Embedded Operating System: Another world for Microsoft?

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Embedded Operating System: Another world for Microsoft?


Details: Embedded Operating System: Another world for Microsoft?

Embedded Development is widely used in industrial control and Intelligent Robotics. However, with the development of mobile communication, smart home appliances, and network appliances, embedded development is becoming more and more widely used, at the same time, the huge economic benefits he brings will attract more manufacturers to invest in it. With the development of this field, the demand for mobile application software developers will surpass the current web programmers, this gives individuals great opportunities, and technological advances at the same time will make mobile application software development easier.
With the advent of the PC era, the embedded system technology has become the focus of 10 thousand. From MP3, PDA and other digital electronic products, to network appliances, Smart appliances, on-board electronic devices, to digital machine tools, smart tools, and industrial robots in the industrial and service fields, serving robots, a huge market potential, and endless business opportunities have attracted many heroes.
In this good atmosphere, as the main play of embedded technology applications, the personal consumer electronic product market also experienced a booming situation. In terms of hardware, major manufacturers such as Intel and AMD have successively launched their own dedicated embedded chips. Over the past few days, MP3, PDAs, and wireless Internet access devices have emerged, let people fully feel this strong trend. In terms of software, two giants, palm and Microsoft, also experienced unprecedented prosperity. Although most of the operating systems have been seized by them, there is still a huge space for development in application software. The so-called unlimited business opportunities are at your fingertips. The spring of embedded system technology has arrived.
In the face of this opportunity, Microsoft, as a software giant, is willing to invest heavily in the development of embedded technology. In fact, despite being the leader in the software industry, Microsoft started relatively late in embedded systems. When WinDriver and palm account for most of the market, Microsoft is still developing its own general embedded platform. The reason for this is that Microsoft's consistent development style makes it too much pursuit of system integrity and strong utility, so that the R & D cycle is relatively long. However, with its powerful technology and economic strength, Microsoft has occupied a place for itself in the embedded market for a very short period of time, and quickly expand its market share at an astonishing speed.
Microsoft believes that the core and foundation of its work in embedded systems is to provide embedded development platforms for embedded device manufacturers to build high-quality devices, these devices cover a variety of embedded smart devices from simple data collection tools to full-featured Web terminals. Windows Embedded product family by Windows CE 3.0, Windows NT? Embedded 4.0 and server appliance kit. To achieve a variety of flexible solutions, a new 32-bit windows-driven smart networking device requires a wide range of applications and Internet services, microsoft Windows Embedded provides a complete software platform for building such devices. Last year, Windows CE was launched. It has more and more users in the PDA operating system software field named palm because it has a Windows interface that many users are familiar.
Microsoft released Beta 1 of "Talisker" at ESC 2001 (Embedded Systems Conference) in San Francisco in May. "Talisker" is Microsoft? Windows? The code for later versions of the CE operating system is the next generation of powerful real-time embedded operating systems. It not only provides the latest wireless and multimedia features, but also helps embedded system developers develop smart network interconnection devices at a faster speed. "Talisker" Beta 1 provides many important new features, for example, more comprehensive wireless and network connections and general plug-and-play (UPnP) that can be achieved through system-level support for Bluetooth Technology in CE) new USB drivers, enhanced multimedia support for DVDs, embedded Kerberos security protocol, and SSL support for HTTP servers in "Talisker. In addition, new features such as the installation of interrupt service routines (ISR), new BSP, And customizable UI services can also help OEMs reduce the time required to launch their products on the market, it can also help them continuously upgrade the features of devices throughout the product lifecycle.
The recently released Microsoft Windows XP embedded operating system and tool provide a complete software platform for generating the next generation of intelligent 32-bit windows powered devices, built on the proven code library of Windows2000, it provides industry-leading reliability, security, excellent performance, and the latest multimedia, power management, and equipment support. In addition, Windows XP embedded also contains a completely redesigned tool set. Use Windows XP embedded to easily develop next-generation embedded systems. The release of the above system software not only shows how much Microsoft attaches importance to embedded technology, but also shows that Microsoft also hopes to continue to maintain its technological superiority in this field.
In addition, in terms of software development. Microsoft released 18 new Windows CE 3.0 board support software packages (BSP), further reducing the time required for OEM products to be put on the market. To fully occupy the embedded system market, Microsoft will provide various solutions to embedded system developers. These solutions include infrastructure technologies, such as COM (Component Object Model) and Windows Media technology, embedded operating systems and toolkit, and applications such as Web browsers and games, provides services for WebTV and MSN.
In terms of hardware, Microsoft's main job is to work with major hardware manufacturers (including its old partner Intel) to take over all major development and application fields, it also produces its own WindowsCE devices (mainly Power Pocket PC and power handheld PC ). Among them, the Windows powered Pocket PC operating system mainly uses wireless, multimedia, mobile office and other rich high-end features to better meet the needs of business people and enterprise-level users for mobile computing. Currently, in addition to the Pocket PC-based portable computer products launched by many hardware equipment manufacturers, more and more IT companies are committed to developing Pocket PC-based application solutions, in addition, many of these mobile solutions have been successfully put into commercial applications in the fields of finance, insurance, retail and transportation.
Microsoft Embedded has many advantages, mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Microsoft has a strong technical force. Its embedded systems that have been completed for a long time have advantages that cannot be compared with systems created by other small companies: powerful system functions and structure optimization.
2. Microsoft's product line is very long. Its embedded operating system is very similar to the traditional PC operating system, especially Win32 programming. This allows various hardware developers to use existing software development technologies to complete product R & D in a short time.
3. Various training and R & D resources provided by Microsoft allow developers to quickly invest in product design.
4. Based on the powerful technology and economic strength of Microsoft, we can fully believe that Microsoft can also play a role in embedded systems, so using the wince system has a long vitality.
It can be seen that Microsoft's embedded system market is really fierce. So many manufacturers are faced with such a big temptation, difficult to support, and have invested in Microsoft's arms.
Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer announced a strategic alliance with several semiconductor producers at a conference in Las Vegas on June 13, February 6 this year. The Alliance will enable Semiconductor manufacturers that work with Microsoft to develop specialized device chips that will be widely used in various production fields, all using Microsoft's embedded operating system software. Microsoft plans to allow multiple chip manufacturers, including Intel, MIPS technology, and arm, to modify the "source code" of its Windows operating system software program. Previously, although Microsoft allowed some developers to access the source code above, the company never agreed to the latter to modify it. Microsoft's vice president, Bill Virginia, also said later that Microsoft's embedded software R & D department has established partnerships with 450 hardware manufacturers, an increase of last September compared with 125%, in addition, the revenue of the Department in the first six months of the fiscal year increased by 300% compared with the same period last year. During the APEC meeting in late October this year, Bill Gates, chairman and chief software designer of Microsoft, and the President of China in the seven major companies, held a "Wulin event" to talk about the prospects of digital products '". At this conference, he was very optimistic about wireless products, especially PDAs: he believed that the software would become easier to use and more reliable. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) wireless products can make knowledge workers more efficient. "in this field, we just have to crack the market. "
The soft Implementation of the Windows CE 3.0 Technology Innovation Alliance Plan has enabled major system integrators, such as accelent systems, annasoft systems, bsquare, NMI electronics, 3 soft GmbH, and venturcom. Accessing more Source Code not only accelerates Device Development, but also simplifies the debugging process when system integrators develop applications and services for Windows-driven smart devices. Microsoft also released a new Windows CE 3.0 Global Training Program, announcing the Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 technology innovation alliance program (innovation alliance program), system integrator (SI) therefore, more source code can be accessed through this plan, so as to provide better quality services for its customers.
On October 21, April this year, Microsoft, Intel, Compaq, and more than 10 core Microsoft securities industry partners held the "Microsoft/Intel Securities Solutions Conference" in Beijing ", extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on the opportunities and challenges faced by the domestic securities industry and the practical application of Microsoft/Intel solutions in the securities industry. The goal is to achieve a strong combination of internal and external expansion capabilities of the system, occupying a highly networked securities market.
Microsoft presented six Windows CE-based devices, including network radios, Web browsing boards, and internet devices that can be worn on windows at the CES International Conference on September 13, June, they are produced by Hitachi, Samsung Electronics, Siemens, abocom systems, digmedia, and smartmedia, and are intended to demonstrate a wide range of Windows CE applications. Osamu ebina of Hitachi digital systems and media department claims that they have used multiple operating systems, however, only Windows CE can enable the wearable internet devices they developed to complete R & D within six months.
In May October, Microsoft held a new mobile development conference in Beijing to introduce the latest mobile development technology to attendees, it also announced that it had joined hands with partners from Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo to launch the mobile development solution Partner Program. Microsoft also launched the mobile solution Partner Program ). Mr. Liang Wende, partner market manager of Microsoft Asia, further elaborated on the Microsoft mobile solution Partner Program: "Microsoft will provide required information and resources, including development tools, CDs, and other materials and free technical assistance, to companies or developers that join the Microsoft mobile solution Partner Program, as a Microsoft partner to participate in exhibitions and other related marketing support. Lu Jianjun, General Manager of the handheld Business Development Department of Lenovo Group, said: "China has become a world-class mobile computing and communication application power. Lenovo has always attached great importance to its cooperation with Microsoft in the wireless mobile field, develop portable computer devices and mobile solutions. Lenovo cooperates with Microsoft through the Lenovo handheld alliance program to increase support for developers and jointly provide developers with Chinese Pocket PC portable computers and technical support. Lenovo will give full play to its advantages in the IT industry and help developers explore the market and provide venture capital support services to jointly develop China Mobile e-commerce. "Miss Miao Lu, Business Development Manager of the Information Access Department of Compaq, also believes that Compaq has benefited a lot from the mobile solution Partner Program. Liu HONGJIANG, HP's portable computer market specialist, said that the launch of HP's 545/548 Pocket PC, the world's first Chinese portable computer, was also well affected by the Mobile program Partner Program.
With the official release of Microsoft's latest version of portable PC platform Pocket PC 2002 in the United States in October 4, it indicates that the most powerful handheld computer is coming soon. Ppc2 named Merlin is still based on windowsce3.0. Compared with the previous Pocket PC version, ppc2 has improved in three aspects, including ease of use, connection performance, and entertainment functions. The system adds 30 useful functions, mainly new user interfaces, various new input methods (including handwriting), embedded pocket word, outlook, mediaplayer, MSN, and pocket IE also include spelling verification in pocket word and pocket excel, which can be easily connected to handheld computers using the palm operating system. Microsoft also added the handwriting recognition software in Palm. Although ppc2 completely abandons the Hitachi sh-3 or MIPS chip, it only supports Intel's ARM processor, and Microsoft also believes that ppc2 is too expensive and should face enterprise consumers, however, the reality is that major manufacturers are actively responding to the call. They have launched their own latest ppc2 operating systems, including HP, Casio, Compaq, Toshiba, and NEC.
After ppc2 was launched, HP immediately abandoned the Hitachi processor and switched to support arm. The Jornada PDA series released by the company last week will all use 206 MHz intel strongarm chips, and its previous products use sh-3 chips. Current Pocket PC hardware manufacturers are still willing to support ppc2002, including Casio, cesscom, COMPAL electronics, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, HTC, HTW, intermec technologies, legend, Mitsubishi, SAGEM, symbol Technologies and toshba. Recently, CNET reports claim that Microsoft's PDA operating system will reach 30% market share next year. According to the plan, the Chinese version of Pocket PC 2002 will be launched in mainland China in May. It is undeniable that, based on this development, the embedded operating system will one day become the world of Microsoft.

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