Elevator dispatching--c++--Software engineering

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First, design ideas

(1) Save the number of floors the passengers are going to.

(2) Assuming that Yi is the passenger to climb the number of floors of the sum, yi=n1*| (N1-ni) |+n2*| (N2-ni) |+. +n18*| (N18-ni) |

(3) Compare the values of Y1 to Y18 to find the smallest.

(4) Output results

Second, the source code

#include "iostream.h" #include "stdlib.h" #define MAXSIZE 15void input (int &num,int flour[])//Enter the number of people travelling by elevator and    Floor {cout<< "************** Elevator scheduling applet ***************" <<endl;    cout<< "Please enter the number of people who take the elevator (limited to 15 persons):";    cin>>num;cout<<endl; if (num>15) {cout<< "Input error!        "<<endl;    Exit (0);    } cout<< "Please enter the number of layers each person is going to (up to 18 storeys):";        for (int i=0;i<num;i++) {cin>>flour[i]; if (flour[i]>18) {cout<< "Input error!            "<<endl;        Exit (0);    }}}void getsmallestflour (int num,int flour[],int &small)//calculates the floor {int Sum,temp=small with the lowest number of stairs to climb;    int highest,lowest;    HIGHEST=LOWEST=FLOUR[0]; for (int i=0;i<num;i++)//Find the highest floor in the floor to go {if (flour[i]>highest) {highest=f        Lour[i];        } else//find the lowest floor {lowest=flour[i]; }} for (i=lowest;i<=highest;i++)//from the lowest floorThe layer begins to traverse until the highest floor {sum=0; for (int j=0;j<num;j++) {if ((flour[j]-i) <0)//Calculates the sum of the number of floors of the stair ladder {su            M=SUM+I-FLOUR[J];            } else {sum=sum+flour[j]-i;        }}cout<<endl;        cout<< "When the elevator stops at the" <<i<< "floor, the passenger climbs the stairs with the sum of" <<sum<<endl;cout<<endl;            if (sum<temp) {small=i;            Record and the smallest floor number temp=sum;    Record the smallest and}}}int main (int argc, char* argv[]) {int num,aver,flour[maxsize];    Input (Num,flour);    aver=0;    for (int i=0;i<num;i++) {aver+=flour[i];    } getsmallestflour (Num,flour,aver); cout<< "The elevator will stop at the <<aver<<" floor.    "<<endl;cout<<endl; return 0;}


Iii. Results of operation

Iv. Experience

Although I think this elevator algorithm is not human-friendly, but it is the most powerful solution to the problem of clogging. The main problem is that logic starts a little messy.

Elevator dispatching--c++--Software engineering

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