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In the past, when I entered the login password on the login interface, the num lock indicator was always on, but I don't know why it didn't turn on again: when the system started, the NUM LOCK indicator was on, when the scroll bar is scroll to 2/3, the num lock indicator will automatically go off. To enter the logon interface, you need to enter the logon password. The numeric keypad is unavailable. You need to press the Num Lock key to use the keypad, if you do not press the Num Lock key, enter the password directly on the keyboard, and the num lock indicator will automatically light up again. There are two solutions for searching online:
Refer to the motherboard manual and set it in BIOS.

Boot up numlock status
The status of the "Num Lock" key on the numeric keyboard after startup. The default value is on.
Optional items: ON and OFF
This function is used to control the status of the keypad after the computer is started. When this function is set to on, the numeric keyboard is set to digital after the boot, you can use the keypad to enter numbers; when this function is set to off, after the keyboard is turned on, it is set to the arrow state. You can use the keypad to control the movement of the cursor.

For Windows 2000 (Win2k) and NT systems, you can change the Registry to enable the Num Lock key after Logon:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/control panel/keyboard modify the value of initialkeyboardindicators on the right:
0-all indicators off
1-Caps Lock on
2-num lock on bbs.1teng.com
4-scroll lock on
However, when I checked the BIOS settings and the Registry, I found that the boot up numlock status in the BIOS settings has been set to on, and the initialkeyboardindicators value in the Registry has been set to 2, but when the system is started, when you enter the logon password, the keypad is still unavailable. I was confused for a moment.
Then I finally found the solution:
Press the numlock key in the logon window to enable the num lock indicator and choose to shut down or restart the system without logon, windows will automatically remember that the num lock indicator is always on when you log on, and do not press numlock again when you log on later.

If the num lock indicator is always on when you log on, accidentally turn off the num lock indicator, and then restart or shut down, the num lock indicator remains invisible at next login. you must press the numlock key to enable the num lock indicator, at this time, when the BIOS settings and the Registry are set, the num lock indicator remains on. Only in this way can this problem be solved.

Another article: when using the 2000 or XP operating system, before logging on to the system, num lock is disabled by default. Although it is a normal phenomenon, but it is inconvenient to implement, it is annoying to re-press num lock every day. If you can enable Num Lock directly when you start the system, you don't have to worry about it. If you need this function, you can change the registry, for example, "Start-> Run-> Regedit", find the key value HKEY_CURRENT_USER/controlpanel/keyboard, and double-click initialkeyboardindicators on the right, change the key value to 1.

We recommend that you back up the information before modifying the registry. It is generally known that it is not dangerous to modify this item, but it is very dangerous to modify the registry at will and the system will crash easily. Therefore, do not modify other key values unless necessary ~~

On this basis, there is another way for cainiao-when Windows XP starts to log on to the password page, click the Num Lock key on the keyboard. Do not enter the password at this time, do not go to Windows XP. Instead, click the "Close computer" button in the lower left corner and select "restart". Then, go to the logon page and you will find that the digital lock key on the keyboard has been automatically enabled! ~~

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