Elk Tuning Chapter 1

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Reference: http://www.ksearch.cn/search-engine/elasticsearch-config-performance.html

[elasticsearch2.x version of this environment for RPM installation]

The boot parameter java_opts passed to the JVM. The most important parameters are-xmx and-XMS, which are used to control the maximum memory allocated to the ES process and the minimum memory. (Generally, the more memory, the better)

In general, Java_opts uses the default values not to modify, but rather to set and modify JVM configuration parameters by es_java_opts environment variables.

The ES_HEAP_SIZE environment variable is used to set the heap memory of the Java process allocated to ES, set the es_heap_size variable it also sets the minimum and maximum memory. You can also individually set the ES_MIN_MEM, Es_max_mem parameters to determine the minimum and maximum allocated memory.

The minimum and maximum memory settings are recommended to the same value, and the Mlockall switch is turned on.

To modify a file:


What to modify:

# Heap size defaults to 256m min, 1g max

# Set Es_heap_size to 50% of available RAM, but no more than 31g



"Modify Results"


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Elk Tuning Chapter 1

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