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Icons can be added to websites or web applications.ProgramMany meanings are expressed in the design.

When used properly, they can complete the tasks they need for your visitors or users more quickly.But not every website is designed with a normal, full-size icon (usually 32 × 32 to 48 × 48 or sometimes even larger) space.

This is where the mini icon can be used.The smallest version of these sometimes comes in as fine 8x8 pixel icons and the most common 16x16 pixel (although sometimes they are slightly larger than), they can apply almost any design.

There are also many aesthetic styles that can accommodate.There are over 35 best Icon Sets.

Browse mini pixel icons

These Icon Sets are divided from the icon dock station into different categories, including file types, web design, blog and CMS, and e-commerce.


Bwpx. icns

The following are more than 250 features of a monochrome set, including e-commerce icons and Security icons 18 × 18 pixel icons.


Fugue icons

This free collection includes a large number of common (printers, folders, apps, etc.) and non-common (hard-hat, tableware, fire, trucks, sleeves) icons.



Designed and well-optimized to use the toolbar and Tab bar in the iPhone and iPad apps, they also perfectly support Android apps, websites, T-shirts, tattoos and more.


Diagona icon

This set contains the 400 icon, 10x10, and 16x16.


Sweetie basepack

The sweetie basepack icon contains dozens of icons for a couple. It has been downloaded more than 5000 times and can be seen on the web.


Social media mini icon package

This is a collection of 16*16 pixel icons for all popular social media sites, including YouTube and Flickr, Digg, Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr.


Silk icons

Skilk may have the best known mini icon.This collection includes over 700 16x16 pixel icons, and any icons you may want to use.



This collection contains over 110 10x10 pixel icons, beautiful grayscale.



Vaga is a translucent 16*16 pixel icon that includes a collection of e-commerce and other commonly used Web icons


Circle icon set

This set includes over 100 16x16 pixel icons, all circles with white borders.



The size of the pixel icon in this range set ranges from 8x8 to 12x12, with the smallest features here.


Kleines weblog iconset

This is a set of 13*15 pixel icons used on the blog.In Germany, you can see the red download link page in the text.


Web mini--Part 1

Over 230 icons are designed for web-oriented applications, websites, or blogs.More collection series will be released soon.


Web 2.0 basic mini

This set includes more than 500 icons (170 + 3 colors) specifically designed for work with the Web 2.0 style.(It is also a larger available set of identical icons .)


30 free website icons and blog icon icons

This set includes two-dimensional coffee color icons: 16x16, 10x10 (each 15 ).


Social bookmarks icon

There are many popular Social bookmarks and sharing icons, including delicious, Digg, manipulation, Technorati and stumbleupon, which perfectly create bookmarks for your site.


F0101 iconset

This set of simple, bold social media icons designed by felelpets to include 15 matching topics from woothemes f0101.



Three formats of simple and minimalistic icons: Offset, vector, and font.


Micons-kostenlose icons

Organize document types, blogs, navigation, and more icons by type.


Mini calendar icon set

These small calendar icons come in a variety of colors and 20x25 pixels.


Farm-fresh icons

These "farm fresh" icons from fatcow contain the 1000 icon, 16x16, and 32x32 pixel size.They are releasing a shared license based on creation and include multiple formats.


Led icon set

This set includes over 500 icons, all inspired by famfamfam, a 16x16 pixel size.


Computer micro stock

These simple black and white 10x10 pixel icons feature some common icons, including home, blank documents, folders, arrows, and Bubbles



Sonata is an icon set together with the 138 icon, which contains the PSD file, as well as the version and shadow-free.


Default icon

These monochrome icons are elegant and simple, and look very dark or bright background.



These orange Icon Sets include more than 100 images in general and professional.



This group includes e-commerce icons, General Web icons, and more than 100 grayscale icons.



Essen includes over 100 colorful icons, including e-commerce and other icons.



The dark gray icons in this group contain various icons, including general web icons and professional icons.


Some icons

These multi-color icons include the most commonly used Web and application icons, as well as some additional icons that cannot be viewed or used frequently.


Free Web Design icons

There are 16x16 pixel multi-color icons over 1000 in this group, specifically designed for use on the web.


Blockie 16px grayscale

Blockie is a set of gray icons with over 230 icons including web and premium.


Simplybold pixel settings

More than 140 icons in this set are in the pixel style based on the original simplybold icon set.


Small icon

This set of icons from famfamfam 144 includes a small number of application icons, as well as a wide variety of Web icons and useful document processing icons.


Urlgreyhot mini icon

This is a collection of 12x12 and 16x16 pixel icons, including mini web icons, system icons, and bullets, among others.

Original article: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/08/a-collection-of-mini-icon-sets/


author: Meng Chen
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personal site: http://www.coderidea.com/
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