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--------The following are some methods for evaluating the value of domain names on the Web-------------------

The value of the domain name is a very abstract concept, in order to correctly evaluate the customer's domain name value, we draw on the international practice, and combined with China's national conditions put forward the following assessment model:

The value of a domain name can be evaluated in the following ways:

1, the length of the domain name
The importance of domain name length (excluding suffix name) is not to be questioned, the short domain name is not only easy to remember, but also lose
Easy to enter, not easy to make mistakes. We can divide the domain name into the following levels according to the length of the domain name:
A-level: domain name length is less than 5, such as AAA.
B-Level: The length of the domain name between 6-10, such as Amazon.
C-Level: the length of the domain name between 11-15, such as Greatdomains
D-Level: the length of the domain name between 16-20
E-Class: Domain name length of more than 20

2, the meaning of the domain name:
The meaning of domain name is also one of the elements of domain name value, such as in some commonly used English words or Chinese phonetic abbreviations
To name the domain name is more valuable, we also divide it into the following levels:
A-level: a number of commonly used meaningful, simple English words for the domain name, such as the bank
B-Class: With some short, clear Chinese pinyin or some unusual but meaningful English words for domain name,
such as 1hao (number 1th), Zhaodaola (found), Amazon (Amazon)
C-Class: The domain name synthesized by two words: such as supermarket
Class D: The domain name consisting of more than three words: such as Youcanmakeit.
E-Class: No obvious meaning of the domain name: such as WTWEWFDDG

3, the suffix of the domain name:
For commercial applications, the. com domain name is undoubtedly the most attractive. and. NET and. org domain names are much worse
Out. This can be divided into the following categories:
Level A:. com
Class C:. Net
Level d:. org and other top-level domains
E-Class: Two-level domain name (such as. com.cn if allowed to transfer)

Domain Name Valuation:
Based on the above several aspects, we can make a general assessment of the value of the domain name. See below
For. com Domain names:
Domain Price Index
Price length a length b length c length d length E
Meaning a 50-1000 30-500 5-100 1-25 0-5
Meaning b 20-500 5-100 3-50 0.5-5 0-2
Meaning C 1-15 0.5-10 0.3-7.5 0.1-4 0-1.5
Meaning d 0.5-5 0.3-2.5 0.3-2.5 0.1-2 0-1.5
Meaning e 0-2 0-1.5 0-1 0-1 0-1
Domain name valuation = Domain Name Price index *10000 (RMB)
For. NET domain name, can refer to the above method estimate, but the price must multiply 0.25 this factor, other top
Level domain name is multiplied by 0.1.
For example: Sina.com length is a class, meaning B class, the valuation should be 200,000-5 million yuan.
Domain Name Valuation mode

The United States Greatdomains is currently the Internet's most famous domain name dealers, loans.com and so on several worth millions of of dollars of domain name is sold through this company. Greatdomains announced the domain name Valuation model has a high authority and reference value, the domain name Dr on the basis of the original text added several examples of domain names.
Greatdomains uses three C to estimate the value of the domain name, three C for characters (domain name length), Commerce (commercial value), and. Com (the top-level domain name). Each c is a very important factor, three C combined to determine the value of the domain name. The evaluation results for each c of the domain are divided into 0 to 4 stars of five grades, of which 4 stars are the best. Characters (domain name length) The length of the domain name (excluding. Com,.net) is more valuable because short domain names are easy to remember and spell.
4 Star: Domain name length is less than 5, such as 163.com, 8848.com, Sina.com, Sohu.com, yabuy.com.
3 stars: Domain name length between 6-10, such as eachnet.com, stockstar.com.
2 stars: Domain name length between 11-15, such as greatdomains.com
1 stars: Domain name length between 16-20, such as onthewaytothepark.com
0 Stars: The domain name length is above 20, for example theworldboxorganization.com

The ultimate value of a domain name is reflected in whether it can generate traffic and profits, and these results will determine how much money a company is willing to pay to buy your domain name. The size of the business value that the domain name contains will directly push the price of the domain name, for example Cars.com is worth more than camping. Simple, well-known English words and phrases are also very valuable, because it is easy to hit the brand, such as Monster.com. The domain name containing the registered trademarks is worthless, registering the domain name is a waste of money and time, because according to the latest domain name policy, this domain name only trademark owner can register. For example you cannot register coke.* or coke*.com, because Coke is a registered trademark.
4 stars: In some commonly used meaningful, simple English words for domain names, such as loans.com, food.com.
3 stars: In some unusual but meaningful English words for domain names, such as Escrow.com, Amazon.com.
2 star: The domain name synthesized by the word, has certain commercial value, for example storecoupons.com.
1 stars: The domain name that is synthesized by word, contains the commercial value is quite limited, for example usedlinens.com.
0 Star: A domain name that does not contain any commercial value, such as canttrustus.com.

. com for commercial companies, registering a domain name under. com means "I've been doing business for years, I'm a serious businessman, I know what I'm doing," using the. com domain name not only appears the atmosphere concise, but also can reflect your globalization idea. 4 star:. com. 2 star:. Net. 1 star: All other top-level domains.
According to the above three conditions, the following table can be used to estimate the price of the domain name, the domain name under. NET should be multiplied by 0.25 on the basis of the following table, and the domain name with country code multiplied by 0.1:
Price (USD) Length: 4 star Length: 3 Star Length: 2 star Length: 1 star length: 0 star
Commercial value: 4 stars 500,000-100.0003 billion-50,000,050,000-10,000,010,000-250,000-50,000
Commercial value: 3 stars 200,000-50,000,050,000-10,000,030,000-505,000-50,000-20,000
Commercial value: 2 stars 10,000-155,000-103,000-75,000 1000-40,000-15,000
Commercial value: 1 stars 5,000-53,000-25,000 3,000-25,000 1000-20,000-15,000
Commercial value: 0 stars 20,000 0-1.5 million 10,000 10,000 10,000

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