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The most rapid of an open source software has a certain understanding and understanding, the best way is crossing network introduction.

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First question: What is Zabbix?

A:Zabbix is an enterprise-class software designed for monitoring the performance limits of availability and IT infrastructure components, Zabbix is open source and is at no cost

Second question: What can Zabbix do?

A:Zabbix it can collect almost unlimited types of data from the network. High-performance real-time monitoring means tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines, and network devices can be monitored simultaneously. As data is stored, visualization is available (overview, maps, charts, screens, etc.), as well as a very flexible way to analyze the data for the purpose of alerting.

Third question: Why should we choose Zabbix?

Answer: Zabbix offers the freedom to use an open source solution without vendor lock-in and free-open sources. This includes not only the Zabbix itself, but also the required components (Linux,apache,mysql and postgresql,php)

Zabbix installation and configuration is easy to ensure low learning curve, so low cost of ownership

UNIX and Windows efficient Zabbix agent (X32,x64,itanium)-based platforms provide greater monitoring capabilities at higher speeds

Centralized monitoring system can store all information (configuration and performance data) easier to process and reuse data in relational databases

Rich visualization capabilities allow your data to work faster and smarter

Built-in Butler program to keep your data organized well.

Question four: What are the characteristics of Zabbix?


Monitor everything.

Everything in your network can be monitored: Performance and server, Web applications, database availability, network devices and more.


Zabbix, you can easily monitor servers, network devices, and applications to collect accurate statistics and performance data.


Monitoring performance metrics such as CPU, memory, network, disk space and process can be done easily with the Zabbix agent for Linux,unix and Windows platforms.

This is a natural process and does not require a specific environment, such as Java or. NET.

Agent-free Monitoring

The Zabbix agent is a good way to monitor the server, but it is not always possible to deploy. For these cases, Zabbix supports a less-than-proxy monitoring approach.

You can check availability and standard services such as email or Web server responses without installing any software for the monitoring device.

Network equipment

Zabbix supports SNMP agents, gifts on all network devices such as routers and switches. So Zabbix can help you with your network to provide CPU, memory and port status such as network utilization, critical data monitoring, and capacity planning.

In addition, Zabbix can monitor the warehouse, cooling, and power systems with the SNMP agent's network devices and other devices.

Monitoring by VMware

VMware Virtual Machine monitoring can monitor the performance and statistics of VMware Vcenter and vsphere installations for a variety of VMware hypervisors and virtual machines.

Zabbix can use low-level discovery rules to automatically discover VMware's hypervisor and virtual machine creation host for monitoring, based on pre-defined host prototypes. Ready to use templates can be applied to monitor the fast start of virtual components.


Think market data is very professional and requires customized monitoring tools? Zabbix can make you think again. Zabbix's extensive customization capabilities allow , environmental control systems or more complex research equipment to be integrated into any environment and financial system. In the use of scripts or programming languages there is no restriction on shell,perl having its own checks, python or anything else.

Monitoring database

Database has been one of the pillars of the Decade. There is rarely a single database company. They take important data, including financial, customer and employee information. It is not known whether a database is available as an important need, and how it is done. Using Zabbix can be a very detailed database, including mysql,postgresql monitoring, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Built-in Java Application Server monitoring

Zabbix monitoring provides the ability of a Java application server to be directly JMX-without the need for a third-party module or integration layer. Monitor JBoss, TOMCAT, Oracle Application Server, or any other valid Zabbix Java gateway.

Web Services

The database is very important, but it does not mean that the information is accessible. More often than not distributed information, today is through a website or network system. Helps you ensure the continuous operation of these systems, providing a built-in web monitoring Zabbix support.

Using this feature, you can define the sequence of steps that Zabbix should analyze for a site. This feature makes it easy to monitor availability, response times and download the speed of your external website, e-commerce portals or internal wikis and service desk systems.

Hardware monitoring

If the hardware provides IPMI access, Zabbix can collect statistics such as temperature, fan speed and voltage, disk status, avoid downtime and economic loss.

Additionally, Zabbix can run the IPMI command to turn the device on or off, when there is a problem with the network.

Enterprise Preparation

Zabbix is designed to support small to large environments, in a 24x7 business requirement


Zoom to the big environment

Zabbix has designed a small environment with a large number of devices on the monitoring equipment. The Zabbix installation has more than 100000 device monitoring, indicating that Zabbix is able to handle more than 3000000 daily bytes that check the use of mid-range hardware and collect historical data per minute.

Using this level of scalability through efficient intelligent algorithms is possible, and it leverages the modularity of modern hardware and software, allowing for better performance in the partitioning of different server components.

Distributed monitoring

Are there remote branch offices, data centers, or customer sites to monitor, but do you want to keep the number of ports connected and open as low as possible? No problem, Zabbix monitoring will be handled.

In addition to the single, central server model, Zabbix also provides easy setup and maintenance with the Zabbix agent for almost free distributed monitoring. Agent has been for many years now as a user of Zabbix, this is a very powerful solution.

Zabbix agents can help monitor the efficiency of large data centers while also running in small environments with embedded hardware. Configure a Zabbix agent, ship to a remote location to insert, and manage all agent configurations from the central Zabbix server from this point on.

In addition to making remote locations easy to monitor, proxies also contribute greatly to the scale of the large environment.

High performance optimization

In addition to powerful agentless monitoring, Zabbix agent's operating system and application-specific metrics are monitored to provide high performance.

The Zabbix agent uses a minimum of CPU resources and memory and several platforms, including Linux compatible, UNIX and Windows.

Zabbix servers and Zabbix proxies use different data caching solutions, giving them great performance and reducing the load on back-end databases.

Network communication protocol, using Zabbix is very efficient to use your own computing resources and network bandwidth, even in large deployments.

High Availability

The high availability of raw resources for services and enterprise applications, so all parts of Zabbix use efficient data buffering to control the immune network and communication.

0 Maintenance

In the enterprise environment there will be aging systems, can not easily replace or upgrade a lot. Forcing a monitoring agent to upgrade only because the upgrade of the primary monitoring system is unacceptable-so the newest and best Zabbix servers support all previous agent versions returned by the first version, dating more than 10 years ago.

Zabbix the boundaries of the major version upgrades are very simple and do not require any changes to the background database. Upgrade from one major version to another fully supported and the appropriate database upgrade program is provided.

You can forget to change many configuration files and restart the service, almost all aspects are controlled by Zabbix secure and simple Web interface. Of course, for more advanced operations, the API is available.

Create all configuration data collection values backup is simple and can be used with standard tools and programs-after all, everything is stored in the database.


Secure connections between the user and the server are secured through SSL-protected Zabbix front-end. In addition, the front end has a brute force attack on the self-protection.

Zabbix all components can run non-privileged users-this is particularly important for natural medicines. Even, an additional step is required to run the Zabbix server under a privileged account. Communication between components, only accept connections to authorized IP addresses, and other connections are automatically rejected.

Encrypted support ensures that communication between Zabbix individual components (such as Zabbix servers, proxy servers, proxies, and command-line tools) uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol v.1.2& #62;& #62;. Certificate-based and pre-shared key-based encryption support. Encryption is optional and can be configured as a separate component.

Easy integration

The Zabbix API provides unprecedented flexibility for two-way integration with enterprise applications easily. Automation can be done through a variety of languages such as ruby,python,perl,php scripts, Java or shell scripts. Combine standard system management tools such as puppets, Cfengine, Cooks, bcfg2 and others, or make Zabbix configuration automatically update your internal management tools.

For Zabbix frontend, verify that users log on to central authority like LDAP (including Microsoft Active Directory) or radius, allow them to use the same password, monitor the system elsewhere, and even automatically get the appropriate permissions using SSO (Single sign-on).

The preparation of IPV6

With the IPV4 segment running quickly, big Internet service providers are paying more and more attention to IPV6.

All Zabbix components support IPV4 and IPV6, allowing for use in mixed environments or in a pure IPV6 environment.

Active monitoring

Improve the quality of your services, avoid downtime and reduce operating costs.


Zabbix provides resources to help your business reduce operating costs, avoid downtime and improve service quality.

Stay alert.

In addition to the Zabbix front-end interface providing all information about the environment, Zabbix can send notification messages, text messages, or Jabber (XMPP protocol) to every compelling event by email.

You can also easily make any other notification method, including automatic ticket creation at the service desk or the Services directory system.

Event handlers

It is possible that an automatic behavior can solve the problem because restarting the service or putting the standby server through Ipmi,zabbix can do the job for you.

Fast solution speed

If the first notification or automatic task is not enough to solve the problem, you can use the powerful upgrade feature to notify the technologist, manage, or perform another action.

Management issues

When a person is working on a problem, the analyst can admit it even leave a comment. This feature helps to improve team issues, allow high levels of management, and avoid ignoring event situations.

The result is a better controlled operating environment that reduces downtime and improves customer satisfaction.

Useful information

Some detailed information about the device, such as the application, hardware specifications, location, number, point contact can be valuable to solve the problem. This provides a host of Zabbix resources that can be stored.

This information can be collected automatically.

Capacity Planning

Monitor resource usage trends as your business grows, and you plan for increased capacity in a timely manner.


Plan for your growth

Acquiring new equipment may take several weeks and requires the development planning of resources by IT administrators for the next few months.

you will be able to easily analyze, for example, growing disk usage and knowing exactly where the available space will be exhausted.

This prevents the occurrence of crisis events, such as power overhead, network links or excessive storage of fatigue.

Resource 0 Waste

Most of the existing resources in the enterprise far exceed the actual needs. An example is the use of a Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) a 100Mbps interface server switch port.

In Zabbix you can easily detect CPU, memory waste, disk or network bandwidth, not only in a single device but throughout the group as well as the server.

This allows you to redistribute your applications and devices to make better use of available resources

The real Open source

No separate, paid users, close the Enterprise Edition. Zabbix is open source.

Absolutely free

Zabbix is licensed under the GPL and is therefore free for commercial and noncommercial use.

There are no restrictions on the number of devices being monitored, you can use Zabbix to monitor thousands of devices completely free of charge.

You can modify the source code to fit your system and internal use, as well as develop custom tools to aggregate feature Zabbix.

No vendor lock-in

The source code is fully available, so your company's IT environment will not depend on a business entity.

All settings and value collection stored in a simple format are completely open, easy to export or integrated with other systems.

Business Solutions

Rely on our support services, development and planning.

Business Support

We provide 5 levels of support to meet the needs of a variety of customers. Let you experience happy Zabbix, support is available via Internet, phone and email.

This also proves the quality of our service, the customers can expect after installation, a huge opportunity.

Custom development

To help you achieve the most benefit from implementing Zabbix you may need some customized solutions. Our company to meet specific requirements to provide solutions for the overall development.

Whether you need a small tweak, or a large custom item, we can help you.

In addition, we can establish appropriate specifications to determine the best solution for your project scope.

All of our developments have been fully tested and documented, competitively priced, and delivery times are usually lower than expected.

Turnkey Solutions

We have developed a turnkey solution that offers you the opportunity to Zabbix organizations to start in less than 1 days in your environment using Zabbix, to enjoy all the knowledge that our team has achieved and configured in the environment.

Formal training

We offer two types of training programs for our users: "Zabbix certified Experts" and "Zabbix environments", each designed to be a specific type of user.

All training is generated by Zabbix's employees Zabbix software developers.


Our consulting services are available for customers who can benefit from strategic consulting services before and after deployment.

When deploying Zabbix as a monitoring solution that requires proper evaluation, proper design and implementation is a comprehensive optimization of system performance, easy to manage and fragmented, complex engineering that does not fully embody the main difference.

In recent years, we have successfully worked with a group of customers with a variety of needs and realities, and as a result we have had some deep knowledge and experience in how we can harness the potential of existing resources.

Question five: What is the function of Zabbix?

Answer: Zabbix has a rich set of features to enable users to monitor multiple hosts, and in the section, you will find the following descriptions of the various ways Zabbix can get data.

Several methods of collecting the performance and availability of monitoring information infrastructure are in Zabbix:

Zabbix Agent


SNMP Agent and IPMI


Agent-free Monitoring


Custom Monitoring


Virtual machine Monitoring


Web Scene


Java applications


Monitoring of the database


Calculate and summarize information


Internal performance


These methods provide a great degree of flexibility to manage when it comes to choosing the most appropriate choice for each case.

Problem detection

Once the data is collected, a different method can be used to evaluate the  process at Zabbix. Data evaluation rules, or trigger expressions, provide a logical definition of the state of the data received from the monitoring host, for Zabbix. When the threshold is triggered, the problem of determining the state of the trigger is changed, and the data falls below the threshold when it returns.


While it is good to have problematic detection thresholds, it would be better to be able to predict the problem. For this purpose, the predictive functionality can be Zabbix. Zabbix analyzes how the trend and structure of input data can predict the ability of the user to actively act.

Extremely flexible definition

Zabbix provides users with a very flexible, intelligent threshold definition option. While the trigger threshold may be simple "than X", it can use all the logical expressions, such as division, multiplication, inequality, logic and logic, or.

Referencing one or more projects or hosts

Even, Zabbix allows the use of many different projects to create a triggering expression from different hosts. This makes it possible to create very complex, intelligent thresholds that reduce false positives and allow managers to focus on real-world issues.

Time Shift

The Zabbix feature provides the ability to check the current data state for a previous period of time. So maybe more similar over a period of time, we say this Monday and last Monday or this afternoon with a 2 weeks ago. It is very convenient when the load on the environment is uneven, Monday morning, Tuesday pm will not produce any valuable information.


Hysteresis is a good feature that can avoid flapping, which can occur when the input data is fluctuating near a simple threshold value. Hysteresis has upper and lower limits, which raises a problem when the upper limit is reached and the trigger data is below the threshold when it returns to the normal state.

Depend on

There are many dependencies in any IT environment when one node fails to handle many other parts of the environment. Depending on the database that is running on the operating system, it may be long enough to run on a hard disk with insufficient space. At this point the user crm,cms, and many other business applications will not be able to complete their task. A monitoring system that does not rely on configuration will generate dozens of or hundreds of notifications and send email notifications to all hundreds of thousands of these systems off. As an alternative dependency, judicious use can result in only one notification, insufficient disk space for notifications, and hidden all other notifications.

Different severity levels

Since not all triggers are of the same level of importance, six severity levels can be assigned to a trigger. The severity level is then applied to the visual representation of the trigger and can be used to adjust the response of the event to the problem.

Visualization of

Humans are adept at identifying visual data than raw data, especially when there is a large amount of data.

The different aspects of the Zabbix visualization feature are as follows.

Zabbix Web Front End


Dashboards around the world






Screens and slides


Get Raw data


Details of events and notifications


Cute little thing.



Zabbix not only collects, stores and analyzes the environmental information that is monitored, but notifies the responsible person of the use of many different channels and selected events to occur. Zabbix provides a complete workflow: Send notifications, allow acknowledgement of information to be received, information to other people, upgrade, and ability to take action.

The different stages of the notification workflow are described as follows:

Receive a message

Choose a method

The Zabbix has several predefined notification delivery methods. Administrators can receive notifications in several ways:

by e-mail

by SMS

by Jabber

Use a custom Alertsript

Additionally, notifications can be scripted. The content of the notification is fully customizable according to the context. Each contact can be notified at a specified date and time using the specified media at the specified level.

including important details.

Run or inventory information, configuration information, and the latest data can be included in the notification message. A message may wait:

Date and time

Host Name

Item description and Triggers

The latest data

Host configuration file

See the user macro for more details section

Customization depends on the recipient

When sending a message to a specific user or group of users, information on the same issue can be customized to provide a different set of roles depending on the information recipients within the organization.

SMTP authentication

SMTP encryption authentication can be used for e-mail notifications using STARTTLS or SSL/TLS.

Execute command

When a shell command can perform relief on a remote system, a system may be overloaded or the service will stop working altogether. Restart the server or service with the most typical command.

The command can be executed:

On the Zabbix server

In the Zabbix agent


Using Telnet, SSH

Upgrade response Issues

Upgrade response Issues

The upgrade contains a scenario that is a time for sending notifications, the first initial recipient, and then, if the problem persists or is not confirmed, the other recipient, even if necessary, executes the command.

Zabbix provides effective and very flexible upgrade building rules. Depending on the configuration, Zabbix will automatically upgrade (go to the next upgrade step) unresolved issues and perform an escalation of actions assigned to each step.

Supported options

Notify users immediately about new issues

Proactive monitoring: Zabbix execution of predefined scripts (remote commands)

Repeat the notification until the problem is resolved

Delay Notifications and Remote commands

Issues with upgrading to another user group

Different upgrade paths for confirmed and unconfirmed issues

Reply message to all interested parties

Zabbix supports an unlimited number of upgrade steps

The history of the upgrade can be included in the notification message, so this recipient sees what happened and why he received the message.

Safety Certified Safety Certification


Templates and Import/export


Auto Discovery


Distributed monitoring


System Management


Zabbix API


Q: Zabbix graphic effect?


A good picture tutorial including monitoring, reporting, configuration, management

Seventh Q: What are the system requirements for Zabbix?

Answer: http://www.zabbix.com/requirements.php

Eighth Q: Zabbix life cycle and release policy?


Nineth Q: Zabbix documentation for each version?


Tenth question: Zabbix?

Zabbix Package:


Previous versions:


Zabbix templates, modules and more:


11th Q: Zabbix license?


To be continued ~~~~~

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Enterprise-class open source monitoring software Zabbix

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