Enables chrome to automatically enable the stealth mode when entering a specific domain name

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If you do not want to know the web page, you can use the stealth browsing mode provided by Google Chrome. The principle of stealth mode is as follows:

  • In stealth mode, the opened web pages and downloaded files are not recorded in your browsing history and download history.
  • After you close all opened invisible windows, the system will delete all new cookies.
  • Google Chrome will save your changes to bookmarks and general settings in stealth mode.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N (applicable to Windows, Linux, and Chrome operating systems) or shift-N (applicable to Apple) to open the stealth window, browse in stealth mode.

However, when browsing, you forget to enter the stealth mode. If you do not want to leave any trace, you have to do it in the history. This article brings you an extension-ghost incognito, which allows you to set a string of domain names and automatically switch to the stealth mode during access, so that you have no worries.

You will say, are you stupid? When someone else enters the domain name setting list for this extension, will all those domain names be visible? Well, you may have thought about it. The ghost incognito extension does not have any list of visible domain names, as long as you go to the extension settings and allow ghost incognito to run in stealth mode.

Its working mode is as follows:

Enter the domain name in the address bar of chrome omnibar (do not press ENTER habitually. Now you can still use chrome in non-stealth mode), and then click the ghost incognito extension button, then you will automatically enter the stealth mode, and then you will access the domain name again, it will also automatically enter the stealth mode. If you do not want to access the domain name in stealth mode, you only need to access the domain name in stealth mode, or click the ghost incognito extension button to cancel the operation.

In this way, others will never know which domain name you set to automatically enter the stealth mode !!! (Unless he accesses the domain name in normal chrome mode on your computer, and then he finds chrome automatically enters the stealth mode ......)

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