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Excel2007 use is not very handy, feeling or using the previous version of the habit, the author today to teach you to set up, adapt to the previous operating habits.

Move one: "Quick Access Toolbar" please come down

Set the method as follows: Click The Office Button at the bottom right of the Drop-down menu and click "Excel Options" to appear in the Excel options interface as shown in (Figure I):

Figure 1

Click on the left "custom" bar, on the right will appear the "Custom Quick Access Toolbar" settings interface as shown in (Figure II):

Figure 2

Here you can add the commands you use frequently in your daily work. After adding, check the "Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon" option below, and click OK. So we're going to put the Quick Access Toolbar under the Ribbon. Why do you want to get the Quick Access Toolbar down? Have you found the Quick Access Toolbar in the title bar and file title in the same column, the number of commonly used commands are limited, sometimes have to click the Drop-down button to find common commands, the "Quick Access Toolbar" to get down on the good, The common commands above can be shown in many, just like previous versions of Excel's toolbars, which are handy to use.

Moves two: Hides "the Ribbon" to make the "workspace" The view to be more open

In the move one we put "Quick Access Toolbar" Please come down below, do you think the workspace a little bit smaller? It doesn't matter. Now you double click on any tab on the "Ribbon" like "start", what you find, ha, "Ribbon" is hidden. When you use it, just click on the tab on the Ribbon and the "Ribbon" comes out at once, compared to previous versions of Excel. You will find that the Excel2007 "Ribbon" is just like the previous version of the menu bar drop-down menu, "Ribbon" above the "tab" is actually the previous version of the menu bar. Hehe!

Moves three: Lets Excel2007 change "the clothes"

Sometimes on the internet to see someone else's Excel2007 interface is black, is not want to change their own Excel2007 color? Come with me! For example (figure I) in the "Excel Options" interface "Common" item, click the Drop-down arrow at the color scheme, there are three color schemes, there are black, Choose later click OK, how is it cool?

Moves four: Lets the low version Excel to open excel2007 to make the file smoothly

Excel2007 made the file suffix named xlsx, and the previous version of the Excel file suffix named xls, so that the Excel2007 file in the previous version of Excel is not open. Is there a good way to solve the problem? Some people say: "I save the file as an XLS format file is not OK?" But if you forget, do you want to reopen it again? Now you are in (figure I) of the "Excel Options" interface, click on the "Save" bar, "Save the file in this format" a click on the arrow, select "Excel97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)" "Click" to Determine "So you can use the Excel2007 file in the lower version of Excel also open, do not worry about the use of your files in the computer is equipped with a high version of the Excel2007."

Moves five: My file is very safe, the system is paralyzed I am not afraid

In the Excel Options save bar, change the path to AutoRecover file location, default file location, (note: Do not put the file in the C disk.) So long as the hard drive is not bad, after the system is not afraid of paralysis, the file will not be lost.

Moves six: cleverly sets the status bar, enhances the work efficiency

Figure 4

As shown in Figure four: The English test scores are selected, the status bar below shows the average, count, sum. The score is at a glance, but it's still not detailed enough, let's set it up. In the "status bar" below, click the right button and pop up the menu shown in (Figure V)

Figure 5

Check "numerical count, minimum, maximum" so that our "English test scores" situation just look at the status bar to know.

Moves seven: does not look the keyboard, realizes the real "blind fight"

As shown in (Figure V), check "uppercase, digital" so that when you do not need to look at the light on the keyboard to look at the "status bar" to know the state and the number of small keypad switch, is not very convenient?

Moves eight: The number of worksheets to set

Excel2007 has made improvements in inserting worksheets as (Figure VI) you can easily insert a worksheet by clicking the Insert Sheet icon or by pressing the SHIFT+F11 key combination.

Figure 6

But sometimes we have special needs, at one time in the workbook to do a lot of worksheets, so the speed is still a bit slow yo! Now you are entering the Excel options interface shown in (Figure I), in the "common" column of "the number of included worksheets" to set the number of worksheets according to their actual situation, The default number is 3. After setting, click "OK" and return to the workspace to see if the number of worksheets is changed? hehe!

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