Ethernet cabling for 10 Gigabit copper cables

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Generally, the Integrated Wiring System is updated every seven years. It takes five years to replace the three-category system with the Five-category system. It takes only three years, cat6 systems are mature and increasingly widely used. It is a trend to implement Gigabit Ethernet in cat6 systems, and standards for cat6 systems are being formulated and initially implemented, bringing copper cabling systems to the fullest is the latest goal of 10 Gigabit copper cables.

Bandwidth demand is also growing rapidly due to the rapid growth in the market, including video conferencing, streaming media broadcast, Internet-based voice calls (VoIP), grid computing, and storage networks. In the internal connection of the data center, 10-ge optical fiber connections have been achieved. However, the industry has begun to focus on cheaper and easier-to-implement copper-based 10g solutions. The first user of a 10g System Based on copper cabling will be a data center, and applications to the desktop may eventually be locked on Gigabit Ethernet.

The main driving force behind 10g copper Ethernet is to reduce the cost of 10G Ethernet networking. for a wide range of implementation of 10G Ethernet, the use of optical fiber transmission solutions has proved to be too expensive, therefore, copper-based solutions can be developed and applied.

10 Gigabit copper Ethernet

IEEE is currently working on a new project to develop transmission standards for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) running on copper-Based Structured cabling systems, the research team is working with leading manufacturers in areas such as integrated wiring, electrical, testing instruments, and system design. The 10G Ethernet standard is also known as the IEEE 802.3ae international standard.

The 10g copper Ethernet 10GBase-T Standard Workgroup announced the following objectives for cabling system support:

1, 4 connector twisted pair copper cable system Channel
2. F-level (Class 7) cabling channels with a length of 100 meters
3. 55-meter length, Class E (Class 6), cabling Channel
4. 100 m length reinforced Class E (Class 6) Channel

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