Er, Xia Xin is also on a smart machine.

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I am very proud of mobile phones and other digital things. I don't want to be quite a good guy, but it's a pity that Chinese products are too disappointing.
The old man bought a very handsome bear and CAT machine. Unfortunately, the buttons failed in less than half a year, and then he even went on strike, and the customer service was a bad attitude, from now on, there have been no Chinese mobile phones in the house.
However, this topic has a question about xiaxin's mobile phone. Although I haven't been able to answer the question, I still followed the question. This concern can surprise me...
That one...
Xia Xin also has a smartphone...

First, let's turn to the model descriptions on the official website... this time they are still holding Lyc shouting "smart handsome" slogans... the so-called civilian smart machines

E70 looks like Moto L7. Er, in my opinion, it is also the only good-looking host among the five models. The Microsoft system used by E70 is one of the three major operating systems of today's smart machines, there are many applications
But the other four use a fresh operating system-the smart newplus multi-task operating system ......
The pricing is not high. From the perspective of parameters, the new system of a new product with a very high configuration has aroused my curiosity.
Google launched the "smart newplus multi-task operating system", all of which were advertisement advertisements for xiaxin. It seems that there are only a few phones on the market that use this system. It is estimated that this is a new system specially designed for xiaxin.
Worried about the future of the system. I believe that no player is motivated to develop software for the system. I am also very skeptical about Xia Xin's development capabilities.
Google launched the "newplus Operating System" and a person named Li Ming appeared.
The following two paragraphs are Google texts:
"What is newplus?

Newplus is a mobile technology platform built by Li Ming. With this platform, we can accelerate the entire design process of smartphones. After six years of development, we have created a stable, efficient, and sustainable core team, it took nearly two years to design various types of application software. Even more commendable, this development platform can be applied to different operating systems (especially for RTOs, Linux, and Windows ). The core team members have their own intellectual property rights and are particularly familiar with the technology of high-end smartphones. They have completed up to 2.3 million lines of C source products, and have gone through 6 years of successful product practices, A completely self-developed and designed smartphone.

Li Ming is proud to be proud of the four features of the newplus smartphone software design platform: mature core technologies, reliable smart phone customization services for mobile phone manufacturers, and proprietary intellectual property rights for core technologies; on the basis of maintaining a leading position, we have a strong capability of independent innovation. According to Li Ming, newplus has the world's lowest cost high-performance GSM/edge smartphone design solutions TDA-G20, may have this platform, the Chinese mobile phone market will usher in a new spring. Before that, li Ming has made a dual-mode smart phone, TDA T18 CDMA 1X industry application smart phone, TDA 928 evdo 3G Multimedia business smart phone, TDA 938 WCDMA 3G Multimedia business smart phone."

In this case, newplus should be just a mobile software development platform.

What is the so-called "smart newplus multi-task operating system" of the new Smart Shuai mobile phone?
Someone in the Xia Xin Forum said it was an operating system platform that can run the four mainstream smartphone operating systems today.
I still don't know what it is and don't want to guess
We look forward to seeing the real machine on the day when we run the external scene.
Expect better Chinese products

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