Every child is a genius, and every genius is different-watching the stars on the earth

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I recently watched the Indian movie like stars on earth (Chinese name: Stars on earth), a very touching story. This movie tells me that every child is a genius and every genius is different.

An Indian movie is a niche movie in China. The reason why I find this movie, it is because I have seen the Indian movie 3 idiots, which has aroused great resonance in China (the Chinese name is "Three silly little Bollywood". In fact, this film has not mentioned the Bollywood at all, just because Bollywood is Hollywood in India.) After talking to an Indian colleague, he recommended this movie to me by the same director. It was not until recently downloaded to the 1080p HD version. After reading it, I really thought it was too late!

The story of a movie is simple. An eight-year-old boy, Ishaan, suffers from congenital reading difficulties. His IQ is not low (or even higher than his peers), but he cannot read the text in his textbook (for example: if you ask him how many times one plus one equals, he can tell you the correct answer; but he cannot understand the 1 + 1 = on the exam? This question ). We can imagine what kind of experience he will encounter at school. Therefore, in the eyes of teachers, students, and parents, Ishaan is a bad example: they are always distracted in class, and they will never pass the exam ...... He seems to be out of touch with the world. After being repeatedly called by school teachers, Ishaan's father could not bear to send him to a boarding school that is well known for its strict management. Ishaan is still a poor student in the new school, and he feels that he has been abandoned by his family. He began to gradually close himself until the substitute teacher nikumbh came to the school. Nikumbh, like Ishaan, suffers from congenital reading difficulties. He tries his best to help Ishaan, develop his potential, and regain his confidence ......

Like "3 idiots" (in fact, "Like stars on Earth" is earlier than "3 idiots", but its popularity is not that high, like stars on earth has also been a relentless criticism of cramming test-taking education. It is believed that this education method is the destruction of Children's nature and the killing of creative thinking. Our education model is almost the same as our neighbor India, and we have grown up under the cramming exam-oriented education. Just like in movies, we were asked to remember the correct answers that textbooks and teachers taught you from an early age. "Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude" is just an idiom for us. No one cares about our views. If the test score is not satisfactory, it is because you do not study hard, teachers and parents will not go into details about why you are not good at learning. In such an educational environment, children who have grown up can only become one "worker" in the world's factories after entering the society ". We have been advocating for changing "made"
The "in China" model becomes "created in China", but if we do not reform the most basic education mode, then China will always be in the status of "making clothes for others.

There is a thought-provoking plot in the film. Nikumbh asked the children to draw pictures in their class. The children immediately asked: there was nothing on the desk, what do we draw? (I think the same situation should happen in our classroom )? Nikumbh told everyone that this table is too small for your beautiful imagination! You can take a look at the imagination in your brain and draw a picture and draw it on paper! How good he is! How many teachers can achieve this kind of heuristic education ?! I think the biggest difference between children and adults is that they have a wealth of imagination, however, the most beautiful and creative thing in the human world is gradually killed by teachers and parents in our classrooms, so that the children are turned into exam machines one by one!

Now let's talk about another attack in the film: adult people always use their own eyes and standards to measure their children's words and deeds. Although everyone once was a child, we gradually lost our imagination, innocence, purity, creativity and many other beautiful qualities as we grew up. In our eyes, the criteria for measuring the quality of children have been quantified: that is, the performance of children. If a child has a good score, he can take a good job in college. After graduation, he will have a decent job. Because we have grown up like this, and we use the same standards to demand our next generation. However, who carefully thought about the path that children want? Take ourselves as an example. Did we give up many dreams when we took this path at the request of our parents? As nikumbh in the film said to Ishaan's father: If you like competition, it's good to raise a horse race. Why bother raising children ?! Children are forced to endure the burden of their parents pursuing ambition, which is worse than child labor! All the parents are Jackie Chan, looking at the girl Cheng Feng and feeling that everything they do is for the good of the children, but have they ever thought about what the children want ?! When a child's academic performance fails to meet his/her expectations, he always thinks it is because the child has not studied hard and never thought about why.

In the film, nikumbh cited many celebrities with reading difficulties: einstein, Darwin, Picasso and so on to regain Ishaan confidence. They also explained that they have reading difficulties, so they are different from each other, so they have different ways of thinking and can observe the world from different perspectives, in this way, they can surpass ordinary people. As the title of this article says: Every child is a genius, and every genius is different. We, as adults, should not arbitrarily deny the imagination of children, whether it is logical or not (the logic of adults, instead, we should try our best to understand her from the child's perspective. After all, we have grown up from childhood! It would be nice if we were able to fly freely with our children in the imagination that we had been tested, studied, and career!

The Ishaan in the film is lucky. He met nikumbh, a good teacher, and changed his fate, so that the painting talents buried deep in him could be used. But what about children in reality? How many teachers or parents like nikumbh can really understand their children ?!

teachers and parents, when you meet a naughty child with poor performance, do not blame him for being a poor student! Please try to understand this child and find out why it is like this. Maybe a genius will be born under your care!

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