Event 27745 and 6398 in Event Viewer on Moss

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Event 27745 means a database connection error, but it does not necessarily mean a serious problem.


Generally, there are two types of database connection errors:




Usually occurs when the moss server is idle. if the moss server has a long idle time, the existing database connection will be disconnected. however, the moss timer job may still trigger some scheduled actions on the night when no one visits the moss site. in this case, the first connection to the database will fail, but the moss will try to connect again. even if the second connection is successful, the first connection failure will still be recorded in the event viewer in the form of 27745. in some cases, when you run the backup action in the middle of the night, 27745 may also occur intermittently, because SQL is busy with the backup action.

This type of 27745 does not affect user usage and the running of moss features, which can be ignored.




Database connection failure affects user usage and moss features. sometimes dB connection failure may cause page errors on the site, or some features of moss (such as incremental crawling) are not normal. we should pay attention to this 27745 type.

Generally speaking, when moss tries to connect to SQL again and fails, it will wait a few seconds and try again. if the moss is connected, it will be OK, but the database connection failure will be recorded in the event viewer.

Only when the moss server cannot access the database for multiple times will its actions fail. when this happens, end users will surely notice it. the client will encounter any errors.


In general, if the function is not found to be abnormal or the end user has not reported any problems with the use, the internal information in section 27745 does not need to be considered as an error or failure.


Another similar event is 6398. this error is reported by the timer job. in fact, Timer job information is stored in the database. the database has something similar to the job list. timer service executes them one by one according to schedule. when the database connection fails, the timer job also fails. however, after the database connection is restored, the timer job will resume execution.


Basically, this error is similar to the error 27745 type. If the user does not find any problems in use, the error 6398 is the internal information of the system, and there is no need to make a fuss.

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