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	"request": "/statuses/home_timeline.json",
	"Error_code": "20502",
	"error": "Need you follow UID."
Error code description

20502 2 05 02 Service-Level errors (1 for System-level Errors) Service module code specific error code

Error code table system-level error code error code error message detail Description 10001 system error system error 10002 Service Unavailable services Pause 10003 remote Service error long-distance services errors 1 0004 IP Limit IP limit cannot request this resource 10005 Permission denied, need a high level appkey the resource needs Appkey own authorization 10006 Source paramter (Appkey) is missing missing source (appkey) parameter 10007 Unsupport mediatype (%s) does not support mediatype (%s) 10008 Param error. o parameter error, please refer to API documentation 10009 Too many pending tasks, system is busy task too much, busy 10010 job expired task timeout 10011 RPC error RPC errors 10012 Illegal request illegally requests 10013 Invalid Weibo user illegal microblogging user 10014 insufficient app permissions application interface access restricted 10016 Miss required Parameter (%s), see doc for more info missing required parameter (%s), refer to API documentation 10017 parameter (%s) ' s value invalid, expect (%s), but get (% s), see the doc for more info parameter value is illegal, need to (%s), actually (%s), refer to API documentation 10018 request body length over limit requests length exceeding limit 10020 requested API The not found interface does not exist 10021 HTTP method are not suported the HTTP methods requested by this request are not supported, check to see if the correct post/get is selected 10022 IP reque STS out of rate limit IPThe request frequency exceeds the upper limit 10023 user requests out of rate limit the frequency of users requests exceeds the upper limit 10024 username requests for (%s) out of rate limit user Request special interface (%s) frequency super Top Service level error code error code error message detail Description 20001 IDs is null IDs parameter is empty 20002 Uid parameter is null UID parameter null 20003 user does not exists users do not exist 20005 unsupported image type, only suport jpg, GIF, PNG unsupported picture types, only supports JPG, GIF, PNG 20006 image size too large picture too large 20007 Doe s multipart has image please make sure that you use Multpart to upload the picture 20008 content is null contents is empty 20009 IDs is too many IDs parameter is too long 20012 Text too long, ple ASE input text less than 140 characters input text is too long, make sure that no more than 140 characters 20013 text too long, please input text less than s input text is too long, please confirm that no more than 300 characters 20014 Param is error, please try again security check parameter is incorrect, call again 20015 account or IP or app is Illgal, can not Continue account, IP or application illegal, temporarily unable to complete this operation 20016 out of limit publishing content too frequently 20017 Repeat content submit similar information 20018 contain illegal website contains illegal URL 20019 Repeat conetnt submit the same information 20020 contain advertising contains ad information 20021 content is illegal contains illegal content 20022 Your IP ' s behave in A comic boisterous or Unruly manner the behavior exception on this IP address 20031 test and verify requires a CAPTCHA 20032 Update success, while server slow now, please wait 1-2 minutes The publication is successful, the current server may have a delay, please wait 1-2 minutes--20101 Target Weibo does not exist nonexistent microblogging 20102 not your own Weibo is not the tweet you posted 20103 Can ' t r Epost yourself Weibo cannot forward their microblog 20104 illegal Weibo illegal microblogging 20109 Weibo ID is null Weibo ID is null 20111 repeated Weibo text cannot publish the same micro Bo---20201 Target Weibo comment does not exist does not exist Weibo comments 20202 illegal comment illegal comments 20203 Not your own you're not issuing comments On 20204 Comment ID is null comment ID null---20301 can ' t send direct message to user who isn't your follower can't give a man who isn't a fan DMS 203 Illegal direct message illegal DMS 20303 not your own direct message is not yours DMS 20305 Direct message does not exist does not exist DMS 203 Repeated direct message text cannot publish the same DMS 20307 illegal direct message ID illegal DMS ID--20401 domain not exist name does not exist 20402 Wrong Verifier verifier Error--20501 source_user or target_user does not exists parameter Source_user or Target_user user does not exist 20502 P Lease input Right Target The user ID or screen_name must enter the target user ID or Screen_name 20503 Need you follow user_id parameter user_id must be your concern users 20504 Can not follow your self  you can't focus on yourself   20505 Social graph updates out of rate limit with more attention requests than the upper limit 20506 already has been concerned about this user followed 20507 Ication code is needed needs to enter a CAPTCHA 20508 according to user privacy settings,you can does this you cannot perform this operation 20509 Private Friend Count is out of limit quietly focus on the number reached the upper limit   20510 not private friend isn't a sneak eye on people 20511 already followed privately has quietly focused on this user 20512 Please delete the users from your blacklist before you follow the user have you added this to the blacklist and before you add any attention, remove the 20513 Friend count is ou T of limit! Your attention is up to the upper limit 20521 Hi Superman, you have concerned a lot of people, have a do you have to do other people concern about Y ou! ! If you are have any questions, please contact Sina customer service:400 690 0000 Hi Superman, you have a lot of attention today, the next time to think about how to let everyone pay attention to you. If you have questions, please contact Sina Customer Service: 690 0000 20522 Not followed  has not yet paid attention to this user 20523 not followers are not fans 20524 Hi Superman, you have cancelled Concerning a lot of people, have a would you have a don't you people concern about you! ! If you are have any questions, please contact Sina customer service:400 690 0000 Hi Superman, you have today canceled a lot of attention, the next time to think about how to get everyone to pay attention to you. If you have questions, please contact Sina Customer Service: 690 0000--20601 list name too long, please input text less than the list name is too long, make sure that you enter no more than 10 characters 20602 list description too long, please input text less than characters list description is too long, make sure that you enter no more than 70 characters 20603 list does not ex Ists list does not exist 20604 only the owner has the authority is not a member of the list 20605 illegal list name or list description name or describe illegal 20606 OBJ ECT already exists records already exist 20607 DB error, please contact the Administator database errors, call the system administrator 20608 list name duplicate conflict 20 610 does not support private list does not currently support the Privacy group 20611 Create List Error creating a listing failed 20612 only support private list currently supports only privately grouped 20613 You hava Subscriber too many lists subscription list reached the upper limit 20614 too many lists, see the doc for the more info create list to reach the upper limit, please refer to API documentation 20615 too many Members, see doc for more info list member Upper limit, please refer to API documentation--20701 Repeated tag text cannot submit the same collection label 20702 tags is too many up to two favorites tags 20703 illegal tag name collection label name is illegal--20801 trend_name is null parameter Number trend_name is a null value 20802 trend_id is null parameter trend_id is null---20901 Error:in a blacklist error: Blacklist has been added 20902 Error:blacklist Lim It has been reached. Error: The blacklist limit has been reached 20903 error:system administrators can not be added to the blacklist. Error: Cannot add system administrator for blacklist 20904 error:can not add yourself to the blacklist. Error: Cannot add oneself as blacklist 20905 Error:not in blacklist error: Not in blacklist---21001 Tags parameter is null tag parameter is NULL 21002 tags name too long The signature is too long, please make sure that each signature is no more than 14 characters---21101 domain parameter is error parameter domain errors 21102 The phone number has been used the phone numbers have been used 2110 3 The account has bean bind phone the user has already bound the phone 21104 wrong verifier verifier error--21301 Auth authentication failed Faild 21302 or Password error username or password incorrect 21303 Username and pwd auth out of rate limit user name password authentication exceeded request limit 21304 version rejected versioning error 21305 Pa Rameter absent missing necessary parameters 21306 Parameter rejected OAuth parameter rejected 21307 Timestamp timestamp incorrect 21308Nonce used parameter Nonce has been used 21309 Signature method rejected signature algorithm does not support 21310 Signature Invalid signature value is not legal 21311 Consumer key Unknown Parameter Consumer_key does not exist 21312 Consumer key refused parameter Consumer_key invalid 21313 Miss key parameter Consumer missing Consumer_key 21314 Token T Oken has been used 21315 Token expired Token has expired 21316 Token revoked Token illegal 21317 Token rejected Token illegal 21318 Verifier fail Pin Code authentication failed 21319 accessor was revoked authorized relationship has been removed 21320 OAuth2 must use HTTPS using OAuth2 must use HTTPS 21321 applications over the Unaud ited use restrictions the number of applications that have not been audited has exceeded the limit 21327 expired token token expired 21335 Request UID ' s value must be the current user uid parameter only Allow incoming current authorized user UID---21501 URL is null parameter the URL is empty 21502 the URLs are too many parameter URLs are too many 21503 IP is null IP is null 21504 The parameter URL is a null value--21601 Manage notice error, need AUTH requires system administrator permissions 21602 Contains World contains sensitive words forbid 21603 send Notice over the restrictions notification sent to reach the limit---21701 Manage remind error, need auth reminder failed, need permissions 21702 Invalid Invalid category 217 Invalid Status Invalid status code--21901 Geo Code input error Geographic information input errors

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