English reading method of commonly used numbers, mathematics and time-dates

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first, number numbers

106:one million

109:one billion (orone thousand million)

1012:one trillion (orone million)

1015:onequadrillion (or one thousand million)

1018:one quintillion (or one million million)

123,456,789:one hundred and twenty threemillion, four hundred and fifty-six thousand, seven hundred and Eighty-nine

12,345,678,900,000:twelve trillion, three hundred and forty five billion, six hundred andseventy-eight million, nine Hundr Ed thousand

-18:minus Eighteen

second, fractions score

The numerator is usually read as cardinality, and the denominator is read as an ordinal.

1/2: A (or one) half

1/3: A (or one) third

1/4: a quarter or Onefourth

1/5: A (or one) fifth

2/3: Thirds, twoover three, or both by three

9/10:nine tenths, Nineover Ten, or nine by ten

53/4: Five and Threequarters

15/64:fifteen over (Orby) sixty-four

15%: Fifteen per cent

4: four per mill (or mil)

third, decimals decimal

0.4:zero (or naught) point four

.01:point (Ordecimal) naught (or OH) one

12.34:twelve Pointthree Four

567.809:five hundred Andsixty-seven Point eight naught (or OH) Nine

30.45:thirty Point FourFive,

0.3333333.: Pointthree repeating (or recurring)

0.3%: Point (ordecimal) three percent

iv. mathematic Forms Mathematical formula

(4-1) addition addition

1+2=3:one and Arethree.

2+3=5:two plus threeequals Five.

4+0=4:four and Naughtis equal to four.

45+70+152=267:45, and 152added is (or make) 267

The sum (or total) is 267.

(4-2) subtraction subtraction

9-4=5:nine minus fourequals (or is equal to) five.

15-7=8:seven Fromfifteen leaves eight.

23,654-8,175=15,479:8,175 (take or subtracted) from 23,654 leaves 15,479.

Thedifference (or the remainder) is 15,479.

(4-3) multiplication multiplication

1x0=0:one multiplied bynaught equals naught.

1x1=1:once one is one.

2x1=2:twice one is.

3x5=15:three Times Fiveis Fifteen

6x0=0:multiply six bynothing, and the result is nothing.

(4-4) Division Division

9÷3=3:nine divided Bythree makes (or is equal to) three.

20÷5=4:five into the twentygoes four times.

4567÷23=198 Yu 13:23 into 4567 goes198 times, and remainder.

Thequotient is 198, and remainder.

v. Power Power

In Bn, b is called the base, and N is called the exponent (power orexponent).

Bn:the nth power of B or B to the nth power.

Ax107:a times the seventh power of ten.

Square of B: square B or bsquared

Cubic of B: B-Cube or bcubed

B's 4-time side: B to the fourth

B-1-time Square: B to the minus one

vi. Time


(6-1) Hours hour

2h.5 ' 8 ": twohours five minutes eight seconds 2 hours 5 minutes 8 seconds

6.18:six Eighteen 6:18

8.30 a.m.: Eight thirty a.m. 8:30 A.M.

The 6.05 p.m. Train:the six (naught) five p.m. Train 6 o'clock in the afternoon 5 minute train

Another 24-hour mixing system is written and read as follows:

0900:0 Nine Hundred (morning) 9 o'clock

0910:0 nine ten (a.m.) 9:10

1300:thirteen hundred 13 o'clock (1 o'clock in the afternoon)

1525:fifteen twenty-five 15:25 (3:25 P.M.)

2000:twenty hundred 20 o'clock (8 o'clock in the afternoon)

At 5 o ' clock:at fiveo ' clock five O'Clock

(6-2) Date dates

Oct.1:october First October 1

Oct.1st:octoberthe First October 1

1st Oct. 1949:thefirst of October, nineteen Forty-nine October 1, 1949

3/5: [English] May (the) Third May 3; [Mei]march fifth March 5

684 B.C.: Sixeighty-four B.C. 684 BC

106 A.d:one Oh six A.D. 106 CE

1960:nineteen Sixty; Nineteen hundred and Sixty

19-: Nineteen Something

1950 ' S:nineteenfifties the 1950s

S:sixties ' 60 's

Early 1770: in Theearly 1770 ' s

End of 20th century: in the late20th century

11th century century: in the mid11th century

Seven, phone and room Numbers telephone and rooms number

2303-9047:two three zero (or OH) three, nine zero (or OH) four Seven

3366-3662:three three Sixsix, three six six

Or Doublethree Double Six, three double six

137:room one three Seven

License plate number, identity card number, and various numbers are similar to the reading method

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