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Some people might say that using some optimization software, or disabling some boot add-ins, is not going to speed up the system! In fact, this is only a part of the system can not fundamentally change the loading of files, the completion of a startup process may still be time-consuming.

This is because the previous system boot is built on the BIOS, the BIOS is often used before the boot to spend a period of time to preheat, so the BIOS configuration of the computer on the boot will take a lot of time. After the 64-bit system came out, the BIOS has not been able to keep up with the pace of the Times, a new boot loading mode appears--uefi, the full name of the "Unified Extensible Fixed Interface" (Unified extensible Firmware Interface), This is a standard that describes a new type of interface in detail. This interface is used to load the operating system automatically from the pre-boot operating environment, so that the start-up program can be simplified and save time.

In the Windows 8 system, Microsoft has used the boot method of UEFI loading to greatly simplify the inspection steps before booting, thus speeding up the boot speed.

In the system file loading aspect, Microsoft Windows 8 during the system loading process, a hybrid boot technique is used to store data in the kernel of the system in memory, in a mirrored form on the hard disk, and reload the mirrored data into memory the next time the system is started, to reduce the amount of data loaded when the system starts. And to achieve the goal of rapid start-up.

With that in our understanding, we have a general idea of why the Windows 8 system starts in seconds when it is booted. However, this may also require some hardware (motherboard) support and a setting in the WIN8 system. About the hardware section, here is not much, the next major is to tell you that in the Windows 8 system, there is also an option to turn on or off the quick Launch.

1, under the System desktop system tray, click on the lower right corner of the system "battery" icon, choose to open "more power Options";

2, click on the left "select the function of the power button";

▲ Click "Select the function of the power button"

3, click "Change the currently unavailable settings";

As you can see in the "Shutdown settings" option below, the following options are the default check gray, actually click "Change currently unavailable" means that the activation of gray not optional items, if the "Enable fast start" itself is already checked, this step is not necessary to operate. The main point here is that the option may not be turned on.

▲ change settings that are not currently available

4. Turn on the "Enable Quick Launch (recommended)" option.

The system is enabled by default and can be ignored. If this option is turned on, the system still starts very slowly and can only look for other reasons.

▲ the "Enable Quick Launch" option

It should be explained here that the fast start setting is not the same as "reboot", for example, if you have a system update installed, software that needs to reboot the system, and so on. So, the quick start here, refers to the normal shutdown after the boot, Windows shutdown when the system information saved to a file to achieve a quick start. When you start your computer again, Windows uses the system information to restore your computer instead of restarting it.

By default, a quick start in Windows 8 is enabled.

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