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it is very cumbersome for people with many mailboxes to check whether new emails exist, in particular, You need to log on to the mailboxes of different websites. It is much easier to view all new emails in a centralized manner. The following describes two methods.
the first method is to select a mailbox as an aggregate mailbox to receive new emails from other mailboxes, you can also use another email address as the sending Address. We recommend that you use Gmail mailbox as an aggregate mailbox or other powerful web mailbox. The advantage of using web mailbox is that you can send and receive emails anytime and anywhere, as long as there is a terminal device containing a browser. The process of automatically forwarding a new email to an aggregate mailbox is very simple. You only need to enter the aggregate mailbox in the automatic forwarding option set in the mailbox. Then, the aggregate mailbox will receive an automatic forwarding confirmation email, click the verification link provided in the mail content to complete the verification. So far, the new mail in a mailbox is automatically forwarded to the aggregate mailbox. Similar to forxmail, outlook, and other mailboxes, there are notifications and prompts for new emails. In fact, Web-based mailboxes can also be used, but additional work is required. Most browsers have new email reminder plug-ins. For example, Firefox has webmail notifier, and 360 browsers have email apps, however, if you want to reply to an email with another email account in an aggregate mailbox, you can only log on to this mailbox. However, some mailbox clients support multiple email Sending addresses, such as Gmail supports multiple email Sending addresses, you can select which email address to send an email. Add an email sending account in Gmail: Go to mailbox settings, select the "account and import" tab, and click the hyperlink to the right of "Send email with this address, that is, "add other email addresses you have". A dialog box is displayed in the browser. Enter the email address to be used as the sending Address in the input box and follow the prompts to continue, in the future, you will receive a new email from this mailbox in the aggregate mailbox. The default Sending address for replying to the email is this mailbox.
the second method is to use Pop peeper. Pop peeper is a small email detection tool that supports a variety of reminder methods. It can be bound to any number of email accounts and can be used as a simple and practical mail client, it can also be associated with an existing Mail Client (such as outlook. Shows the main interface:

The first thing to do is to import the account to pop peeper. It supports automatic addition. Click the Add button in the lower left corner to select import account or add a single account. When you select import account, pop peeperProgramThe existing accounts in outlook on the local machine or other mail clients are automatically displayed. Check the email account to be imported and click "finish, then, enter the email access password for each account, and click the update button in the password input box to add all the selected email accounts to the pop peeper program. If you select to manually add an account, enter the email address, account name, logon email server name and password, and the IP address of the email sending and receiving server in the Wizard window that will pop up later, click "finish" to end Account creation. Importing a Gmail account may require additional work. For details, refer to the instructions on the official website: http://www.poppeeper.com/faq.php. The following is a reminder method supported by pop peeper:
1. Voice Reminder, which can be customized.
2. Tray Icon notification, showing the number of new emails for each account.
3. Flashing scroll lock indicator
4. The new email account is displayed in the Windows pop-up window.
5. the balloon prompts the subject and sender of the last received email message.
6. automatically open pop peeper or start the email client.
7. read emails automatically (you need to download the plug-in)
8. Start the screen saver and display the number of accounts and emails that have received the new mail (you need to download the plug-in)
9. Uninterrupted voice prompts until they are confirmed by the user (the plug-in needs to be downloaded)

After using the mail aggregation method, you basically only need to log on to the aggregate mailbox to perform operations, which can save a lot of time. You may try it.

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