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Now many sites often can not open, appear "error Net::err_connection_reset: Connection has been reset" and so on these issues, then these questions exactly what is the problem? The normal answer is: err_connection_ RESET explanation is: err-error connection-connection-reset-Repeat Google does not have a solution for this error so it will again prompt the user that the site contains an unknown error.

The Web page may not be connected temporarily, or it has been permanently moved to the new URL.

The above message is that Google provides users with information that prompts users to visit a site that has already been replaced by a domain name or a dead loop (unrestricted redirection), while error 101 means 404 or 403 in Microsoft Internet Explorer if you use the Internet Explorer access then Internet Explorer prompts the user not to find the server cannot display the page, so the page may not be connected temporarily, or it has been permanently moved to the new URL. The meaning of error net::err_connection_reset itself is that the site is temporarily inaccessible, which means that the Web server is closed or your network provider is blocking the site, you can try refreshing the page, Or search this site to find more ways to access it.

In addition to the Internet card users in the case of excessive network access to the network request timeout occurs, the browser will mistakenly think that the access timeout, to give users 101 of errors, then you need to refresh several times or use opera browser to open the Turbo plug-in to try to compress the way to access this site

In addition, because some websites are shielded by operators, will automatically jump to an operator error-correcting pages, and some browsers will block these pages, transfer to an IP, just this IP is shielded by operators, then the browser will default to timeout, the result has been repeated requests, When the request is not feedback, it jumps to the timeout error, and then there is a 101 error, which will only appear in browsers using Google Chrome's kernel, such as Sogou browser, 360 security browser, and so on. So how do you solve these problems? There are several different types of processing:

A, domain name by the wall: if the domain name ping is not open Web site (excluding server downtime), with the agent can open the general description of the domain name was sealed

If the site under the domain name of illegal information, sensitive, and not rectification, will be directly g.f.w wall off, the result is to access the domain name is not open, but the analysis is normal. At this time the domain name is not available in the country, foreign can access and use.

Solution: 1, the domain name resolution to a certain local station (such as Baidu, etc.), after a few days may be solved, see your pr.

2, change back to the domestic space

3, change the domain name (will be the wall domain name resolution to the domestic space, and then do 301 Redirect to the new domain name, to reduce traffic and weight loss).

Here I have seen this situation: the domain name is not recorded. The operator to the black, by grasping the bag to discover. The solution is to record or transfer the site to a foreign or Hong Kong without the need for record space.

Second, the domain name is intermittent shielding: if intermittent can open, not open when the foreign agent can be opened, indicating the domain name is intermittent shielding (of course this situation may also be the domestic DNS resolution instability caused)

If the site under the domain name illegal information, will temporarily open, and can be opened, generally judged as intermittent shielding, processing method is to delete sensitive information entry keyword can be.

Third, IP is sealed: If the ping impassability, the use of foreign agents can be opened generally can be determined that IP is blocked.

Note: Generally speaking, if your domain name resolution address is foreign will be the wall, if the binding domestic IP generally will not be wall.

1. Found that there is a domain name wall, it is best to immediately resolve to go this domain name, do not keep on your server

2. The domain name is mostly because there are too many illegal keywords on the website, which causes the "Great Wall Firewall" of China's international export to intercept the information of this domain name. So even if you change a number of domain names, also have been the danger of the wall, the radical solution is to install the keyword interception system on your server, the sensitive words are intercepted, so that you can effectively protect your site will not be wall again. Do not install keyword interception system, to rectify the content of the site, check the relevant key words will not violate the provisions of their own inspection, the best way is to redo the site to ensure that the domain name after the wall will not be removed.

3. How to determine whether a domain name is the wall: in the country can not be accessed, foreign access. The test can be used online Web page proxy access to know.

4. Affected by the wall domain name: After each visitor visits a wall domain name, in 5-20 minutes to access the same IP other sites can not be accessed again. By the wall domain name has been resolved to an IP, it will eventually lead to the entire IP by the wall.

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