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In the endless Perpetual project of anti-spam, it is often weak to rely on the power of a single person, a company, or a group or organization, and it requires everyone on the Internet to participate. On how to harassment in the domestic telephone, spam messages, often need to anti-harassment software providers want users to report or label the spam message sending number and advertising, harassment calls dialed number, has been for these numbers for better filtering.
O365 also provides spam feedback channels that allow users to submit messages that they consider to be spam to Microsoft, and Microsoft will analyze the message after receiving feedback, and if it is a spam message, Microsoft may add spam filtering of that feature to the O365 anti-spam system for the characteristics of that message. The information for submitting spam is done by the OWA of Exchange online.
One, feedback spam and phishing information.
In the OWA Inbox or its subfolders, locate the spam message that you want to give feedback to Microsoft, select and click the Junk e-mail button in the menu bar, and select Junk e-mail from the drop-down menu.
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In the "Report as spam" dialog box, click the "Report" button to complete the submission. The message will be automatically moved to the Junk e-mail folder.
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If you want to report messages with phishing information, select phishing from the drop-down menu.
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In the "Report as Phishing" dialog box, click "Report" to complete the submission of the information. The message will be automatically deleted and placed in the Deleted Items folder.
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Note that either submitting a "spam" message or submitting a "phishing" message will send a copy of the entire message to Microsoft, so be aware of the privacy information.
Ii. reporting non-spam messages
If the end user finds that a message was mistakenly placed in the trash, it can be provided to Microsoft. Similarly, Microsoft's research and evaluation confirms that the message is not spam, and it modifies the appropriate spam handling mechanism so that subsequent messages are no longer filtered.
The reporting operation still requires the end user to be in OWA. Find non-spam in the Trash folder and select it, then click "Not spam" in the menu bar.
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In the report as Non-spam dialog box, click Report to complete the submission of the information. The message will be automatically moved to the Inbox folder.
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EEEKB article--Play the Exchange online service 29 in Office 365 to provide spam information to Microsoft

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