Eight open-source android game engines you may not know

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[Reprinted from]Http://blog.csdn.net/cping1982/archive/2010/08/04/5788921.aspx

Many new android game developers tend to be confused. They often don't know where to start and envy each time they encounter problems they cannot solve.
There are free game engines such as Cocos2d-iphone available under the iPhone, while self-defeating complaints Android platform game development is too difficult, and even a decent game
There is no play engine, and I even mistakenly think that using Java to develop games is a thankless task and there is no way out.

In fact, this idea is completely unnecessary and not realistic. As an Android (in a different sense) that can compete with Apple iOS, there will certainly be a considerable number of game engines. Just because we are in this narrow distance and have insufficient contact with the outside world, we have no idea about their existence.

Below I will list eight common android game engines for reference by those who are using them (charges, downloads are too small, source code is not published, and the monks do not know (-_-) ).

1. Angle

Angle is a 2D game engine that is designed for the Android platform and is agile and suitable for rapid development. It is developed based on OpenGL ES technology. The engine is all written in Java code and can be replaced with the implementation based on your own needs. The defect lies in the lack of documentation, and the downloaded code only contains a small number of example tutorials.

The minimum running environment requirements are unknown.

Project address: http://code.google.com/p/angle/

2. Rokon

Rokon is an android 2D Game Engine Based on OpenGL
Es technology development, the physical engine is box2d, so it can achieve some complex physical effects, the latest version of this project is 2.0.3
(09/07/10 ). In general, the biggest advantage of this engine is that its development documentation is quite complete, and the project author is very quick to correct feedback bugs. Therefore, the framework is used most frequently at present.
Broadly, someone simply calls it the Android version of The Cocos2d-iPhone engine (the business logic and coding style are indeed quite similar ). Note: A Chinese user must register a member to subscribe
The android game framework is derived from this framework. Therefore, do not think that billing is always good and free is definitely not good.

The minimum runtime environment is Android 1.5.

Project address: http://code.google.com/p/rokon/

3. lgame

Lgame is a Java game engine developed by Chinese people. It has two development versions: Android and PC (j2se). Currently, the highest version is 0.2.6 (31/07/10 ). Bottom
Lgrpaphics package all graphics provided by j2se and j2s.
API (PC version adopts graphics2d encapsulation, and Android version adopts canvas simulation). Therefore, the j2se or j2se development experience can be applied directly.
The main code can be transplanted to each other. Android has a built-in AdMob interface. You do not need to configure XML to directly hardcode AdMob ad information.

In addition to basic sound effects, graphics, physics, Genie, and other common components, the engine also has built-in encapsulation of common Java components such as IOC, XML, and HTTP. The cost is that the jar version is large.
It has exceeded 1.2 MB, and the Android version is simplified to around kb. In addition, the engine also has a built-in j2_sprite class and related components based on.
The game is moved to Android or PC. The only pity is that the project author is an extremely lazy guy. The development documents are not provided this year since last year, and only game examples are available.

The minimum runtime environment is Android 1.1.

Project address: http://code.google.com/p/loon-simple/

4. andengine

Andengine is also an android game engine based on OpenGL ES technology. The physical engine is also box2d (Standard ||| ). This framework features common performance and lacks documentation, but provides a wide range of examples.

The minimum running environment requirements are unknown.

Project address (jar download is not provided directly, source code can be extracted through SVN): http://code.google.com/p/andengine/

5. libgdx

Libgdx is an OpenGL-based
The android game engine developed by ES technology supports 2D game development on the Android platform, and the physical engine is implemented using box2d. Single performance is a very powerful
Android game engine, but the defect lies in the fact that the use of relevant components such as the genie class is not simplified, and there is a lack of documentation.

The minimum running environment requirements are unknown.

Project address: http://code.google.com/p/libgdx/

6. jpct

Jpct is a 3D graphics engine developed based on OpenGL technology (PC environment is standard OpenGL, Android is OpenGL ES ),
Java-based and powerful Java
3D solutions. This engine is similar to lgame (a 2D game engine) and currently has two development versions: PC (j2se) and Android.

One of the biggest advantages of jpct is its amazing Downward compatibility. In a PC environment, jpct can even run in jvm1.1 because the graphic rendering interface provided by jpct is complete.
Fully compliant with all Java 1.1 specifications (even the gone Microsoft VM and even the older Netscape 4 VM are no exception ).

The minimum runtime environment is Android 1.5.

Project address: http://www.jpct.net/jpct-ae/

7. alien3d

Alien3d is a very small Android 3D Game Engine Based on OpenGL.
Es technology development. To compress the volume, it is released in Multi-jar mode (including alien3d-engine.jar, alien3d-
Tiled. jar, alien3d-sprites.jar, alien3d-shapes.jar, alien3d-
In fact, its core file is only about 40 kb, and the total of all related jar files is less than kb.

The minimum runtime environment is Android 1.5.

Project address: http://code.google.com/p/alien3d/

8. catcake

Catcake is a cross-platform Java 3D graphics engine that currently supports running in the PC (j2se) and Android environments (planned for the iPhone version ). The engine provides excellent performance in terms of ease of use and running performance, and supports common game development features such as Genie animation, audio processing, and video playback.

The minimum runtime environment is Android 1.6.

Project address: http://code.google.com/p/catcake/

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