ERDAS: Save the SHP file as the AOI file Vector Data cropping raster for ERDAS

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Aoi, area of interest, that is, areas of interest. It is often used in ERDAS.

Conversion of common SHP files of ArcGIS to AOI files:

Open the viewer window, load the. SHP file, and select the area to be converted in the window. The area is highlighted,

Click Copy selection to AOI under the AOI menu,

Select save AOI layer as... under the File menu to save it as a. Aoi file.

Crop the grid with Vector Data:

(1) In ERDAS: Ensure the SHP is consistent with the Raster Data projection.

The AOI file is required, or the Vector file is treated as an AOI

Subset. Step 1: Click dataprep In the ERDAS icon panel, and then click subset Imgae ...... The subset Imgae dialog box appears. Step 2: In the subset Imgae dialog box, open the image (*. IMG) to be cut in the input file, and specify the image storage location after the cut in the output file. Step 3: Click the AOI button in the subset Imgae dialog box. In the displayed choose AOI dialog box, select AOI file and direct the corresponding path to the *. Aoi file created in the previous stage. Step 4: Click 0 K. Complete.
For other parameter settings, I think they can be set by default, but it is best to select unsigned 16 for output data in data type. In this case, we suggest you try different parameter combinations.

(2) In ENVI: ensure that the SHP is consistent with the Raster Data projection.

Open Raster Data

Open Vector Data: use file -- open vector or
Vector -- open vector, select the file type shapefile (*. SHP), and select the Vector file testshp. SHP. Note that the import vector files parameters dialog box appears, select the correct projection type. After OK, ENVI automatically converts the Vector file to the EVF format.

Convert vector data to ROI: Select data in availabel vectors list, select export layers to ROI in file, and then select the grid data to be reduced in select data file to associate with new ROIs, in the export EVF layers to ROI, select convert all records of an EVF layer to one ROI and click OK. Select subset in basic tools on the ENVI Main Menu
Data via ROIs, select the grid data to be cut in select input file to subset via ROI, OK. Then, the spatial subset via ROI Param... dialog box appears. In slect input ROIs, select the established ROI. Finally, select the output result to the file or the memory.

(3) In ArcGIS:

Do you need to crop the area of the Raster image through a face-like shapefile?
If you can, it's easy.
In ArcMap, call the space analysis extension module to set the shapefile polygon layer in the area you are interested in as a mask, and then recalculate your image in the raster calculator, it will be cropped along the mask.

Set mask: in the drop-down menu of the spatial analysis toolbar, select Tools> extensions> spatial analyst from option.

Spatial Analyst --- options
General --- Analysis mask is the boundary for choosing your mask,
Extent ----- same as layer 'object file you want to use for Mask'
Cell Size --- same as layer 'object file you want to use for Mask'
Click OK
Spatial Analyst --- raster calculater --- Select the object file you want to use for the mask, double-click it, and click * 1, evaluate.

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