Eight best remote desktop tools and eight remote desktop tools

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Eight best remote desktop tools and eight remote desktop tools
Eight best remote desktop tools

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Remote Desktop is a service launched by Microsoft to facilitate the management and maintenance of servers by network administrators. Introduced from the windows 2000 server version, the network administrator uses the Remote Desktop Connection Program to connect to any computer on the network that has enabled the Remote Desktop control function, just like operating the computer on its own and running the program, maintain databases.

Remote Desktop uses a technology similar to TELNET, which is developed from the TELNET protocol. In general, Remote Desktop is a graphical TELNET.

The following describes the eight best remote desktop tools.

1. Teamviewer

Address: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx

Teamviewer is one of the best remote desktop tools that can be easily connected to any PC or server around the world. Currently, approximately 0.2 billion users are using Teamviewer.

TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution that can be used in the background of any firewall and NAT proxy for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer. To connect to another computer, you only need to run TeamViewer on both computers at the same time, without installation (you can also choose to install, after installation, you can set the boot operation ). The software automatically generates a partner ID on two computers when it is started for the first time. You only need to enter the ID of your partner to TeamViewer, and then the connection will be established immediately.

Teamviewer is free for personal use, but annoying ads will pop up.

2. Splashtop

Address: http://www.splashtop.com/

Splashtop is an easy-to-use and high-performance remote desktop tool that has over 16 million users and is recognized as a highly efficient and high-performance tool. You can even watch movies and play games remotely, and support windows, Mac, Linux, and other systems across platforms, or even mobile systems such as iOS and Android. It consists of Streamer on the server and Remote Desktop on the client.

1) Streamer is a main product of Splashtop. It is a remote control server that is used for remote control. Currently, it supports: mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/Win7, Windows 8, Linux, and other operating systems.

2) Remote Desktop is a Remote Desktop client used to control the computer with Streamer. In addition to all the systems supported by the Streamer server, it also supports mainstream systems such as iOS, Android, WebOS, and Blackberry.

Splashtop tools include the Personal Edition, Business Edition, and Enterprise Edition. The Personal Edition is free of charge.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop app

Https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1649523? Hl = en

Google Chrome has a remote desktop application plug-in, which can also be used for remote control. Easy to use and free of charge.

4. Logmein

Address: https://secure.logmein.com/

LogMein is a Web-based, secure and reliable Remote Access software. It has powerful control functions that allow users to remotely control another PC on any computer that can access the Internet. The LogMein software supports powerful 256-bit SSL encryption, dual-password verification, and RSASecureID.


5. PC Anywhere

Address: http://in.norton.com/symantec-pcanywhere/

Symantec's PC Anywhere is a veteran remote control software, known as the world's leading. With this software, users can effectively manage computers and quickly solve technical support problems. It is also easier and safer to connect to remote devices. It combines remote control, comprehensive remote management, advanced file transmission functions, and robust security to improve technical support efficiency and reduce the number of calls.

6. GoToMyPC

Address: http://www.gotomypc.com/remote-access/

GoToMyPC is a remote control software released by Citrix online. It can access and control your PC through any web browser. GoToMyPC allows you to access and work on your computer through any network connection. You can set it in just a few minutes.

GoToMyPC provides free automatic upgrade for the current user, adding a large number of features designed for enterprise users and Pocket PC users.

GoToMyPC is a paid software and provides a 30-day trial.

7. Radmin

Address: http://www.radmin.com/

Radmin is an award-winning remote control software that combines remote control, outsourced service components, and network monitoring into a system, provides the fastest, most robust, and secure toolkit so far.

Radmin is a paid software and provides a 30-day trial.


8. UltraVNC

Address: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/remote-access/fl/ultravnc-review.htm

UltraVNC is a client/server software that allows remote PC control over TCP/IP connections. The development of UltraVNC is based on RealVNC. It includes TightVNC mouse control and encoding, as well as special features found in eSVNC and Vdacc-VNC.

UltraVNC is both a client and a server. You can use a TCP/IP connection to control another computer. It can be used in W9x/NT/2 K/XP and has functions such as automatic settings, user-friendly interface, global hotkeys, and internal file transfer.

UltraVNC is a free software that can be distributed under the gnu gpl license.

Which of the following is the best Remote Desktop Connection software I want?

If you want to use Remote Desktop Connection software, you can choose remote control software from the network, remotely access the desktop, and synchronously view the screen of the remote computer. You can use the local mouse and keyboard to operate the remote computer like the local computer. This is the website LL netman123.cn/you can download it. Pqxszd
How can XP use its own remote desktop tool for remote purposes?

Using windows Remote Desktop Connection is the best method. The specific operation is complicated. You need to set the client and server.

Related Tutorials :-----------------------------------------------
1. You need a windows system that supports remote desktop, such as windows XP Professional edition or windows server or later. Of course it is better if you install windows2003. I believe that Microsoft's later versions of windows support the Remote Desktop function. This part of the operation is believed to be able to achieve basic computer operations, windows installation has been designed a fool.

2. After the system is installed, install ADSL as long as you can access the Internet. I will not talk about this part here. I can't say anything about it.

3. Install a software on your computer that can implement the dynamic domain name resolution function. This step is important. It is also troublesome. Why should we install this? Simply put, it is to give your computer a fixed IP address, in order to allow you to directly connect to your computer anywhere else, because the IP address generated by ADSL each connection is different. Because ADSL dynamically allocates IP addresses. Therefore, Remote Desktop cannot be implemented without this. The principle of dynamic domain name resolution does not need to be understood. We only need to use it to connect to the computer. We will not detail it here. I want to select the dynamic domain name resolution software. I will try a few similar software. After the trial, I recommend that you use the dynamic domain name resolution software named "peanut shell" because it is free of charge, in addition, it is the largest and most stable dynamic domain name resolution provider in China. It is correct to choose it. Free first! The following steps are required to install and use the "peanut shell:

3.1 first, you must go to the service website where "peanut shells" is located to apply for a free passport. In fact, you are actually applying for membership. After you become a member, your account and password will be useful. The "peanut shells" Service website is www.oray.net.

3.2 If you have a passport, you need to apply for a free domain name, which is used to connect your computer. It is equivalent to applying for a phone number for your computer. When you call this number anywhere, you can connect to your computer.

3.3 activate the peanut shell service you applied. Then download a "peanut shell" client software on this service website on your computer.

3.4 after installing the "peanut shell" client software on your home computer, it will prompt you to provide your passport account and password, and you will need your previous passport application account and password. Enter and run it. In this way, the free Domain Name you just applied for will be bundled with your computer. Even if the adsl ip address changes, your computer will not be able to escape your palm.

3.5 It is best to remind you that all of the above operations are free of charge, which is a bit cumbersome, but it can be set once and will not be used in the future.

4. after this problem is solved, it will be much simpler. You just need to check this remote desktop item in "My computer-properties-remote-Remote Desktop" of your newly installed system, you don't have to worry about anything. The remote assistance does not need to be checked. In this way, the settings on your computer are basically complete.

5. Next it's your turn to install a Remote Desktop client software on another computer. You can find it on GEOGLE or other search engines, or find your XP installation CD to install one. Do it yourself. On which computer do you need to control your home computer in the future, you can install it on that computer, only a few hundred kb, And you can store a floppy disk or a USB flash drive with you, you can connect to your computer even if you go there.

6. The windows Remote Desktop client does not need to be installed. When you open the client on another computer, you just need to enter the full text in the computer bar...>

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