ERP framework sequence design and development diary (I)

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1. Add hardware. ID to the license verification and read it in the about dialog box. At the same time, design a generatelicense method.

2 functiontypepreloadworker pre-load system function

Cyrstalreportpreloadworker crystal report pre-loading module. The system detects the current crystal report version.

3. The service mode is remoting and standalone.

4. Put the input in the console in a RichTextBox to facilitate debugging.

6. Differences between lineno and entryno.

7 c: \ Users \ public \ Documents \ REM objects sample \ REM object SDK

There are two types of message binmessage, soapmessage. This framework is well established at the beginning. It will take a lot of effort to port it later.

8. The query designer can design stored procedures and pass parameters.

Exec sp_icrpagr % 1% 2

9. Material encoding genie. This function is quite good. It also explains the significance of material grouping: generate a unified material code.

10 attachments can be uploaded to the database, or a path reference can be saved directly. At the same time, you need to write an attachment browser.

11. The procurement application approval function indicates the same category of functions and must be approved.

12. Add a Treeview to the right of the Database Explorer function to display the sub-objects of the current object.

13. Product specifications. This function represents a type of function. Browse the master table and edit it from the table.

14 lineno entryno does not display the decimal point, qty 4 decimal places, AMT 4 decimal places

15. Write a grid-style lookup maintenance to view all lookup items at a glance.

16 save interface layout: the order of grid columns should be saved, and the current selected node of Treeview should be saved.

17 texteditor limits the number of characters that can be entered

18 tab order, and the page enter is converted to tab.

19 after the purchased supplier is saved, it cannot be modified. Indicates the same class function. It can be set only when it is created for the first time. It cannot be modified after being saved.

There are a total of the following values: readonly capslock alloweditfornewonly hidden required

20 grid editing does not cause the entire form to enter the editing status. Datetimepicker does not trigger the form to enter the editing status.

21 industries that require attention and research: mold, electronics, and clothing.

22. System implementation steps: master data, followed by the running process, and third, data validation, value generation (Drilldown), and Lookup)

23 put all system functions first, and focus on business functions first.

24 in vs2010, The hexadecimal code starting with 0x should be changed to a hexadecimal code to facilitate research.

25. All html links on a page can be crawled, all links in the page can be further explored, the level can be designed, and finally the image web page can be downloaded. See the blue spider source code.

26 The material main file has 20 remarks. Write a function to set its label name, and then write a function to set its value source (usually an analysis parameter ).

27 bar code and QR code are supported.

30. The price of plastic mold can be calculated. Quote calculation method.

31 account category. You need to preset the account code for multiple industries.

32 Export type: Mircrosoft excel, Microsoft Access, text

33. Clean up the table and remove the table not used in the system to provide system accuracy.

34. with the enhancement of the department function, the Department can be designed in a tree structure and displayed as a tree structure.

35 Database Explorer displays the occupied space and description of a table.

36 save page layout: The allowfilter of the grid is not saved, and the Treeview of mainmenu is not saved. However, other ultratreeviews can be fully stored. The goal is to solve the problem, rather than solving the problem by yourself.

37. design an attachment browser to view all features with attachments.

38. How to automatically generate a report and send it to the specified email address. Workflow email notification.

39. How to automatically generate a flow number and generate a flow number based on the encoding rules of the record during data fix.

40 texteditor automatically scrolls, appendtext to the currently appended row.

41. How to set the column input values in grid to uppercase.

42 GRN will delete the previous reservation when receiving the goods.

43. Excellent SQL debugging tool: dbartisan, which can debug SQL statements.

44 ORM itself is a data migration tool that can migrate data between multiple databases. 100 rowsCodeCreate a data migration tool.

45. How does the mstest tool automatically delete test results.

46. Data Capturing tools can capture talent Network Recruitment Information, blog data, and flight information.

47 tuple. create generic method, which can be used to create Dictionary data with multiple primary key values.

48. The debug implementation in advanced query can reflect the members.

49 rdlc supports multiple versions, including rdl2005, rdl2008, rdl2010, and rdl2012. Up to now, four versions are supported.

50 tsql parses and generates ORM code, and needs to parse more complex SQL statements.

51 write a tool to generate the CMD command line and confuse all DLL files in a directory for online evaluation.

52. invoicing is a basic example. The basic functions include data cleaning, data re-starting, material code genie, bar code support, employee master files, Department tree architecture view, and unlimited material list classification.

53. Application of the plug-in framework.

54 databases supported: Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

55 design and implementation of enterprise-level application development platform
1) query journals and Journals
2) Reports (rdlc, RDL, RPT): 2012, 12, report service: rdlc2005.
3) query designer, C # code design query, and stored procedure.

4) A workflow consists of three components: designer, runtime, and activity library.

5) relay the UI of the Form Designer and modify the Lookup

56 lookup can be written in customProgramYou can use code to write lookup.

57. The main form timer is added with javastopalter.

58 prsfsc employees should be refined and well-rounded.

59 download several GB systems and observe their interfaces, specifications, and operability.

60 PCD tracker. flexpcd20091004.bak

61 clientproxy. Create should use the full name to prevent duplicate System databases and company databases.

Foundation. interfaceclasses. isessionmanager

Foundation. Managers. sessionmanager

Lagos. Managers. companymanager

Lagos. Interfaces. icompanymanager

62. basecommon is named after shared. It is possible to find all reflection calls.

63. Both the batch posting function system and the company can be implemented. Issystemdatabase = true

64 for the slordh. Posted value, Y, N cannot be null to prevent errors.

65 object control can contain multiple options, including character, date, and checkbox. Range, data range.

66. modify Database sorting rules. The default value is USA standard SQL _lating_cp1_ci_as.

67. The visibleposition of the grid.

68 the schedule task operating system automatically backs up databases, upgrades programs, and builds new versions.

69 kaiwei ERP (Shenzhen Daewoo jingdiao NC Co., Ltd., Pinghu, big helper ERP

70 data dictionary functions: male/female. Currently, only level-2 data is supported, and level-3 data is not supported.

71. The cloning function is faulty. The primary key of the sub-object is not cleared.

72. Checks the server status.

73 add functions to the system and automatically add permissions.

74 tree size professional analyzes the disk folder size. U8 ERP is installed in the virtual machine.

75. The key technologies in ERP are sorted and printed to form a license, which is convenient to use and improved.

76. How do I enter a blank password when logging on to windows. Authentication Type: Password, domain, domain do not need to enter a password

77 methods to improve efficiency: Close the database connection in time to implement idispose and using (XX x = new} mode

When using the database connection pool, only one row of data is returned. The top 1 is used and the page is displayed. 1000 entries are displayed each time, and the cache is used. Multithreading is adopted, and threadpool is more efficient than thread. Parallel technology is used.

78 efficiency analysis tool jetbrains dottrace, memory diagistis.

Dottrace performance 5.0 statement function-Level Analysis

Foreach is more efficient than.

79 workflow message sending activity: supports macro SQL statements, if/else branch condition judgment, and object transmission.

80 website projects, Logo Design, image display, record filing, and website promotion.

81. The workflow is only for business tables, but not for system tables. Strict verification is required. When a table has a workflow, it cannot be added to the new workflow.

Design, save, and compile a workflow.

An email is sent to the overtime applicant after the OT approval.

82 form input and press enter to convert this. cursor = cursors. waitcursor, this. cursor = cursors. Default

Path. getextension.

Several basic functions of the 83 framework: Data Import/Export Exception Handling configuration interface, log record

84 version control rev10001, sys1005, applicationversion, frameworkversion

Assemblyversion: 4.8.383.0

Fileversion: 2.8.383.20130130

Productionversion: 2.8.383.0130130

Major. Min. Build. Revision


85-width full-width input conversion.

86 put the configuration content in the Custom Node






The system name is updated to main.exe instead of paradox.

Business forms for quick development.

Two sets of interface solution systemtype = Professional/Enterprise external image path.

The login interface is simpler, and the about interface is the same.


87 cannot process layer-3 relationships. Temple escape.

Query generator does not process the quotation marks contained in the string

88 serial number generation management. Code Generator is built into the system code Smith, T4

When code Smith has multiple primary key values, the interface does not correspond to the implementation method.

89 export and copy functions. Each business table must have the auto-Increment Function recnum, which facilitates data maintenance.

90 notification function

Post the purchase order and notify the warehouse to prepare for receipt

Post a sales order and notify warehouse preparation

When the bill of materials is changed, notify the production department to adjust the work order.

Reject or approve overtime, and notify the overtime applicant.

91 rewrite databaseaccessadapter and workflow support, change to application, tables are also applied database.

92. The menu in the process designer is changed to menustrip, and the attribute form in the Form Designer is incorrect.

93 public assembly, basecommon. registermodule

Dictionary <string, list <string>

Splash display interface function module

94 it is difficult for the custom report designer to control stability, as is fyireport, and it is difficult to add new features.

95 user profile: the current language and company name when exiting.

96 When there are two or more tables in rdlc, consider the relationship.

97 license mechanism detection Virtual Machine detection hasp hardware detection, expiration time detection, function restriction Detection

The license information is displayed in the about dialog box.

98. The background is transparent. enterprise solution is used in the about dialog box.

Segoe UI, 8.25pt

99 and quick payment interface.

100 sqlactivity can execute SQL statements. Workflows are also implemented in the remoting mode for unified control.

101 showintaskbar = false, windowsstate. minmimze.

102 port SQL statements to the external to increase the simplicity of maintenance. Only cache the currently read companies, not all companies.

Parameter pre-read processing.

103 right-click the fasttextbox editor to add perfection.

104 create a build to generate the system environment

105 view the space used by each table point of SQL Server. View the comment information of a table

106 web service calls, such as railway station information and mobile phone number information.

107 use Crystal Reports for Data Source Control

108 switch the server registered in the company to the test browser dialog box, which is customized and enumeration of machines in the LAN.

109 production chart system. Web. UI. datavisualization. charting

System. Windows. Forms. datavisualization. charting

110 e-M-POWER industry edition, customized edition.

111 trace tool writes a custom view for Tracking Management

112 automatic update. The report management tool is displayed as a tree.

113 infragistics. Win. drawutitlity. usegdiplustextrendering = false;

Grid can only input uppercase letters, charactercasing = upper

Reportform's preiview button imagetransparentcolor = red

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