Everybody, wake up. This is my house!

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It's a good mood to get up early in the morning when the sun is shining. GF is about to go to work. I have many tasks, such as cleaning the room, drying the quilt, and washing the clothes. If you think about it, you will feel full ~.
Everything went fine until my nose sniffed out the smell and smell of coal in the bathroom. Before the gas valve came together, it was disgusting and the gas leaked! The problem may not be too late. I feel very anxious to call the gas company to report the situation. Master was very responsible and immediately ran over. When I look at the valve, I will say that this is not the original gas company. I want to change it. Then rush to the kitchen, dial two gas stove valve, very professional suggestions that although this is our company, but the loss is high, continue to use is very dangerous. Change, of course, for one One Hundred and fifty-six yuan, two yuan. I think this price is a little expensive for such a small twist, but I don't know the market price. After all, I want the gas company to provide a regular price and high security. This kind of things is so careless that the landlord will not care about this kind of money. Master is about to start work immediately, and it takes less than ten minutes to complete the operation. If you do a good job, you can feel at ease. Security is the first, and security is the first.
Check that the room is cleaned, the clothes are washed, and the security risks are eliminated. Well, I saw half of "Saving big soldier Ryan" last night. Now I just read it comfortably. Ten years ago, I was amazed at the old film. Before Lieutenant Miller died, he shot a tank in vain and re-appeared in my mind. Sigh! The tank is not afraid of Heavy-Duty Machine guns. How can this problem be solved? What kind of feeling is that human instinct?
Immerse yourself. Back to the peaceful real life, we can deal with more trivial things, such as sending a message to tell the landlord how much money it took to change the gas valve. Next, the landlord's response was a little unexpected. He called me as soon as possible and asked me why I didn't tell him first. That is to say, I blame him for playing the game first. I spent so much money and asked him to pay for it. If I asked him to come, he does not have to go through the gas company. In my opinion, I have completely understood that the landlord is a kind of person who is afraid of money without fear of trouble. Yes. I will buy it myself if he doesn't pay for it. Will you let him get it? Are you at ease with gas? I'm afraid no one knows when I get dizzy.
Pause ......
Once written here, the landlord came over and brought a person who rushed into the house and thought it was his house. No matter whether he lived or not, he could go in and out directly. I dragged him to the ground yesterday. I want to come in and change my shoes. Two big men, one in the bedroom, and the other in the hall. Look at the way they look, and think about how to design self-built decoration in the future. In my opinion, the most taboo thing for others to do is to get into my bedroom without my consent. I can't bear it. Fortunately, he just came out and yelled at him if he sat down on my bed.
I think that when I first moved in half a year ago, I changed several locks. But he called a group of relatives for hands-on work, not only for adults, but also for busy kids. Their family has this tradition. This craft should start with dolls. A row of six to seven people, plus three people we moved in. An 80-square-meter house is crowded with people in such a mess. The whole lock is full and the house is watched. The Chair is not enough. The landlord's wife sat down on the bed. If we want to maintain good relationships when we move in, we may have to wait for them for something to do in the future.
In comparison, our former landlord is really good. He is the opposite of the current landlord. He is the one who prefers to spend more money and doesn't want to deal with such troubles. Ask a professional maintainer to pay for the service and make a phone call to tell him that, as long as it is reasonable, OK, no problem, please deduct it from the next month's rent. Worry-free. At that time, I couldn't see the landlord twice a year. It was just like my own house.
Now, I don't know if I am comfortable with it, so I am in a bad mood. It was not the first time that he had been upset with him over the past six months. Especially when he first moved in, he found that there were a lot of inconveniences in the house. He told him that he was always reluctant to solve the problem. When I was so upset, I directly sent a text message to tell him whether you could be refreshed or not. The old gentleman was so bad that he could even send me a few short and strong replies, if I say that he is unhappy, he is very upset. Well, our deposit is in his hand. We can say that we should spend the year together. Patiently appease his old gentleman.
Now I sum up my experience. The landlords in the world are not all the same. According to the people in our hometown, this landlord is now a person who can live, and he has to deal with everything on his own, the most cost-effective method. We think it saves him trouble. People have different opinions. Although there is a car and a house, we still feel that it is cost-effective to spend time saving money.
It seems that there is no feeling in this House. Every time you invest in business, it feels like a home, the landlord will always hear you at the crucial moment: Hello, everybody, wake up, this is my house!

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