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Video Conferencing has the advantages of cost saving and can ensure business continuity. Therefore, it is an important form of enterprise communication. Many video conferencing service providers and suppliers have introduced many different service products and connection technologies. However, video conferencing interoperability is the main feature and is also necessary for enterprises.

When different enterprises use their own video hardware and hosting platforms to support meetings, video conferencing technology has always been a challenge. When connecting to other devices, users may not only encounter connection problems, but also location or device-related problems-whether through a telepresence meeting room, desktop computer or a mobile device that supports videos.

Roopam Jain, industry director of Unified Communication and collaboration at Frost & Sullivan Inc, pointed out that video conferencing interoperability becomes a new requirement when business-to-business (B2B) videos are in an important position. "Users want to maximize ROI by extending videos to terminals and clients on various networks," she said )."

Jain pointed out that large enterprises generally use the video conferencing technology for internal communication, but also began to use it for external communication. "The real value of video is its ability to expand to a larger user network," she said ."

Suppliers are paying attention to video conferencing interoperability calls, and this trend will continue. Jain said: "We have seen significant developments in this area, and this development trend will be faster in the future. Service providers play an important role in any end-to-end video communication ."

Suppliers and service providers must consider the interoperability of video conferences.

Andrew Davis, senior partner and analyst at Wainhouse Research, pointed out that the need for video conferencing interoperability has prompted suppliers and service providers to work together to develop services that enable enterprises to communicate outside the enterprise network.

InterCall is a subsidiary of West Corporation's conference and collaboration service provider, whose director of conference and collaboration technology sales Dennis Collins pointed out that the company recently announced a partnership with the cloud Conference provider Blue Jeans Network, allows enterprises to connect to video conferencing through the cloud without the impact of existing video conferencing devices.

"Blue Jeans used cloud access to connect to an end-to-end private system, which was previously an obstacle to video conferencing, but is gradually becoming the mainstream of enterprises," Collins said ."

Jain pointed out that cloud-based video conferencing services are becoming a new technology sought after by enterprises. "These services can help implement real B2B services, and they will expand the penetration of video conferencing in SMB and large enterprises," she said ."

The interoperability of video conferencing is similar to that of cloud services. By separating suppliers or hosting platforms, the InterCall video solution product manager Sara berton points out that video conferencing can drive the growth of video conferencing. "Video conferencing may be very complex, but there is a cloud solution that allows users' devices to connect to the public Internet, which is much easier, it is more similar to common voice conferences."

Davis of Wainhouse pointed out that Blue Jeans has brought unique interoperability to enterprises. "Through this service, users can connect to meetings not only through professional video conferencing systems such as Polycom or Cisco, but also through Skype or desktop phones. This service allows users to connect to meetings using various video Protocols ."

The cooperation between InterCall and Blue Jeans is a major improvement, and Jain estimates that other suppliers and service providers will follow up. "The Development of interoperability proves the increasing demand in any end-to-end video conferencing service market. It allows users to connect to more and more B2B applications using videos without the limitations of networks or devices, connect to anyone at any time."

Video conferencing interoperability: not just an enterprise requirement

Jain pointed out that video conferencing interoperability is not only a requirement of large enterprises. She said: "It is also important for SMB. They often need to communicate with partners, customers and suppliers, and they also need to extend video conferences to external value chains ."

As interoperability becomes a top demand for many large and small companies, "suppliers will strive to achieve interoperability with solutions from other vendors, and service providers will introduce some services, connect their customers to users of other suppliers' networks." She also pointed out that users' demand for hybrid environments is growing.

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