Enable the hardware watchdog function of Raspberry Pi

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Some time ago, cgminer was set to start when it was started. Due to various problems, the system was not very stable and it was stopped from time to time.

I checked it online, and Raspberry Pi immediately tried the hardware guard function, which basically solved my problem.


The principle is simple:

Watchdog requires heartbeat)

If no data is fed within the specified time period (15 seconds by default), the system restarts automatically.


However, it takes a second to eat a piece of bone without stopping. It's really not enough for a dog ~~~


The following is a script for enabling this function.

// Enable the module

Sudo modprobe bcm2708_wdog

Sudo nano/etc/modules

// Add a row



// Enable the Service

Sudo bash apt-Get install watchdog chkconfig

Chkconfig watchdog on/etc/init. d/watchdog start


// Modify the configuration

Sudo nano/etc/watchdog. conf

// Remove the comments before the following line

Watchdog-device =/dev/Watchdog


Raspberry Pi's Hardware Watchdog seems to be able to monitor the occurrence of various events, such as system temperature, memory usage, or ping command results.

For specific configuration, refer to here. For the original article, refer to here.


Andy Yang


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