformation", has been able to debug the real-time PHP file, although not yet "visual" interface, but for some ordinary small program to check the error is very useful. EditPlus is really not a rare good tool, if you have any use skills, do not forget to share with us oh. ^O^

If you cannot switch the error line number, try making the following modifications: (by AUKW@CCF)
1.php.ini html_errors = off Open
If you do not open, 3. The expression in will be modified
2. Change the parameter to:-q-f "$ (FilePath)"
Do not add "symbol of the file name has a space for debugging failed.
-Q do not output HTML header information, you can remove the line, but debugging time you generally do not use the header information
3. "^.+ in (. +)" ([0-9]+) is changed to ^.+ in (. +) on line ([0-9]+) $ "
If still not, please note the debugging results, you modify the expression to remove the file name and line number

"16" tool integration--Build PHP Debugging Environment (II)
1: Positioning the Clip Gallery on the PHP4 functions can be edited, using the [insert]->[matching clips] command, you can automatically complete the final input of the complete PHP function (or press the F2 key directly)
2: Similar to the above, after selecting part of the text, the same can be done automatically. (Same F2)
3: In the [Parameter selection]->[settings and syntax]->php-> automatically completed, select the PHP.ACP file under the directory, you can customize your own automatic completion mode.
4: If you want to preview the file in real time, you can add a local directory in the [Parameter selection]->[tool]->web Server (note that you don't add http://, it should be a valid site).
such as: Host->localhost/php | Root directory->d:\php
Host->localhost/asp | Root directory->d:\asp
Host->localhost/cgi | Root directory->d:\cgi
Once the settings are complete, the script files will be properly interpreted as long as they are in these directories (subdirectories are OK).
5: Various grammar and template files can be obtained in http://editplus.com/files.html, can be selected and edited as needed.
6:CTRL+F11 can display a list of functions in the current file.
7: Add a variety of user tools.
Start the MySQL server Administration tool->c:\mysql\bin\winmysqladmin.exe
Start Apache server->c:\apache\bin\apache.exe-k start
Start Apache server->c:\apache\bin\apache.exe-k stop (shutdown)
8:dbg comes with a prof_results.php file that analyzes the performance of PHP programs.
It's not really a debugger, but it's enough.
Ok! After the transformation, is not a bit like an IDE what? and almost, no immediate help ... Look at me and come again:
9: The Php_manual_en.chm (preferably extended help manual) added to the user tool, when the need to refer to the keyword, the cursor positioned on it, press the shortcut key ctrl+1, see.
When you enter the name of the function can not remember, first in accordance with the 1th method of the function, and then ... What do you think?

Some of the above for debugging tool settings, as such tools are more, we set the reference above the basic is almost, so not too many enumerated.

"17" Integrated EditPlus in WINPE
Can be based on the current BartPE do WinPE, menu use Nu2menu production

Default location is \programs\editplus\
The default system location is the i386 directory for the CD

I386/system32 autorun.bat Add Shell integration (System right)
REGEDIT/S%systemdrive%\programs\editplus\reg. Reg
REGSVR32/S \programs\editplus\eppshell. Dll
(Reg.reg saved Epp toolbar information, of course registered users can also place registration information)

Copy EditPlus installation package inside the file to programs\editplus\, note that if there is a Setting.ini, delete the file, add the following sentences in Nu2menu (you can arrange it under a specific menu entry as needed)
<mitem type= "ITEM" disabled= "@Not (@FileExists (@GetProgramDrive () \programs\editplus\editplus.exe))" cmd= "RUN"
Func= "@GetProgramDrive () \programs\editplus\editplus.exe" >editplus text editing </MITEM>

"18" supports file LEI@DRL with UTF-8 mark/without UTF-8 tag proposed and tested
Here the byte order mark translates as Mark/Header/Label

Parameter selection-file-inside set "Support without UTF-8 file header UTF-8 file", I translate here the label is UTF-8 file header, if check this item, should be saved as the Utf-8 without label, if no, should be saved to have a BOM UTF-8.
This allows you to open the UTF-8 file with a signature, and you can edit it correctly, but you can't open it without a signature, and you want to turn it back on without the signature. But it's a bit of a hassle, but it's finally going to work.

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