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Now that the Office 365 management has a certain foundation, the next priority is to name the right, the so-called "bad names, words are not smooth." When you subscribe to Office 365, you need to create a subscription ID, which is the default administrator's account. When you create this subscription ID, you specify a domain name suffix that is based on a subdomain of the same Office 365 user domain. The form is as follows:

[Email protected] remind you not to spam ads!

Partner.onm51cto remind you, do not spam ads! can not be changed, this is the century-connected version of Office 365 user-specific domain;

XXXXXX can be customized by the Subscriber, in the entire Office 365 system requirements can not be duplicated, must be unique;

XXXXXX.partner.onm51CTO remind you, do not spam ads! make up a partner.onm51cto remind you, do not spam ads! The subdomain, which is the subscriber's domain, defaults to the user account domain name suffix for that Office 365 subscription.

Now the problem, such a subdomain for some home users or small team users, because it can be smoothly through the Internet DNS convenient resolution, it is acceptable. However, as a business, such sub-domains are often not conducive to corporate branding and corporate culture promotion. In particular, the subdomain will serve as the mail address suffix for Exchange online mailboxes, as well as the site domain suffix provided by Office 365, which is largely unacceptable to most party a companies or company bosses. Moreover, today's general enterprises have their own domain name, may be in use, or have been registered, more or plan to register and so on.

Office365 A custom domain solution has been provided to address this issue, whereby the subscription administrator can bind his or her legitimate DNS domain name as the domain name suffix of the user account after the subscription to Office 365 takes effect. It also supports binding multiple legitimate DNS domain names at the same time, as well as providing new DNS domain name registration services and domain name resolution migration services.

First, bound domain

You must prepare the domain name you want to bind to before you do so. This can be a domain name that you have previously applied for, or you can apply through the domain registrar provided by Office 365. and need to have the domain name of the resolution administrative permissions, because in the binding process through the domain Name Service provider's management to face the domain name of the resolution record to configure.

Once you have the domain name ready, you can do the binding. Open the Office 365 Admin Center from your browser, and on the Manage your organization page in the dashboard, click Manage domains for your website and email.

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Navigation automatically jumps to the domains branch, and on the Manage Domains page, you can see the default domain name that is set when you sign up for Office 365 to create a subscription ID, which is called the initial domain of the subscription, cannot be set up and modified, and is deleted.

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Click on the "Add Domain" button to open the Add New Domain Wizard, you can see the wizard is divided into three steps. One of the most critical is step one, and the setup of step two can be completely skipped on demand. Click "Let's Get Started" to do this.

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1 , verify ownership of the domain

First, fill in the domain name you want to use, and click "Next".

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The domain name you must certify to Office 365 is a legitimate DNS domain, and the subscription administrator (the current operator) does have administrative permissions on the DNS resolution record for that domain. Office 365 typically requires the operator to add a TXT record to the domain and contract the value of the TXT record. If Office365 requests DNS, and when the TXT record is resolved, the DNS server from the public network is returned to Office 365 as a contract value that was previously provided by Office 365, and Office 365 considers the domain legitimate and is owned by the current subscription administrator and allows binding operations.

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This Office 365 also provides a jump to the DNS domain Name Service provider link, click "Go to your DNS host" after "Change", in the drop-down list to select the DNS domain Name service provider to bind domain name. If it is not listed, select "Other" and click "Save".

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At this point, "Go to your DNS host" will change to go to the name of the domain Name service provider you selected. Directly click on the domain Name Service provider name link to open the Domain Name Service provider domain name Management page.

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Because different domain Name service providers provide different methods for configuring DNS records, they need to consult the corresponding domain name service provider. Take dnspod, for example, to add a txt record.

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There may be some domain Name Service provider's DNS records configuration tool that does not provide TXT logging, and Office 365 can support using MX record validation instead. Select other in go to your DNS host or leave the default unchanged, and the use MX records instead link appears under OK, I've added Records. By clicking on the link, Office 365 will give the configuration information to verify the MX record.

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Whether you use a TXT record or an MX record, the purpose is to verify that the domain's legitimacy and ownership belong to the current subscription administrator. After confirming that you have added the error, click the "OK, I have added record" button and if the validation is passed, Office 365 will show that the current subscription administrator has been verified to have ownership of the specified domain name. At this point, you have actually bound the specified domain to the current subscription, but the wizard is not finished. Click "Next" and the wizard enters the user account domain setting procedure.

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2 , if you do not need bulk immediate use, it is recommended to skip user account domain settings

You can skip these steps because the following steps are no longer managing domain names and configuring user account management. After completing the domain name configuration, it is done through user management. Of course, if more than one existing user account is needed for batch modification, this operation is more efficient. However, there is basically no problem with this type of bulk operation for new registered subscriptions, so click "Skip this step" in the update the domain name suffix for the existing Office 365 user account to the newly bound Domain Name page.

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You don't need to add a new user account now. Click "Skip this step" again directly.

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3 , add the required DNS records for the Office365 service

Click Next on the "Prepare to update DNS records to use Office 365" page.

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In this need to decide whether to transfer the DNS domain Name service provider to Office 365, and if the transfer is managed to Office 365, Office 365 can automatically set the required service records for that domain. However, it is possible that some of the existing record settings may be affected. Therefore, if it is not necessary, it is better to manage your own management without escaping. Select "No" and click "Next".

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 14.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqb7kypajtaazdspjk3z8290.jpg "/>

Select the Office 365 service that you want to use for this new binding domain name, and this optional service provides the mailbox service for Exchange online and the Skype for business service provided by Lync Online. Tick on demand, and the new bound domain name plan is provided to both services in this example. When checked, click "Next".

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 15.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqb8xzilxmaazxs7xppvc421.jpg "/>

The wizard lists the list of DNS records required by the service.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 16.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqb9qbuizyaaffjeezpxi739.jpg "/>

These records, as required by the checklist, need to be configured correctly in the Administrative tools or Web pages provided by the domain Name service provider, otherwise users will not be able to access the appropriate services.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 17.png "alt=" wkiol1wqb_psffm3aajcymvl86a401.jpg "/> after completion click on the" OK, I have added record "button, if it is correct, Office 365 will display the ready prompt.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 18.png "alt=" Wkiom1wqbknhadxoaaudsasj6j4183.jpg "/>

Ii. managing domain names that have been bound

All domains that are already bound are displayed in the admin domain, and the newly added domain can be set to the default domain. The so-called "Default Domain" is represented by the default use of this domain as the domain name suffix for newly created accounts.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 19.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqcbtbyyfjaaiiejzfkka106.jpg "/>

If you need to unbind a domain, just select the unbound field and click Delete field in the toolbar on the right. In the "Delete Domain ..." dialog box that pops up, click Yes to complete the unbind operation.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 20.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqcb7yacvvaacr46f0jck375.jpg "/>

It should be noted that the added domain of the century interconnect only supports the same domain to bind to only one subscription account at a time, and if you need to bind a domain bound to a subscription account to another subscription account, you need to first unbind it. In addition, if the subscription is no longer in use, be sure to unbind the custom domain before the subscription expires. Otherwise, after the subscription expires, you cannot sign in to central administration to unbind it, and Office 365 's mechanism is not to clear the subscription information, so that the domain name in the new subscription can not be bound, this situation will need to call the century connected customers to solve. What's more, if you forget the expired subscription ID, the bound custom fields will no longer be available in the new subscription. Because century interconnects cannot unbind a domain name because it cannot find its subscription ID by using a custom domain.

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EEEKB article--Play the four Exchange Online services in Office 365 How to customize a domain in Office 365

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