Enable netbox to support response. charset to solve the '800a01b6 'error during Microsoft VBScript running.

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Microsoft VBScript runtime error' 800a 01b6'
The object does not support this attribute or method: 'response. charset'
Netbox does not support response. charset.

Open the netbox user manual and expand it one by one:
Object Reference → response object → RESPONSE METHOD
Addheader Method
The addheader method adds the HTML title with the specified value. This method often adds a new HTTP title to the response.
Response. addheader name, Value
Name of the new title variable
Initial values stored in the new title variable
To avoid ambiguous names, the name cannot contain any underscore (_). The servervariables set interprets the underline characters in the title as a backslash. For example, the following script allows the server to search for a title named my-header.

<% Request. servervariables ("http_my_header") %>
The following example uses the addheader method to require the client to use basic verification.
<% Response. addheader "www-authenticate", "Basic" %>
Note that the preceding script only notifies the client browser of which verification is used. If you use this script in a web application, you must enable basic verification for the Web server.
Response. charset = "gb2312"
Response. addheader "Content-Type", "text/html; charset = gb2312"

In the netbox environment, Ajax uses get to get data and solves Chinese garbled characters!

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